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An out of cycle blog can only mean one thing – some medical associated stuff is on the horizon. Well, it is, but its not too hectic. Some history first. As you will recall from my prior blogs I have lost one of the two venous drainage systems in my brain. The lost of the vein is through a process called stenosis. In my case, the stenosis resulted from an increased pressure in the drainage vein. Since veins are weaker than arteries, as they are designed to carry blood at a lower pressure, the vein decided it needed to cope with the increase in pressure. It did this by thickening the walls of the vein. The irony is that by thickening the walls of the vein the inner circumference of the vein decreases, thereby increasing the pressure further. Through further increased pressure, the walls thicken even more, increasing pressure even more, and so on. This continues until the vein walls thicken so much that the opposite sides touch, and subsequently close the vein! This is called an occlusion. First problem. This was grossly misjudged by my medical team, largely owing to the fact that not much precedence exists in a case such as mine.

The loss of one of the two venous drainage systems now results in increased pressure in the other one, which causes the abovementioned scenario. Problem number two. Owing to the increased pressure on the second, and only remaining venous drainage, it too could occlude. For preventative purposes, my Mommy and Daddy are insisting on 6 to 8 weekly scans to detect stenosis, if any. The specialists at Unitas considered a scan in 18 months to suffice, which we did not, and subsequently the more regular scans. Should there be evidence of stenosis in my remaining venous drainage, then hopefully some preventative measures could be taken. If not, problem three will occur, which, quite frankly, is not an option!

So amidst much frustration and really not appreciating the godlike complex of the administrative staff at a particular specialist’s office, Dad managed to obtain the necessary documentation to effect the scans. We think we’ll be seeking out the services of a new paediatric neurologist.

Anyhow, the purpose of tonight’s blog is to ask all of you to keep me, my Mommy and Daddy in your thoughts, hearts, prayers and minds over the next 12 to 14 hours. We are all very nervous about the results, but nevertheless feel positive about the outcomes. I will definitely send a blog update out tomorrow evening.

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  1. Terence says:


    My god watch over you, Mommy and Daddy. Your amazing parents are doing everything they can to ensure you grow up to be a big, health strong man.

    Pay it forward one day 🙂

    Your Friend and Supporter,

  2. Lisle says:

    What a smile!!!!! Thinking of you and your parents….they truly are wonderful folk – well picked!!!

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