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What a stunning week I had on holiday; it’s just what the doctor ordered! I feel great and wonderfully rejuvenated, as do my Mommy and Daddy. I don’t have much to say this evening other than that we had an awesome-saurus rex holiday in Umhlanga. The weather was absolutely perfect – each day we experienced sunshine and lots of heat. Occasionally there was a little wind, and although some nights there were some clouds about the days were always wall-to-wall blue!

We spent the holiday watching the sunrise on most mornings (being a littely, I get up quite early, and most days I drag my Mommy and Daddy up with me). Typically, we would spend the mornings on the beach, playing in the surf and building sandcastles. Sometimes we climbed on the rocks on the beach looking for interesting sea life and little fish stranded in pools left by the high-tide. At around midday we would all go for a team snooze.

Walks on the promenaded ensured in the afternoons, and sometimes even in the evenings. Occasionally we lounged around the poolside where family activities were planned each day by the hotel’s entertainers. I’m embarrassed to say that Mom and Dad even participated in playing Bingo, but being at the poolside, I guess I could forgive the old codgers. We seldom drove anywhere, but when we did it was up the drag to the Gateway Theatre of Shopping. The longest drive we undertook during our holiday was to Ushaka Marine World where I got to see the dolphin show. Gambit, our favourite dolphin, also made a brief appearance, despite getting really on in his years. I loved watching the dolphins, and the younger ones all tried to jump even higher than the next one. It was stunning. The seals didn’t feel much like cooperating with their trainers on the day we visited, but we still got to see them doing some of their tricks. Marine World do emphasise that they cannot guarantee each show going according to plan, since the performers may not always feel up to it, and could even be affected by weather conditions and so on.

We arrived safely back in a cold Joburg, and Roxy, Sonic and little Shatzi were thrilled to see us. Sonic was especially pleased that the gas heaters were all turned on as we entered the house. I believe she secretly wishes for winter just so that she can lie in front of the heater day and night!

Well, that’s it for tonight – the pictures below speak for themselves about the great holiday that we all had!



Video: Watch me walking on the beach. Click here for YouTube version or Facebook version.

Photo 1 Sunrise on the Monday welcomed in a week’s worth of awesome weather

Photo 2 The sunrise just kept looking better

Photo 3 Beach time

Photo 4 On a mission

Photo 5 I Love the beach

Photo 6 Chilling on the balcony

Photo 7 The Moon came out to play

Photo 8 Cuddling with my Zhu Zhu Pet – Hammy the Hamster

Photo 9 Tuesday’s sunrise

Photo 10 Heading off to the beach

Photo 11 I loved the wheelchair ramp in the hotel lobby – I spent hours storming up and down it

Photo 12 Getting busy on the beach

Photo 13 Being a cool dude

Photo 14 Dropping my shades to get a better look at the gurlz

Photo 15 Taking a stand on Freedom Day 2010

Photo 16 Beach walkies

Photo 17 Being cute

Photo 18 In need of a quick rest!

Photo 19 Mommy and I on the beach

Photo 20 Where we stayed – Umhlanga Sands Lifestyle Resort

Photo 21 Billions of blistering barnacles!

Photo 22 Muscles don’t get any fresher than this!

Photo 23 Some or other type of sea life

Photo 24 I found this stuff on all the rocks

Photo 25 Something fishy

Photo 26 Playing in the rock pools

Photo 27 Walkabouts

Photo 28 Dad built this for me . . .

Photo 29 . . . and I destroyed it!

Photo 30 Walking on the promenade

Photo 31 Waving

Photo 32 Storming down the promenade

Photo 33 Enjoying a long stride running

Photo 34 Mommy kisses

Photo 35 Strelitzia in HD!

Photo 36 Climbing a tree

Photo 37 More giggles with Mommy

Photo 38 Umhlanga Lighthouse

Photo 39 Umhlanga Pier

Photo 40 Ready, set

Photo 41 Jump!

Photo 42 Up close and personal

Photo 43 Baby-chino back at the hotel

Photo 44 Wednesday night’s moon streak

Photo 45 Beach playing is hard work

Photo 46 Gambit performs for us

Photo 47 I loved the dolphin show

Photo 48 The star of the seal show

Photo 49 Heading south to Oz to visit Aunty Shazza and Uncle Marc

Photo 50 Last day on the beach – Dad blows some soap bubbles for me

Photo 51 The first soap bubbles that I’ve blown

Photo 52 Learning to surf

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  1. Lea White says:

    Ooh Jarrod, it looks like you had lots of fun.

  2. hi jarrod! it looks like you had so much fun!

    and your daddy takes great photos! 😉

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