Good afternoon everyone!

I’m really excited to report that I have come through my second embolisation with flying colours! So the thirteenth is definitely luck for some. Although it has been a very long day, I could hardly contain my excitement about posting this blog, so the minute I was back in my ward I got Dad to hand me the laptop. Little did I realise though that my arms and legs were still paralysed from the anaesthetic, so instead of writing the blog myself, I had to dictate it to my Dad, so I can’t be held accountable for the spelling!

The day started really early for me, with my last feed being at 2:00am. I was determined to get in as much as possible as I knew I wouldn’t be fed again for a while. After my 2:00am fed I decided there was nothing constructive to do but sleep. Staying awake and worrying about my next procedure would do no one any good, so pretty soon I drifted back to snoozy-land. At about 4:30am I awoke again, and got a bath; I really love water and being in the bath was an awesome feeling. I started thrashing about a little, thinking I could better Michael Phelps’ Olympic swimming record, and then out popped the intravenous drip in my foot. The next while was spent finishing the bath and re-dripping me, this time in my arm. Lo and behold, the time had flown by so quickly by then that next my parents arrived. They looked nervous and they were suffering from trepidation about my procedure this morning. I reassured them that I was ready, and that everything would go really well.

Just after 7:00am I was wheeled off to the theatre. This time my crib did not get stuck on the tops of the doorframes, as it did the last time I went into theatre. We all had a chuckle about that going down the long passages to theatre. Again my Dad led the way opening doors and moving obstacles out the way, while Dr Louw (the anaesthetist) and two theatre nurses navigated my crib and all its peripheral equipment, such as oxygen bottles, monitors, etc.

Mom and Dad bid me farewell at the theatre entrance, and off I went. It wasn’t long before I was under anaesthetic, so I cannot report on what happened then. About four hours later I exited the theatre bearing good news.

During this, my second embolisation, Prof Fourie managed to close off a further five large pedicles! This is such extremely good news, with the total number of pedicles closed off now totalling nine. He had a long discussion with my Mom and Dad after the procedure and explained that 27ml of contrast was used during the procedure. One of the catheters did discharge superglue in a neck artery, which wasn’t intended, but also not a bad thing, as it does stave off some of the high blood pressure going to my head.

Prof Fourie additionally confirmed that I will, without a doubt, need to undergo a further procedure once I’m six months old, as originally planned. This procedure will be somewhat more complex than the last two procedures, and will involving coiling in the fistula, but I will provide more info on this once I’ve done more research.

Again, thank you to everyone who prayed so hard for me this morning, and for those of you who dispatched hosts of angles and guardians to watch over me and my medical team. Thank you for all your wonderful emails and SMS’s, as the comments on the blog are only a small sample of all the comforting messages of strength all of you continually send to my Mom and Dad.

I will chat again soon.



Figure 1 On arriving at Unitas I discovered that my fellow patients had not learnt the art of partying, so I introduced them to some heavy binge drinking and this photo is the evidence thereof

Figure 2 Post party hang-over from too much lactose

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5 Comments on Lucky Thirteen

  1. Cornel says:

    Dear Leds,
    We are so very, very thankful that all went well this morning. Now we pray that you get “fat” soon Jarrod so that you can go home, where you belong.
    Love, Cornel & Bertie

  2. Bronwyn says:

    Oh you precious little boy, this is just fantastic news, we are all so happy to hear that all went well, you are such a little champ, with such a strong will, one truly special amazing little boy.

    We will continue sending you all the angels to make sure that you continue getting stronger each and every day, and hopefully you will be home very very very soon!!!!

    Love to you all

    The Woods

  3. Claire says:

    You’re a real little champ! Keep going from strength to strength.

  4. Lisle says:

    Jarrod you little Bugger, you reduced me to tears at work! My colleagues think I have finally “lost” it(ha ha) I told them “some guy did this to me” and they didn’t question it……
    Whoooooo Hoooooo GO YOU GOOD THING!!!!!! I fully support Cornel and Bertie and would like to encourage you to go from “PHAT to Fat”. Congratulations to Prof Fourie and his team – what outstanding and amazing individuals! Your “poor” (relieved) parents…..I can only imagine the emotional trauma and exhaustion they had to endure this morning (so considering the olympics, I think you are all medal winners!).

    Thank you God, for inspiring such strength and determination in someone so little. I remain in awe…


    ps. Jarrod – on a totally different point, I am most suprised your Dad has not “cable tied” your drip to your foot 🙂

  5. Gillian says:

    Of course 13 is a lucky number. Not only is it your Opa’s birthday today (HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAD AND OPA) but for us – this is the day we met many, many years ago and it is also the day that we left South Africa 10 years ago – Can’t believe that it is that long already. So we believe that 13 is a good number 🙂

    But enough about us – congrats Jarrod for sailing through another tough day not only for you but for your parents as well. We sincerely hope that this now gives you the chance to grow and get stronger and get out of the confines of a sterile hospital and into your own room at home.

    We really love reading your blogs and seeing your pictures – it makes the distance seem a little shorter and hopefully someday soon we can make the trip back there and get to meet you in person.

    Lots of Love
    Gillian, Oliver, Ryan and Kirsten

    PS. Loved the pics from the “party” – so this is what a “baby keg” looks like !

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