Hi all,

A quick update is in order, as I guess you are all wondering how my day has been. During the course of the morning I was extubated and had to say goodbye to my super-duper oscillating-ventilator that had become a close friend; the upside was that the intrusive tube in my throat had been removed. I had just started settling down with this new found comfort when I was bundled off to the radiology department for what seemed like an excruciatingly long MRI scan. Fortunately my Opa was there to comfort me and before long the loud throbbing and pulsating of the MRI machine was over. I guess this is pretty much what the little proton beams felt like earlier this week in the CERN particle accelerator as they hurtled toward each other through the Large Hadron Collider; at one point I briefly opened my eyes and spotted the gradient magnets of the MRI machine pulsating about my head and figured that it was the speed at which these spun around the rim of the machine that caused all the noise.

Thus far I cannot reveal too much about my prognosis based on the MRI Scans, as Prof Pieter Fourie at Unitas would like to review them himself. However, having heard all the discussion around me, and the radiology report that stated that there was a narrowing of the fistula, I’m hoping that Prof Fourie will simply confirm that I can indeed undergo the coiling later this week.

I was somewhat grumpy for the remainder of the day, as I would have enjoyed greater certainty about getting the coiling done this week, but I guess I’ll have to wait a few more hours for that confirmation.

My grumpiness was soon forgotten when my Mom and Dad arrived, as not only do I love seeing them, but it is also my Daddy’s birthday. Veronica, the bestest caregiver ever, got me to sit up as Dad walked in, and helped me to sing happy birthday too him, my arms flapping about out of joy. I was so thrilled, Dad’s first birthday with me. As a present for being such a cool Dad I got him a subscription to Popular Mechanics, primarily so that he can learn allsorts of new stuff that he can teach me!

Apparently there were already so prior birthday celebrations that took place in the hospital canteen; fortunately I was in ICU and saved from the embarrassment my Dad would have caused me had I been with him and my cousins, Aunty Kim, Ronnie and my Mom. As usual my old man decided to act well outside the bounds of his age and opted to entertain my cousins by breathing in the helium from the balloons and thanking them for the wonderful presents and being there to celebrate. As if this wasn’t enough tomfoolery, a handful of surgical gloves were acquired (Mom was instructed to innocently ‘visit’ me and sneak handfuls of gloves into her pockets). Her mission was successful, and before long my cousins and Dad had their hands on the surgical gloves; but would they put them on like normal people? No, that would be asking too much! Dad, taking the lead as usual, before long was forcing a glove over his head. Once it reached his nose and ears he exhaled air into the glove and the fingers popped up like a roosters comb! The kids roared with laughter, and before long they too were sporting rooster combs on their heads. Soon afterwards security arrived and demanded they all be quieter, as this was, after all, a hospital. Giggling under their breath they began to comply, as it was not too long ago that Dad was speedy discharged (i.e. thrown out) of ICU himself, after clowning about with my Mom, Jackie and Barrett.

Pretty soon the clan settled and headed off home, and Mom and Dad came up to NNICU to visit me. The corner of the canteen they occupied looked like hurricane Ike had just whizzed through there, which I understand is the way they always leave a place. I sincerely hope my Dad will grow up a little before he starts taking me out, and I can see myself dying of embarrassment if he continues behaving like that!

On a more serious note, my fan club has now made it to Lourdes, at the foothills of the Pyrenees in France. As many of you may know, Lourdes is a place of Christian pilgrimage, and it is to here that one of my fans, Adele, travelled earlier this week. But that’s not all. Adele actually managed to meet the Pope, and mentioned me to him! As a result I, together with other people in need of healing, will be the subject of a Mass that will be held tomorrow morning. In addition a candle will be lit for me in the chapel at Lourdes. I just continue to be amazed at how many people are rooting for me, and far and wide my supporters span, even to the Pope! Earlier today, out of the blue, my Dad took a call from a lady called Denise at the LR Group, who just phoned to say that I was in her prayers, and those of her prayer group. What flabbergasts me is that my Dad often hasn’t even met these people, or engaged very little with them. My Mom has had similar experiences.

All I am left to say is thank you so much for all your support and kindness, and for keeping me and my Mom and Dad in your thoughts, prayers and wishes, and for continuously sending me guardians and angels to look over me, minutes after minute, day in and day out. I really have nothing to offer in return, except my limitless thanks and the wish to meet all of you one day to thank you personally.



Figure 1 A rare sight – siblings Shannon and Ryan not waging war with each other

Figure 2 Mommy and Aunty Kimmy

Figure 3 Cousin Tamsin jesting at the camera (again)

Figure 4 Dad being a clown

Figure 5 Not long afterward Ryan follows suit

Figure 6 Ronnie have slightly less success with his new found fashion

Figure 7 Me and my new bear – a pressie from my cousins

Figure 8 Mommy and I

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4 Comments on A Quick Update

  1. Gillian says:

    So glad that the MRI is out of the way and all you have to do now is wait for the results. What a wonderful birthday present for your Dad (and a wonderful gift for Mom too I am sure).

    Keep us posted as soon as you hear of your next move – I wonder if you are ever going to get your helicopter ride 🙂

    Sending you much love and a huge hug for Jarrod

    Gillian, Oliver, Ryan and Kirsten

  2. Bronwyn says:

    Morning cuddlebunny.

    Thinking of you and really hope you get positive results back from Unitas asap. Really does sound like your daddy had a good birthday, getting up to all those things in the canteen, sure it was fun.

    Keep strong little angel, we are thinking of you and sending you all our love and best wishes.

    Love to all
    Bronwyn, Gary, Brannon, Rhianne

  3. Tanya says:

    Good morning sweet little one!
    You always look so peaceful when you are with your mommy and daddy.

    I am happy to hear that you had an interesting adventure in the MRI tunnel. You are so brave. That tunnel is unbelievably noisy! If you are tone deaf after this don’t worry because your dad will just sing even louder on your birthday.

    Speaking of which, isn’t daddy a crazy rooster? (That’s a bird with beautiful feathers and a crown on his head. He is the king of the farm in the morning because he wakes up the entire neighbourhood with his good morning shout of ‘cock-a-doo-dal-dooooo! I reckon your daddy would make a funny rooster because he is a bundle of energy (especially when celebrating his birthday)! It sounds like you had fun wishing your daddy happy birthday.

    I’m happy to hear that the preliminary report on your fistula gave daddy and mommy a fantastic present. Here’s holding thumbs that the rest of the news is just as great.

    All our prayers to you, mommy and daddy (and to all the doctors that are going to help you get better). Take care little angel. We love you!

    Tanya, Anthony and Morgan

  4. Claudi says:

    Happy birthday Norwin! I hope that it would be a blessed year for you and your family and that it won’t be long untill you are all togethor at home.

    And to Jarrod: congratulations on aquiring the Pope as part of your fan club! How interesting. I am sure it can only mean good things.

    Love Claudi 🙂

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