This week I discovered that Daddy gives the most incredible back massages. Until more recently my back has been somewhat sensitive to the touch, probably because I lay on my back for six months during the initial months of my life. Dad has always tried to rub my back and I’ve always fought him – this week I gave in. Now, every time I need my cares done, clothes changed, or any other excuse whatsoever I get him to administer a back massage. We’ve even got it down pat to having the perfect massage pillow to prop up my neck and shoulders.

Needless to say the news that has been top-of-mind the entire weekend has been the Japanese earthquake and subsequent tsunamis that resulted in warnings as far afield as California, Russia and Chile. The footage that we watched on the news channels and YouTube over the weekend left us speechless and the still images were horrific.

From all the information we managed to glean that this was the 5th largest earthquake since 1900, and at time of publishing my blog it had been upgraded to a 9M quake. The movements in the earth’s crust were so severe that Japan’s coastline shifted 2.8m and that Earth shifted 10cm on its axis. This may result in the duration of our days changing by a few microseconds, but it’s not cause for concern.

After publishing my blog last Sunday I was allowed to stay up late to watch Toy Story 3 on Mnet. It was so great and I stayed glued to the screen throughout the movie. Being different I didn’t indulge in a bowl of popcorn during the movie but rather small Rosa tomatoes that I collected from the fridge. After the movie, and some fighting with Mom and Dad, I eventually went to bed, saying “Ok Mommy, ok Daddy!”

Monday I woke up pretty groggy as a result of my late evening, but I still made the most of the day. It was a wonderfully sensory day at home as I swung, bathed, played with foam and soap bubbles and did lots of proprioceptive games followed by recognition games.

On Tuesday morning Mom and I ran an errand at a flat to have some repairs done and because I was so well behaved we popped into Wimpy afterward for some coffees and milkshake. In the afternoon, after my midday snooze, Dr Sonja and baby Rhett popped by for a visit and to drop off a super-duper orthopaedic pillow for Daddy. I’m hoping he’ll snore less so that Mom and I get a better night’s rest now.

Mommy had a chiro appointment with Dr Sonja on Wednesday morning, and it was a fortuitous visit, as Mommy had a bad fall on her knee the evening before – I spilled my soap bubble mix on the patio and poor Mommy slipped on it. Next we headed off to iPlay for a play date with Hannah. Mom and Hannah’s Mommy, Jenni, chatted up a storm as we played. In the playground there was an aeroplane similar to the one that used to be at the Primi Piatti at the Lifestyle Centre so I was thrilled.

Grocery shopping was on the cards for Thursday, so not much to report on that front. In the afternoon Dad arrived home a little earlier and took me to play at Yeesh in Bryanston. We played up a huge storm and we were eventually asked to leave as they were closing up. Exhausted we arrived home and barely had enough energy to shower before we fell into bed.

Very early on Friday morning Mom and I were already on the road – we had an appointment with Lippert at Unitas in preparation for my next brain surgery. The intention was to get a neurological baseline for comparative purposes before and after the surgery. Daddy had a full day workshop so he sadly couldn’t come with, so we collected Granny instead.

En route to Pretoria Dad IM’ed us updates of the Japanese earthquake, as he watched it unfold live on CNN at home before work. We were shocked and horrified. We arrived at Unitas in time for our appointment. Lippert did a series of trials with me and reported that I was doing very well. He especially liked my ability to manoeuvre puzzle pieces, put coins in a money box, pick up minute objects like pins, and that I played logic games with him. Subsequent communications with Prof Fourie’s offices revealed that he is going on leave now, but once his back later this month he will be scheduling my next surgery to close off some of the residual fistulae.

After the appointment Mom took Granny and I to Menlyn Shopping Centre – I’d never been there before so I was really excited. Some clothes shopping at Woolworths triggered the day’s events. We eventually ended up in the Cartoon Factory where I played ten-pin bowling and rode on the numerous rides.

Back home Daddy was already at home, and Aunty Birgitt and Uncle Wayne had also arrived for their whirlwind weekend stay. They were attending a convention for the entire Saturday and Sunday so I sadly didn’t see much of them.

On Saturday morning we were all up really early, and I accompanied Dad on the drive to drop off Aunty Birgitt and Uncle Wayne at the Linder Auditorium. On the drive home Dad and I sang at the tops of our voices to Surf-Jamz. Back home the plan was for me to have my hair cut and then to go for a walk in the Rose Gardens. Unfortunately as we were about to leave I bashed my head on the car door, and started wailing. Mom did manage to soothe me, but I fell asleep in the barber’s reception, so no haircut for me today! In the afternoon, after my snooze, we played up a storm in the garden, hoping the rains would come, but no luck. It’s been sweltering hot and very humid, with no relief forthcoming from the rains.

Sunday morning I again accompanied Dad to the Linder Auditorium to drop off Aunty Birgitt and Uncle Wayne. Back home we collected Mom and we headed off to the local Wimpy for a breakfast. I played to my heart’s content on the jungle gym. Some quick shopping ensued and back home Dad and I played soccer in the front garden. After my snooze we chillaxed around the house as the weekend marched towards its end.

Well, that’s all for this week. See you next week!



Photo 1 Snoozing cuddlebunny

Photo 2 Passed out bunny!

Photo 3 Found my favourite plane at iPlay

Photo 4 Thank you for flying iPlay

Photo 5 More play

Photo 6 Nana, come quick, they’re serving broccoli!

Photo 7 Play at Yeesh

Photo 8 Helping to drive the golf cart at Unitas Hospital

Photo 9 Bowling at Menlyn Park

Photo 10 Tickets please!

Photo 11 The wheels on the bus . . . (sing along, I know you want to)

Photo 12 Time for another ride

Photo 13 Riding with a doggie

Photo 14 Deep back massage

Photo 15 Yes, that’s the spot

Photo 16 PlayStation time!

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  1. Sharon says:

    Joshua also used to love that bus at Menlyn. And even when I walked a different way so he wouldn’t find it he always asked to go and ride. He also always loved the boat. Please ask your daddy if he takes appointments for back massages, I also need one.

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