My week started really slowly here in Johannesburg. What I can tell you is that the average temperature in the mornings and evenings is definitely a few degrees Celsius lower than two weeks ago.

I don’t really remember last winter, but Mommy does and has made sure I have a number of new clothes for the ‘event’. Mommy says that living in Africa is actually a treat as our 3 months of Winter really can’t be compared to Europe’s Winter were many of our family live.

On Monday morning Mommy informed me that Granny was making her way out to our side of town to get a little ‘Jarrod time’ in. Well when she didn’t arrive in 3 seconds, I was very distraught and threw a huge tantrum about the fact. I sat on the step outside and put my head in my hands and cried and cried. Mommy was beginning to think that nothing would placate me when, I got up and wondered off to do something else. Granny did arrive and we went for a walk around the Brightwater Commons and I was so exhausted from my workout that I passed out. Mommy and Granny carried on walking around, and after I woke up we had some lunch back home and soon Granny was on her way home. Daddy was home really late on Monday as he had some work to attend to. Mommy and I had a shower and then I fell asleep really early.

Tuesday, Mommy and I were still reeling from the news of a 7th brain surgery and additionally I had a runny nose and generally grumpy disposition. Mommy did as well, so we stayed indoors except for a quick trip to the bank to draw money. We played on the Swiss balls and played with cars and dough and Mom fixed some stuff which I tried to get involved in. We drank lots of tea as Mommy says it has restorative powers. The big thing of the day was that I actually walked the full length of the house, unaided.

While I was waiting for Mommy to take me to music on Wednesday, I went searching for a snack. Knowing full well where the snack drawer is, I headed to it and Mommy still doesn’t know how, but I manoeuvred a Kinder Surprise out of it. She wrapped a bib around me and told me to enjoy, then gave me a spoon and built the little ship toy and left me to do her makeup. Let me just say I was successful in my getting the chocolate out of the little cup. According to Mommy, I was not so successful in getting it into my mouth, or the cat’s mouths. She did however say I was quite successful at getting it all over my shorts. Needless to say just before music I was changed again.

Music was a ball. Teacher Liesel and the two Catherine’s and Mommy were very entertaining. It was the first class that I actually walked around the class on my own, holding my teddy bear for the teddy bears’ picnic song. I toddled off to get my own drum and beat it with absolute enthusiasm. I danced and wiggled and played. As class was over I went over to teacher Liesel and explained that I had not yet had enough, I gave her long stories and she listened intently but said she was sorry another class was coming in. My last attempt had me putting my head in my hands and just lowering myself to begging. She relented to a degree and let me listen to some more music. I love teacher Liesel.

I of course passed out on the way home, so when I woke up Mommy had put me into bed and lunch was ready to be served. It was yuna, with a little sweet potato and sweet tomatoes boiled in a little sauce. Next we were on our way to Di for our physio appointment. True, usually you are used to hearing about me and my buddies hanging around with each other on Wednesday afternoon, but this is just an exception. I’ll be back with my buddies next week. Di was very happy with my progress, although I was holding out a bit and not showing her how far I could walk, but found my groove for the afternoon, running up and down the ramp. Next week we’re going to see if there is something keeping my left leg actually moving forward. We’ll leave that in Di’s capable hands to establish what’s going on there. We need to get as much walking done before the surgery in May, in case I forget it. I will keep going. On our way home Mommy and I stopped at Woollies to get some ‘diet’ food. The first thing we got was corn on the cob or ‘mielies’. My Mommy offered them to me to hold, but that was not what I had on my mind, Mommy was forced to open the packet and watch me eat it raw and all. Mommy says I am very cute and make other Mommies very jealous. After 2 mielies I opted to try a couple of rosa tomatoes and munched through them. Mommy was quite happy I was wearing white. Nothing that bleaches cannot deal with.

We arrived home and I jumped out the car and started heading around the back of the house. We had a great time there; I tested the water of the pool, but it was too cold to swim, but playing with my feet in it was great. We then filled the fountains and checked on our the grass, ensuring it was knitting well. It was all good so we went to unpack the groceries into the fridge.

Having bought all that food, just made us reluctant to make any, so Daddy our hero arrived and ordered in for us. So to add to my list for the day, cottage pie was next, and chips and spaghetti bolognaise. Mommy says I’m pretty close to when I should be having another growth spurt and due to the next surgery, she’s not complaining at my large appetite.

Thursday saw us heading off to Lauren for OT. I was looking forward to seeing her again so I rather impatiently rang the doorbell three times, before my Mommy cut me off from the fun. Lauren understood. I then made a general nuisance of myself by trying to muscle in on someone else’s therapy session. Mommy and Lauren were quick to divert my attention to another room. I then made my way up and down the slide, giving Lauren heart failure as I threw myself into it. After our session, Mommy and I headed home to snooze. Opa arrived soon after and we played and played and shrieked with delight. Opa brought me two books, one which was a wipe and write, so I spent much of the time writing stuff for Opa and then wiping it off again.

Friday Mommy had an appointment in Pretoria, so we put on our brave faces and crossed the great divide. Mommy signed tons of documents and then we headed back. Friday afternoon and evening Mommy spent prepping for a lecture on Saturday but I obliged and fell asleep early.

Saturday saw Mommy heading off to Pretoria again, where she is lecturing in Project Management. Daddy and I therefore got to spending the day together. It was really cool to have Daddy entirely to myself. We started off by going to Dr. Anthony for a check-up as my nose has been running for a while. With the new surgery coming up, we can’t afford to have it become a chest infection. Once that was dealt with we headed off to the zoo. Today was sooooo different and sooooo cool. No more pram. I was allowed to have a buggy and to ride on the train around the zoo. It was stunning. Daddy and I giggled and played for hours. Our first stop on the ‘zoo train’ was at the lion enclosure. There were almost no visitors there so we had the lions all to ourselves. Also, as it was still early in the day, the lions were a little more active than they usually are in the afternoon, much to my delight. One of the large male lions was standing near a cave, so Dad started roaring at him, for my benefit. Next thing the lion walked closer to us and roared right back at Dad! Dad almost jumped out of his skin and I stared at the lion in amazement. The lion carried on moaning at Dad for trying to imitate the ‘King of the Jungle’ for another minute before shaking his massive head, turning around, and heading into the cave. This was a zoo visit highlight.

Once Mommy was home and Daddy and I had had a snooze, we headed off for a walk at Cresta as we needed to collect a set of Venetian blinds for the spare bedroom. We stayed for dinner and I got a new book with wipe off writing for my trouble. I had a shower and went to sleep with the greatest of ease.

Sunday is blog day, so I was up early to get a start. We headed off to the Wimpy for breakfast and spent the rest of the day doing chores and household activities as is our habit. I helped day with DIY and Mommy with the washing and felt like I really accomplished a lot for the day.

So that’s it for another week. Next week I’ll be writing to you from the Natal coast, as Mom, Dad, Granny and I head to Umhlanga Sands on Saturday afternoon, after Mommy finishes lecturing. I can’t wait to see the beach again, as it a favourite place for me. This coming Wednesday, Mom, Dad and I are going to see Prof Fourie to discuss my next surgery, which is in May. If there is any untoward news, I’ll be sure to blog you on Wednesday afternoon.

Lots of love,


Figure 1 Giving Sonic major hugs

Figure 2 With Granny at Brightwater Commons

Figure 3 Giggles after my bath emptied

Figure 4 Playing on Windows 7’s Magic Desktop, designed just for littlies

Figure 5 Writing a story for Opa

Figure 6 Surrounded by bubbles

Figure 7 Roxy helps me in my sandbox

Figure 8 Chilling furballs

Figure 9 In my buggy at the zoo! Checking the baggage

Figure 10 Checking under the hood

Figure 11 Stopping to ask for directions

Figure 12 Now this is how pizza should be eaten

Figure 13 Dad and I are READY for the 2010SWC

Figure 14 Footprints, from my walkies

Figure 15 Washing my feet, in the basin






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  1. Cornel says:

    Dear Jarrod, I am sooo glad to see that you got Dad a more interesting soccer jersey than the boring one he is wearing to work.. we were seriously worried that he will go missing in the masses with the plain black jersey. You look great with your supporter gear on. Lots of love, all the Needhams

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