On 24.04.2008 a really nice lady called Tanya Reynolds brought a 4D Ultrasound machine to our house (scanner in a suitcase – pretty awesome) and took the following pics of our little jolly jammer. Happy viewing.



2 Comments on Ultrasound Scans of the Jolly Jammer

  1. Caroline says:

    What a great idea – I just love the pics of the “jolly jammer” and can’t wait to meet the lad in person!

  2. Trudie Robertson says:

    Hey – what amazing pics – looks like the squatter is looking quite comfortable and handsome to boot… Great planning that he is due around Father’s Day – (I think that leaves you off the hook for this year at least Lynne)

    We will be thinking of you in the upcoming days – and wish you well – though if memory serves me – sleep is not that easy at this stage – babies usually try out their John Travolta moves at night – (you’re never too young to be cool)…

    Bruce (54), Trudie (26), Emma (6) and Rhys (4

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