Hi all,

I was off to physiotherapy on Monday morning to see Di. We haven’t seen her over the holidays. So first she assessed my walking and then came the exercises. What fun I had in her room filled with exciting equipment.

Next a quick hello to Granny and then off to home for snoozes. I slept really long and that was a telling sign. By 7pm I was in full fever mode. The rest of the week was a bit of a quiet one, as all the events and dates we had planned were cancelled.

All I have to say is that a 40 degree fever for 48 hours is not fun. Still there are no other obvious symptoms. I must however say that by Tuesday afternoon my parents were on high alert and bags were packed, ready to go for a hasty Casualty visit. I realise it’s all because they won’t risk a cerebral haemorrhage due to the contributing factors.

The other risk is that fever (or any discomfort for that matter) will cause me to cry. Yes, that is normal, however in my case the increased inter-cranial pressure associated with crying could cause a haemorrhage too. Needless to say, a haemorrhage is completely undesirable, as the theory goes that Mom and Dad wouldn’t even be able to get to the phone to call an ambulance before it’s all over for me.

I’m happy to say however, that some Voltaren seemed to sort out my rollercoaster temperatures, because by Wednesday evening I was beginning to feel more like myself again.

Mom has kept me busy at home this week all the same, except for an hour and a half when Mom had Granny look after me, as Mommy had an appointment to go to. That was so much fun. When Mom got home she said that Granny and I both looked exhausted.

Mom and Dad introduced me to the EyeToy on the Playstation on Friday. I think they secretly had more fun with it than me. Also, it’s in preparation of my getting a Wii sometime in the future. I can’t wait, as it is brilliant for my hand to eye coordination as well as spatial perception, without the dangers of real sport!

Dad took charge of my cares on Saturday morning, so that Mommy could sleep in a little. Once we were all up and ready to go we headed off to Sandton City for breakfast at Walnut Grove. We met Tammy and Granny there.

After a hearty breakfast we bid adieu and Mom, Dad and I headed to the Sandton Convention Centre – Dad and I had decided to treat Mom to the National Antiques and Decorative Arts Faire. I was intrigued by all the old stuff. There even was an old gas guzzling, un-environmentally friendly, noise-polluting vintage car. The gold coins appealed to me the most. Dad didn’t look at too many things, as he was chasing after me most of the time. Mom, on the other hand, got to look at furniture and paintings.

Sunday we were back at, I kid you not, Walnut Grove! This time to celebrate Shannon’s birthday. So I got to see my cousins and Aunty Kim. What a cool morning. A marathon snooze ensued, and Dad and I spent some time in the garden in the afternoon. I’m loving that the days are getting longer and warmer, and that I can play outside for longer in the evenings. I’ve noticed with interest that the trees are all getting new growth – I’m thrilled!

On a really good note something Dad forgot to put in last weeks’ blog was to mention that little Isabella Murray got a brand new baby brother last week. His name is Max and he is perfect and good according to his mommy Helen. Much love to them all. Also, its Isabella’s birthday today, as well as Bev’s – happy birthday! Mwah!

Ok, that’s it for this week.



Photo 1 At physio

Photo 2 Walkies exercises

Photo 3 Some exercises are more hectic than others

Photo 4 Rewarded with some ‘normal’ play afterward

Photo 5 Playtime

Photo 6 In the Tube – Mind The Gap

Photo 7 Climbing

Photo 8 Dad and I building a race track

Photo 9 Race time

Photo 10 Watching the cars go round

Photo 11 Painting

Photo 12 The maestro at work . . .

Photo 13 The sign of a true artist – paint everywhere

Photo 14 Yes, I really mean everywhere

Photo 15 Just Jay-Bee

Photo 16 Drive time

Photo 17 Playing some tunes on the iPod in the car

Photo 19 Getting busy – need to solve this before breakfast

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