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It’s absolutely awesome to be home again, following my surgery & procedures on Thursday, as I reported in my last blog. However, I’m not out of the woods as yet. Despite being in the comfort of my own home and surrounded by my own things, I’m feeling somewhat under the weather. Last night was my absolute worst, as I woke up vomiting and very nauseous with a high fever. This could be the signs of a haemorrhage in the brain, so was of great concern for my folks. After my wonderful Mommy settled me down again I slept fitfully, making little whimpering sounds from the pain and discomfort. At this point I can’t quite pinpoint where the majority of my pain is, as the haematoma in my right leg looks very angry. The entry wound in my left leg is also very uncomfortable. Needless to say, Mommy and Daddy are monitoring these sites like hawks, as any rupture there can be fatal.

The other discomfort is in my head. Having had a surgical procedure done in my brain, with blobs of sterile glue being deposited into the offending veins, there is a great degree of discomfort there as my body becomes accustomed to this foreign matter. Also, the blood in my head and brain needs to find new, more correct routes to travel. This also create somewhat of an unusual feeling. My Mommy is very attentive though, so I am able to communicate with her about my pain and discomfort, and treats it accordingly.

A slight amount of panic set in the household at about 1am this morning as the fever was not breaking and increasing and the vomiting was not stopping. Mom and Dad prepared their ‘casualty room procedure’, where everything is prepared in the house for a quick departure to the casualty rooms, should we have an emergency. The procedure includes assembling a full medical history, scans, CD’s of MRI’s, xrays, etc. On top of that is my usual paraphernalia that babies need. Additionally, Mom and Dad keep their mobile phones fully charged and the car juiced up. I’m really proud of the way they are able to plan ahead and be prepared.

Now, being Sunday evening, and having spent much of the day in bed, sleeping deliriously, I am beginning to feel better. I hoping for all our sakes I don’t have a repeat of last night, but one never knows. Mom and Dad’s ‘casualty room procedure’ remains on the ready to be invoked.

In terms of this past week, there are only a few highlights interesting enough to report on, over and above Thursday’s surgery.

Yesterday morning I was actually feeling quite well, so Mom and Dad agreed that a quick outing in the morning would be in order. Since Mom was lecturing again, it was just us boys (Dad and I). We headed to the Post Office first, as Dad had a suspicion that my Brum DVD’s from Amazon were ready for collection. He was right, and I was thrilled; three brand new DVD’s all of Brum. There was one problem though – my DVD player had suffered somewhat at the hospital. Although it was still working, the hinge mechanism to the body was broken, meaning that Dad had to strategic balance the player for me. And being a littely, this didn’t always work, as I love touching and fiddling with the buttons while my DVD’s play. So we headed off to Cresta to procure a new DVD player for me. Pretty quickly Dad settled on one, and we were back in business. Back home, after Dad unpacked my new player, I was watching Brum.

Another highlight was my visiting Nina, Gene and Kate earlier in the week. Gene and I played up a massive storm, and at one point we even climbed in the back of Mom’s car to watch DVD’s (while my player was still functioning properly). We also drew like artists in a frenzy. When we tired of that, we stormed around upstairs and jumped and thumped on the wooden floors. It was enormous amounts of fun.

Music on Wednesday included a teddy bears’ picnic, which I relished. We stomped around like teddy bears and sang to our hearts’ content. Also on Wednesday, to wish me well for my procedure the next day, Granny and Tammy popped by for a visit. We headed out to Brightwater Commons for a walk about, and Tammy and I rode all the rides. Eventually, exhausted, we headed back home where we met up with Dad.

Well, that’s it for this week.

In closing, I must extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone that sent me, my Mommy and Daddy such wonderful wishes, prayers, thoughts, energy, angels and guardians throughout the past few days. We were once again amazed at people’s ability to connect with us and help us through these difficult times.

Lots of love,


Photo 1 Watching DVD’s in the car with Gene

Photo 2 Playing with the girls is really exhausting work

Photo 3 Peeping through the kitty’s window

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  1. Cazpi says:

    Thinking of you all sweet baba. *squidge*

  2. Linda Hapgood says:

    Praying for a peaceful night precious little one. Be well soon, love you so much.xxx

  3. Allyson Sacchetti says:

    Get well soon little angel – always in our prayers. God bless lol to you all Ally, Steve & fam

  4. Sally-Jane says:

    must be good to be home, sorry to hear there were some rough nights. hope you feel much better soon

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