We headed off early on Monday for Mom’s physio. At physio there was a Labrador called Emma, and she just let me love her and play with her for the full 45 mins while Mom had her treatment. I was so thrilled to have Emma around me. I rode Thomas the Tank Engine all over her, let Thomas speak to her and generally kept myself busy for the entirety of the visit.

We then headed off to Michelle’s place for a good coffee visit. She’s on maternity leave so I expect we’ll be visiting her often over the next few months. It was so exciting as I got to play with all Emma’s toys while she was at school and I got to hug Liya and Mommy got to hold and cuddle little Liya.

In the afternoon we had to do the responsible thing and stay home as we were expecting a number of deliveries, including one my parents won’t tell me about. All very secretive for them. I won’t be able to get it out of Mommy but I will be able to tickle it out of Daddy. I will just wait for a quiet time to surprise him with a full body tickle!

I have started feeding myself, which doesn’t make me the cleanest kid on the block so when the house sitters arrived in the evening I did look a little worse for wear. I did discover the huge delight around chocolate croissants on Monday and ploughed through mine with delight.

Tuesday morning I ran into the back room where Roxy sleeps and shouted for her, “Roxy Pops, where are you?” When she appeared from the outside in the window of her dog flap, I gave a surprised delighted shriek. We hugged like we had been reunited after months and months of separation.

With the rain hampering our outside activities, we headed for the more civil indoor activities, such as shopping. Granny came with us and spoilt me with a great big Toy Story Galactic Racetrack. I couldn’t wait until we got home so that I could play with it. Before that, however, we headed off to see Tamsin play a netball match at her school. I watched tennis matches, and soccer matches, and tried to join in both. I was rather irritated when I couldn’t join in the games, and went in search of other things to keep me busy. I was exhausted and fell asleep really early – even before Daddy got home.

On Wednesday morning Mommy had a dentists appointment. Unfortunately Granny had something planned so she couldn’t look after me. I dreaded this, as it meant I had to go to the dentist with Mommy and watch her being drilled and hacked by the dentist. Fortunately it wasn’t that bad, and we were out of there pretty quickly.

Some more shopping ensued after the dentists appointment – this time for boring things like a Polly-Otter and shoes for me. Admittedly I was excited about the Polly-Otter as it was for our April holiday to the coast. It made me feel excited and something awesome to look forward to.

The afternoon was initially going to include a visit to Vicky my speech therapist, but she called to say that she wasn’t feeling well and had to cancel. Mommy, after her dentist appointment, also wasn’t feeling too perky. Dad came to the rescue and upon arriving home immediately bundled me into the car and took me to the Haahoo (Delta) Park. The weather was stunning so the park was full of moms and dads with their kiddies. I played with all of them.

It was the last ‘Thursday of the month’ on Thursday which meant Family Breakfast. Wootness. We popped into the local Wimpy where I played up a storm on the jungle gyms while Mom and Dad had breakfast and chatted. After a stunning breakfast together Dad headed off to work, and Mom and I headed off to our play date with Hannah and Sam, and their Mommy Jenni.

In the afternoon rain threatened so we headed off to Sandton City for a walk about. I took my Trike with and we zoomed up and down the aisles. I was worried about Dad though, as he was on his bike and Mom and I really worry about him if it rains and his on the bike. Fortunately the rain was what Dad calls a governmental storm – lots of promise and no delivery. Apparently one day I’ll know what that means.

On Friday morning Mom and I had a tea date with Gaye at The Nelson Mandela Square. It was so great to spend some time with her and we chatted and chatted. Mom tried in vain to get me to run through the fountains in the square, but I would have nothing of it. We bought Dad a carry case for his iPad as we were both tired of seeing him put it in a waterproof Ziplock bag and strap it onto his bike (I kid you not)!

In the afternoon art was on the cards so we met up with Daddy at Smudge in Craighall Park. It was such fun – I was the only littley there so I got the full and undivided attention of the lady in charge of the art. I painted and drew everything to my heart’s content. There was also some play dough which I turned into Haahoos. In the music room Dad and I drummed until the windows vibrated. When it was finally time to leave Mom walked out with armfuls of art supplies for me. What excitement.

The highlight of my day on Saturday was discovering that the inflatable jumping castles were back at the Brightwater Commons. Mom needed to do some shopping while Dad and I played. We started off on a drive around the complex in the ‘elephant express’ – elephant shaped carriages pulled by a golf cart. It was during this expedition that we passed the inflatables, this time in a different park of the Common. After our ride was complete we immediately headed off to that play area. Despite the intense heat, and the surfaces of the inflatables being almost unbearable to stand on, we had a brilliant play. A quick lunch ensued and we headed home for my snooze.

Sunday morning Dad and I dropped Mom off at Juanita’s baby shower at Buitengeluk in Broadacres. While Mom was at the baby shower Dad and I spent the morning at the Bird Gardens at Montecasino. There we got to hold and even feed some of the birds with special nectar. Dad even popped one of the parrots on my shoulder. It nibbled my neck a little to say hello. Further into our visit we came across even bigger parrots, called macaws. They would regularly ‘escape’ from their designated area and wander into the footpaths where Dad and I would chat to them. I was somewhat more frightened of these birds as they were really big and their beaks were as big as my hand. A few of the ducks and geese would waddle around us and a little cuckoo that we encountered on a path pecked my finger while I was chatting to it.

We ended off the morning by watching the special show that was put on for the patrons. I watched in awe as predator birds swooped overhead between the stage and their handlers that stood behind us in the amphitheatre. Storks and secretary birds came out one by one and did tricks for us. Even Tango the Toucan flew amongst the spectators to show off his beautiful colours. The show ended just as large drops of rain started splodging down around us. This was the signal that it was time to go and fetch Mom, but not before Dad bought me a huge inflated Mickey Mouse balloon that I proceeded to take with me everywhere for the rest of the day, including clutching onto it during my snooze, and into the shower in the evening. Interestingly enough, when Mickey got wet in the shower he no longer floated – I guess the water droplets were heavier than the helium.

Well, that’s it for this week. We’re hoping this week will bring some news from Unitas on my next surgery dates, as the anticipation is overwhelming.

Until next week!



Photo 1 Tennis anyone?

Photo 2 Off to play with the big boys

Photo 3 Watching the game with Granny

Photo 4 Clutching onto an unsuspecting kitty while I sleep

Photo 5 Kitty hugs with Daddy

Photo 6 At the airport

Photo 7 Some giggles

Photo 8 Giving Milo hugs

Photo 9 Chilling out at the Sandton Public Library

Photo 10 My handprint art from Smudge

Photo 11 My Halloween impression – trying on Mom’s dress

Photo 12 Going up the big slide at Brightwater Commons

Photo 13 Bootcamp in 30°C heat

Photo 14 Feeding one of the locals at the Montecasino Bird Gardens

Photo 15 Up close and personal with my new friend

Photo 16 Couldn’t remember who was more frightened

Photo 17 Daddy to the rescue

Photo 18 Hi!

Photo 19 Have a sloooooow chat with a tortoise

Photo 20 A quick game of peek-a-boo with Dad

Photo 21 Duck stroll

Photo 22 Hi there!

Photo 23 A quick play while bird watching

Photo 24 A predator bird swoops over the spectators

Photo 25 Passed out with my Mickey Mouse balloon

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