Following the upheaval of the last week, both internationally and in my own life, we decided to have a take it easy for this week, but rather ended up spending a lot of it in the shops as our weather turned to the very long awaited rains.

While we watched the Japanese people start their recovery process we were amazed at how people pulled together. We started considering also what would happen if something went wrong in our area. We decided to get a “ready to go” survival kit.

On Monday, we visited Granny, as I had been asking for her and she hadn’t seen me for a few days. We ended up going to do some present shopping. I managed to convince Mom that I needed a magnifying glass, like the one Dr. Anthony has. He always lets me play with it, so I needed my own. Mom relented and I spent a good deal of time running up and down the aisles of the shop looking at things. The next store saw me telling Granny “big button, small button” as I used my magnifying glass, showing Granny how it worked. Mom fed back to Daddy on a regular basis as the traffic was hectic and he was SOHOing due to not being able to get into the office. We decided to stay away as long as possible not to distract him from his work.

I started a new trick on Monday, that of screeching to get my way. Mommy and Daddy looked at each other with puzzlement and couldn’t believe my behaviour. Mommy asked me to use words and Daddy asked me what I wanted but all I did was screech.

Daddy’s day on conference on Tuesday was exciting for him, they had a twitterfall being used at the conference and Daddy even got to speak to John Zachman, which he was thrilled about. We were on weather update duty as Dad was on his bike. We headed off to the Neurologist Dr. T. at 11 and it was great seeing her again. My progress, she said, was significant and she was happy. We also discussed the possibility of my next surgery and agreed to a review in 4 months. She was very positive. So the outcome was that the orthotics stay on for another 6 months or so. We would work with a speech therapist and I would continue to improve in my catch up.

One very positive thing is that I am really good with colouring in for my age, and my drawing.

In the afternoon we had our appointment with my speech therapist. Since Elmien stopped practising, we have not found one we get on with yet, but Vicky was amazing. Within hours I was verbalising and less screeching was going on. Daddy was home waiting with my dinner as we pulled into the drive-way and after eating I was feeling tonnes better.

Wednesday I had dentist checkup complete with Vitality points and Mommy was seeing the oral hygienist. I also got to play with Tammy and Kyle for a while back at Granny’s place. We headed home before the downpour and just made it. Daddy had an interesting drive home in the rain. There were some major roadworks going on in our road as a mains water pipe had burst and that combined with the downpours were creating a huge hole. During the evening after being really naughty, I had to chose a toy to be put away for an entire day because of what I did. I was shocked at the consequence of my behaviour. My folks were resolute.

On Thursday Cas, one of Dad’s colleauges, gave me a box of model planes that he had built. Daddy sent me a picture to show me, and I spent the rest of the day getting really excited for when Daddy would get home with the planes. Granny called to say she was joining us for my music lesson, and I was put in charge of watching the CCTVscreen to tell Mom when Granny arrived. Eventually after Mom abonded the shower as every car that drove past appeared to be Granny. She decided to wait for the Granny who arrived and after I showed my dexterity of being able to get all my clothes off, we departed for Music. Granny had to sit and participate as I insisted. She did enjoy it. It was soon time for Granny to leave and Mom and I spent the rest of the afternoon tidying my cupboards.

Friday morning was a late start and we headed off to take Tammy and Kyle to Yeesh, we played, ate chocolate cake and had a good deal of fun. Daddy eventually arrived home with some new technology: an iPad. The family is addicted, although we have resisted getting one as we’re not really Apple fans. Dad’s rationale was that he would ‘try it’ to see what as the hype was about. If he liked it, and thought it useful, he’d buy an iPad 2 later, which is what he really was hoping to get. Unfortunately global stocks are limited, and with the Japan quake there will be a continued shortage of these devices.

During the evening Dad downloaded all sorts of apps, most of which were for me. I loved it and knew that between Dad, Mom (who had also taken a liking to it) and I there would be endless battles amongst us as to who gets to use it. Mom loves it particularly for the ereader benefit.

Saturday morning Dad had an early chiropractic appointment with Dr Sonja, so Mom & I maxed out our iPad time together. Shortly after Dad got back from his appointment we all left to go to Nina & Jaco’s place to celebrate Kate’s first birthday. It was such fun despite the weather still being very dank with the odd rain from the overcast sky during the day.

We left at midday just in time for my snooze. Later in the afternoon I woke to discover that all of us had had a snooze together; aka a Team Led Snooze. For the rest of the afternoon Dad and I played and fiddled with the iPad some more. I couldn’t believe the apps Dad was downloading for me: doodle boards, colouring activities, shape matches, puzzles, talking books and lots of Buzz Woody (aka Toy Story) activities. We also watched lot of YouTube videos of my favourite Disney and Ceebeebies characters.

In the evening we popped outdoors to see if we could spot the Super Moon, but the rain and overcast skies obscured our view. The reason for it being a Super Moon is that it was closer to the Earth than it had been in the past 18 years. This resulted in the Moon appearing 14% larger and 30% brighter than conventional full moons. On the day of this Super Moon I also turned 33 months old.

Sunday we stayed home the entire day. We were supposed to have a picnic with Bev & Claire but the rain washed it out.

Tomorrow is a public holiday in South Africa, so I get to spend the day with the iPad, I mean my Daddy for an extra day.

Lots of love,


PS I wrote this entire blog on the iPad. Wootness.

Photo 1 Num num!

Photo 2 Stripping down is a new pastime for me

Photo 3 Yum! Dessert

Photo 4 Love to draw

Photo 5 Concentrating

Photo 6 Playing frogs with Dad

Photo 7 Showing Dad my Buzz/Woody kaleidoscope

Photo 8 Giggling as I gift wrap Daddy

Photo 9 Exhausted after play I passed on Daddy

Photo 10 Playtime at Yeesh

Photo 11 Climbing with Tammy

Photo 12 Slowing things done for some art time

Photo 13 Painting my favourite thing – a plane!

Photo 14 Needing a better vantage point

Photo 15 And . . . the brush is mightier than the pen!

Photo 16 A helping hand from Tammy

Photo 17 Moth hunting with Echo and Mickey

Photo 18 The moth!

Photo 19 Chilling

Photo 20 Blowing bubbles at Kate’s party

Photo 21 Party giggles

Photo 22 iPad time

Photo 23 Some Buzz/Woody time on iPad

Photo 24 Til next week!

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