Good afternoon all,

I went into surgery this morning at around 7:30 to have the coiling done as planned. After 5 hours in theatre the surgeons managed to place a coiled micro catheter in the fistula in my head, which wasn’t part of the original plan. The intention was to place platinum coiling in the fistula, but after it was attempted to lodge the first platinum coil in the fistula, the surgeons realised that the blood flow was too heavy, and keep flushing away the coils. Its for this reason that the surgeon coiled the micro catheter in the fistula in an attempt to have the platinum coils lodge against these coils. Again to no avail. The manufacturers were contacted during the surgery and faxes came pouring into the surgeons reception with alternative coils and approaches.

It was at this point that the surgeon decided to rather stop the procedure at this point, but keep me sedated and prepped for theatre later in the day. The idea is that I’ll be going back into the theatre at 16:30 this afternoon for an alternative approach. This time the surgeons are going to make an incision in the back of my head, and via this incision, an Amplatzer Occluder will be lodged in the fistula. In simple terms this is really just a type of gasket that gets inserted via a catheter, through the back of the head. Once in the fistula, the occulder is discharged from the catheter and expanded to the size of the narrowing of the fistula, and lodge there. Once in place, the coils will be reintroduced via the catheter from my leg.

The risks of this approach are needless to say high, and I must also point out that this is a last resort. If this occlusion does not work, I really don’t know what will be done next.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers for the remainder of the day, and keep sending those hosts of angels, archangels and guardians. Now more than ever, I need everyone’s support in this dire time of need.



Figure 1 Here I am back in the ward, but still wrapped in cotton wool, with the catheters still in and prepped for surgery this afternoon

Figure 2 Being tended to by my Mommy

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  1. Wilma says:

    Jarod, Led and Lynn – I’ll keep you in my thoughts and prayers and trust that the procedure will be a success.

  2. Tanya says:

    Stay strong Jarrod, they will be able to help you this afternoon. We continue to pray for you.

    Norwin and Lynn your courage is synonomous. Our prayers are with you during today’s trying time.

    God Bless you all today!

  3. Hannes says:

    Dearest little boy. I wish you all the strength in the universe. You deserve it. Love Hannes

  4. Gillian says:

    Dear Sweet Jarrod

    Our hearts absolutely break every time we read about all the procedures you have had to endure. But on the bright side I don’t think any one in the family has more stories to tell or experiences to share. You own the dubious bragging rights on that. You won’t remember all the drama that has surrounded you but your Dad has done a wonderful job documenting and taking pictures – just think of all the scrapbooking your Mom is going to have to do 🙂

    You are all in our constant thoughts and prayers – Lynn, Norwin keep the faith and stay strong on what must be a very difficult day. We are sending all our love and a huge “international hug” for that special little boy of yours.

    God Bless
    Gillian, Oliver, Ryan and Kirsten

  5. Matt says:

    Jarrod, tough guy, all the Angels I could muster up are with you now, making sure all goes well. I will check in periodically to see if there are any updates. My thoughts and prayers are with you as always.

  6. Susan says:

    Dear Norwin
    We are all praying for little Jarrod, I read your blog daily we are all thinking of him.
    From Susan, Pieter, Kirsten, Tyron and Hayden.

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