Hi all!

I’m feeling ultra relaxed as we end of the 3rd day of a 4 day long weekend. Not only are long weekends really relaxed and lazy, but I also get to monopolise my Daddy’s time, as he doesn’t have to go to work. On that note, Happy Easter to everyone, hence the long weekend!

My busy week started on Monday with my music class going to the Friendly Pets Farmyard. It drizzled most the morning, but this didn’t dampen my visit to the Farmyard to see lots of domesticated animals. To boot, Dad joined Mom and I for part of the visit. The morning started with a quick tour of the farmyard, in Dad’s arms, to orientate us as to where everything was. In addition to the animals there was also a little race track with Y-Bikes lined up ready to go, a jungle gym and one of my all time favourites – a trampoline. To start, Dad popped me on the trampoline and one of the older kids bounced me up and down. I shrieked in delight. I think I’m going to put a trampoline on my birthday list! Unfortunately it was at that point the Mom, who was designated photographer, realised that Dad had forgotten to reinsert the memory card into the camera the night before. As Dad panicked and moaned, Mom hatched a plan – we had also brought with our DVD Video camera which also can take stills, and viola, we were back in action!

During the course of the morning I got the chance to hold a chicken and touch a rabbit that Mom held. Nearby there were also mice and rats in cages which I chatted with. One of the younger bunnies escaped while one of the kids was holding it, and the resident Jack Russell took great delight in chasing the poor little creature. Once caught, the rabbit wailed, but was instantly rescued by the farm curator. There were also sheep and goats on the farm, as well as a large cow. I feed the cow and goats some carrots (which I tasted first) and was thrilled as how these gentle animals took the food from my little hands. Before long Dad had to head off back to the office, but Mom and I visited with my friends and the animals a while longer. Before we left Mom did change me though, as by then I was drenched from the drizzle.

As it rained for the rest of the day, Mom and I stayed indoors at home. There I did heaps of exercises with Mom that was really fun. In the evening I decided to bath with Mom.

A play date with Gené and baby Kate had been arranged for Tuesday. As Kate was less than two weeks old she observed from a distance as Gené and I painted at Polka in Parkhurst. Mommy and Nina chatted lots and lots as they had tea and lunch. Mom occasionally helped me with my artworks, the results of which are pictured below. A new experience for me was doing sand-art, which was really intriguing. I looked on with amazement as, once I had covered my page with differing colours of sand, Mom shook the excess off, revealing my art. Some dress-up, to humour Gené, was also done. Generally I was super cute for the afternoon.

In the evening I was put in Dad’s care as Mom had to go out for the evening with Granny. Dad and I had a wonderful time. Since I was covered in paint, Dad opted to shower me as opposed to bath me – something about getting the paint to wash off as opposed to bathing in paint soup. I didn’t mind, as I love to shower. Whenever either Mom or Dad are in the shower I try and join them, dressed or undressed, it doesn’t matter to me. Dad and I played hard after our shower, and then I watched Fast Forward with him.

With the school holidays being brought forward as they are being changed to fit in with the World Cup in June, my physio and OT appointments have been juggled about a bit. The Public Holidays also don’t help with a routine. As a result, I went to Di on Wednesday for physio. I did some walking for Di, and Mom and I showed her how to suspend me while walking to get my strength and confidence up. Afterward we met up with Granny at Benmore Gardens where some serious toys shopping was undertaken. I was thrilled. We also went to collect Tammy, and I did my usual ‘dance of happiness’ at seeing her.

In the afternoon Briony hosted Mommy’s club. Just as the afternoon was ending the skies opened up and a cloud burst occurred. Poor Dad got caught in the cloud burst on his bike, and by the time we got home he’d made a pile of wet clothes and protective armour outer clothing in the bath. It rained so hard that even his wallet, which was inside his jacket pocket, was soaked through.

By the time Dad wanted to leave for work on Thursday, his biking kit was still wet from the day before, so he opted to go in by car. I was really proud of my Dad having managed to negotiate his bike through such a hectic downpour. Apparently, at one point the water was so deep on the road that Dad was worried that the torrent of water splashing up under the bike would crack the hot engine block. Fortunately that didn’t happen.

Being April Fool’s day on Thursday, I had a lot of fun scanning the internet for April Fool’s Jokes. One of my favourite was that Google was planning to change its name to Topeka. The reason, stated on Google’s official blog for choosing Topeka, was to reciprocate the Mayor of Topeka opting to change the town’s name to Google! Below are pictures of how Google’s landing page looked on Thursday, as well as one of the signs at Google campus which was changed for the prank. Locally, 94.7 Highveld Stereo announced during their traffic report that one of the bridges over a major highway had dislodged blocking off the entire road. Mayhem ensued. A tax on Vuvuzelas was announced, to fund the World Cup. And Kulula, after being rapped over the knuckles by FIFA announcing that they were the ‘unofficial carrier for fans’ during the World Cup announced that they had registered Sky™, and that any advertising in the sky would have to be vetted by them first (or something along those lines). Staying on the topic of the World Cup, you are all aware that Beckham won’t be playing for England owing to an ankle injury. Well, to rub salt in the wound, it was announced, as an April Fool’s that Rooney was also injured and unable to play in the World Cup. This one caused a major stir, as it was quite believable as Rooney had been injured that day!

Being the eve of a four day long weekend Dad arrived home a little earlier than usual, and he, Mom and I went to the shops to stockpile for the next day, Good Friday, as no shops would be open then. While walking through the local unfriendly Spar, I spotted a box with Barney on it, and I grabbed it and showed it to Dad. It contained the ingredients to make Barney cupcakes, so I needed it. Dad relented, which meant that Mom would be baking pretty soon.

For dinner we opted to go to the Spur for a family outing. Barrett and Jackie joined us and we had a really nice evening. I got the opportunity to twice bounce on their trampoline which resulted in masses of giggles.

Friday was very quiet, and all three of us stayed in our pyjamas the entire day, not even leaving the house. I helped Mom bake green, yes green, Barney cupcakes.

We took a trip to Hyde Park on Saturday morning, as we needed a new microwave oven. Ours had mysteriously given up the ghost, and all of you will know that a microwave oven essential if you have a littley in the house. We popped into DionWired, and while Mom selected an appropriate appliance, Dad and I stormed around the store, with me loving the ultra smooth polished granite floors for my walker. Soon Mom had made her choice, and the super duper friendly and helpful assistant sorted out the purchase. After popping the new appliance in the boot, a walk around Hyde Park shopping centre was the order of the day. We discovered a massive Lindt bunny which Dad and I really wanted, but figured we’d not be able to get home. I chose two new books at Exclusive Books, and afterward we had lunch at Frattelli’s. I had a yummy SpagBol (spaghetti bolognaise) which Dad tucked into a pizza and Mom had some ravioli. I feel asleep before we left the restaurant and snoozed on the way home.

Once it was dark, Mom arranged a ‘night time’ pre-Easter egg-hunt for Dad and I. We were each presented with a black-light (ultraviolet light) torch and off we scurried to find luminous eggs that Mom had hidden for us. It was awesome. As we shone our torches around each room the eggs that we were looking for glowed prominently in the dark. My Mommy is really awesome!

In the evening we all went to the drive-in to see Valentines Day. Well, to be honest, Mom and Dad watched Valentines Day on the big screen and I sat in the back of the estate watching DVD’s where Mom had setup a rumpus room for me, complete with a duvet, bottle and pillow. I thought it was awesome, and every now and then I popped up from behind the back seat to giggle or say hello. Before the main feature started, I spent some time in the front of the car and had a great time pushing all the buttons on the ceiling and dashboard of the car. What a thrill.

Easter Sunday a chocolate Easter egg hunt took place in the house – although the rain had stopped by now the garden was still drenched, so we opted not to hunt in the garden. Between Shatzi and I we had a fantastic time climbing around the furniture spotting and collecting eggs. Well, to be frank, I collected but Shatzi played with the eggs. Once the hunt was over I munched on a number of chocolates of various types, typically eating straight through the foil!

Opa also arrived for a visit, bring me some lovely chocolates and clothes. We played and giggled together, and all too soon Opa had to leave again. A Team Snooze followed and mid-afternoon we went to drop off some eggs with Granny, Aunty Kim and the cousins.

That’s all for this week.

Lots of love,


Photo 1 Jumping on the trampoline

Photo 2 Bouncing giggles

Photo 3 Holding a little chick

Photo 4 Feeding the goats

Photo 5 Chilling at Polka

Photo 6 Playing some tunes for Nina and baby Kate

Photo 7 Painting!

Photo 8 Gené and I playing

Photo 9 Sand art

Photo 10 Piano Man

Photo 11 Walkies in the garden

Photo 12 Google’s April Fools

Photo 13 More Google April Fools fun

Photo 14 Ready for bed

Photo 15 Which colour should I use?

Photo 16 In the wet in my wellies from Aunty Shazza and Uncle Marc. So cool!

Photo 17 These wellies are super cute

Photo 18 Making Barney cupcakes

Photo 19 Icing my cupcakes

Photo 20 Phosphorous coated eggs that we hunted in the dark

Photo 21 Playing with Thera-putty at the Spur

Photo 22 The same eggs under black (ultraviolet) light – awesome!

Photo 23 The Lindt bunny at Hyde Park – yum!

Photo 24 Having SpagBol at Frattelli’s

Photo 25 Post-wolf snoozes

Photo 26 At the drive-in!

Photo 27 The Easter Egg hunt begins!

Photo 28 Found some more

Photo 29 And some under the coffee table

Photo 30 Cool, some more!

Photo 31 Yippee

Photo 32 Rolling eggs is more fun than eating them!

Photo 33 Yum, Lindt bunny!

Photo 34 Feeding Opa some Lindt bunny

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