Hi everyone,

The week has been an extremely quiet one for me. As I’m still recovering from surgery Mom and I have kept a pretty low profile. The recovery period is up to six weeks, during which time I will be closely monitored to ensure that there are no adverse implications on me from my surgery, and that all my faculties and functions are fully intact. On top of my recovery, I’ve been fighting a nasty bout of flu (well, we think its flu and not an adverse effect from the surgery). Mom and Dad are constantly on Casualty Alert, i.e. ready with clothes, bags, documents, etc. to race me to Casualty should my condition become dangerously unmanageable. Most concerning is that my temperature is on a rollercoaster, going high at a moment’s notice, accompanied with daily vomiting. Mom then invokes temperature reducing measures and an hour or so later I’m back to normal. Again, it’s impossible to say whether this is owing to the fibrotic responses in my brain from the embolisation, or from the suspected flu. To address the congestion in my nose I do tend to take nice long steam showers in the morning and evening, which are absolutely divine. My sleeping is really bad at the moment, which causes my super dedicated Mommy to also not get much good sleep; she’s exhausted as a result.

With the weather getting cooler as we head into winter, it actually suited me fine to stay cosy at home. Admittedly at around midday I yearn to go outside, and most days Mom relents and I play on the study patio. Because of my flu like symptoms (running nose and coughing) I opted not to go to music on Wednesday, nor go on my regular Wednesday afternoon playdate, out of fear of infecting my little friends. Our Mommies’ have pretty good arrangements when it comes to that, to reduce the spread of germs.

By the weekend I was starting to feel much better, so while Mom was lecturing on Saturday, Dad and I headed to Brightwater Commons where I walked and walked. It was stunning to be out in the healing sun and fresh air. At the same time it exhausted me, and I fell asleep in the car on the very short journey home. As Mommy arrived home mid afternoon Granny also arrived for a quick visit and a cup of coffee. It was great to see her again.

On Sunday we met Bev and Claire at Emmarentia Dam for breakfast. The crisp morning air was awesome, and after breakfast we headed to the water’s edge to feed the ducks. I managed to get up close and personal with some of the ducks (actually they were Egyptian Geese), and they seemed really grateful for the bread loaf we crumbed and threw to them. Even some pigeons and mynah birds arrived to share in the feast.

That’s about it for this week except to say that on Wednesday I reached my 23rd month birthday. Mom and Dad celebrated the occasion by presenting me with a Zakumi Soccer World Cup stuffed mascot. I was thrilled, as I had my eye on one for a while. Another noteworthy birthday was that Namco’s PAC-Man turned 30 years old. My Dad reminisced about the 3 decade old arcade game, and in true old codger style, told me how at the local corner café one could play a game for a mere 20c! As if that wasn’t enough, he started to Tweet with some Tweeps about this fact, and they all went down memory lane together, Tweeting about Space Invaders and Asteriods. Apparently, those were the days!

Hopefully next week will be more exciting and that I have lots more to chat about!

Lots of love,


Photo 1 In support of Germany I have a Mohawk in their colours

Photo 2 Loving the oak leaves in the back garden

Photo 3 Nesting in the bedroom

Photo 4 Hanging out in the passage

Photo 5 Helping Dad with some admin

Photo 6 I never feel to bad for chocolate, especially if it’s in the shape of a gah

Photo 7 Snoozing bunny

Photo 8 Getting comfy with Zakumi

Photo 9 Steam shower to decongest

Photo 10 Bundled bunny

Photo 11 Loving the crisp morning air

Photo 12 Running

Photo 13 Baby-chino time

Photo 14 Toasty

Photo 15 Time to feed the ducks

Photo 16 Munchies . . .

Photo 17 If I sit down they seem to come closer

Photo 18 The girls and I

Photo 19 Giggles

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