Wow what an emotional rollercoaster this week has been.

On Monday when we still hadn’t heard from Prof Fourie, Daddy put his feelers out. When he still wouldn’t return our calls after two weeks, Mommy told Dr. Nicoletta. Prof Fourie then started saying things like we wouldn’t go to his neurologist, whom I saw 6 months ago at my last MRI, and that he wouldn’t do the surgery without us seeing him. We were heavily disappointed in the way things have worked out and I am very sad that my life is being put into danger for this reason. Needless to say, we could have been told this two weeks ago, so now I can only get an appointment with Lippert in September.

Tuesday Granny came to play with us, and have tea with Mom. Also this gave Mom a fair amount of time to get all the appointments I needed down pat by 09:00. Then we all played outside and I got as muddy as I have ever got, it was wonderful. I also played in my sandpit and watered the chillies that I have been growing in a pot. I picked some cat mint for the kitties and had a great day in general.

Wednesday we had appointments at Dr Sonja, so Mom’s headaches are sure to subside. Next we went to Edna, but in between I fell asleep at about 10am which was quite strange for me. I was in a sparkling mood when I woke and we had a lunch picnic in the Haahoo Park (aka Delta Park), followed by an ice cream for me. Back home, I drove the car, found ready-made jelly in the cupboard, ate peanut butter and eventually threw up. Mommy is amazed at how her priorities have changed, she actually saw Wednesday as a good day, with ice cream stains on her clothes.

Thursday I had a little extra time with Daddy who came to music with me before he went to a conference. Following which Mommy and I headed off to Granny and Sandton City where we had a wonderful time just running around and looking in shops. I got a ton of stuff from Granny, cymbals, balloons, sweets and best of all a Mickey Mouse bedside lamp. Mommy got me my new winter slippers that light up with little LED’s when I walk. I insisted on putting them on immediately and spending the next two days wearing them, relinquishing them for a shower or bath only. Mommy pities anyone who might have a photosensitivity, because these slippers are bright as I run through the house at night. We also collected my two new kitties, Bob and Ted (for now). They needed a home and we decided we could provide it. I have had so much fun running around with them, and they eventually figured out how the doors worked and soon they were sleeping at the bottom of my bed.

We were in the car by 7 am and on the road to Unitas where I was having my six month MRI. It didn’t thrill me much to be sedated again and I fought with Mom for an hour after spitting out the meds three times. Eventually after the MRI, I woke up and then started telling knock-knock jokes and counting backwards from 9, in a somewhat drunken fashion from the sedatives. Mommy wouldn’t let me get out my pram till I was talking properly. It didn’t happen till much later.

Back home I wasn’t well for the rest of the day and we took it easy while I did some swinging and playing. It was a difficult night for me as I was very stressed.

An early start on Saturday had us doing a ton of errands for the house. Then the folks took me to the toy store and in the afternoon went to the nursery to get some things for the garden. I spent the rest of the afternoon getting down and dirty in the garden helping Daddy with planting and watering. I even used my own tools. The kitties played outside with us enjoying their first freedom in the outdoors.

The veg store on Sunday was very exciting, where I was allowed to help fill the basket with all my favourite fruit and vegetables that I chose myself. We then headed to the Brightwater Commons where we had a little picnic, rode on the carousel and then the elephant train, and played on the grass. Back home a snooze ensued and after I did some art and headed off for a long walk with Roxy, my ‘gog’.

So some of you might be asking what are the next steps for my surgery and the important closing of my AVM before it’s too late. Daddy is going to phone Prof Fourie and Dr. Lippert tomorrow and see if he can achieve a better result of appointments than last week. If this doesn’t work, we may have to turn to social media and petitions to get support for my survival. I will keep you posted.



Video 1 On The Carousel At Brightwater Commons (click here)

Photo 1 Evidence of messy play!

Photo 2 Cute grin

Photo 3 Hiding bunny (I’m under there somewhere)

Photo 4 Smiles

Photo 5 Loving music

Photo 6 Drumming

Photo 7 Teaching Mom the ropes

Photo 8 Listening to teacher

Photo 9 Music is not only about . . . music!

Photo 10 Now what was the next step?

Photo 11 New kitty #1 (Bob or Ted – not sure)

Photo 12 New kitty #2 (Ted or Bob – not sure)

Photo 13 Love watching the kittens play

Photo 14 Helping Dad garden

Photo 15 Wheelbarrow duty


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  1. Sharon says:

    Oh dear I hope those nasty Dr’s get with the program soon. Remind mommy to send me that email. My Dr friend get’s here today and I’d like to talk to him if I can.

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