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Saturday evening an extraordinary happening took place all over the world as people celebrated the 4th
Earth Hour since its inception in 2007 when the WWF and the Sydney Morning Herald introduced the concept as a climate change awareness campaign. We took part too, and at 20:30 we switched off all non-essential electrical appliances and lights in the house, which basically meant everything. To make things easier, Dad simply knocked switches on the DB board in the kitchen to the off position, and one by one the circuits in and around the house shut down. Since I had a late afternoon snooze, I was still up at this time, and Dad bathed me during the Earth Hour. It was absolutely stunning bathing in candlelight. I mentioned to Dad that we should actually do this more often.

As Earth Hour progressed throughout the day (i.e. as 20:30 started reaching different time zones across the world), Mom and Dad let me know what was being switched off, as people Twittered #EarthHour from across the globe. Russia was one of the more impressive Earth Hours, as theirs traversed 11 time zones, making it the country to have the longest Earth Hour. In other parts of the world famous landmarks’ energy hungry luminescence was switched off, including the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, the Pyramids of Giza, the Eiffel Tower, Big Ben and the Parliament Buildings, and the Parthenon. Locally, Table Mountain went dark as well as all our new soccer stadiums awaiting the World Cup, the Nelson Mandela Bridge and 50 other metros across our country participated in some way. Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate was cloaked in darkness, as well as the Trevi Fountain, the Palazzo Vecchio in Florence, the Empire State Building, the Golden Gate Bridge, and even the Welcome sign at Las Vegas was shrouded in darkness, as well as too many others to mention. All in all, a brilliant success.

My week, fortunately, started off very brightly, as Monday was a Public Holiday, so Daddy was home with me the whole day. We spent it chilling around the house and we ended the evening off by making our own pizzas.

As Dad was leaving for work on Tuesday morning I decided I needed to be in the bath and draw on the walls. Mom obliged, and Dad stayed home a little longer to watch my artistic flair and photograph the goings ons. For myself, I noted that doing cute things prevents Dad from rushing to work – a strategy I need to employ more often. Mom and I did some shopping mid morning, where after we supervised the installation of a security gate at our complex up the road. While the guys installed the gate, I toured the complex with my walker, resulting in the security guard being a little on edge! I lunched in the car and by early afternoon we were back home. Roelof popped in for a visit, and we chatted for the rest of the afternoon. Later on, Dad also arrived home from work, drenched in rain water. Unfortunately for him, the afternoon thunderstorm caught him on his bike. Thunderstorm 1, Dad 0.

In the early evening Mom set up a little flower fountain in the front garden, and attached it to the hose-pipe. It was a cheapo, so it didn’t impress us very much, but Mom and Dad found another use for it. Each time I crawled up to it they’d turn on the tap at a distance, showering me un-expectantly in water. This went on for ages, and I giggled and got sopping wet. To Mom and Dad’s amusement, each time the water doused me I went ‘Huuuuh’!

At music on Wednesday morning I walked over to Liesel, my music teacher, grinning all the way. She was thrilled, as was Mommy. Later on in the afternoon Mom hosted Mommy’s Group at home; I slept through the first half of my friends’ visit, but was in top form once I was up. I even played peek-a-boo with Josh. In the evening Jenni-Lynne came to visit and she become another of my bunzy run honorary members. She brought me some really cool bath toys as well as a stunning Crested Hoopoe which even makes the correct sound. I was thrilled. We dined and chatted, and then I excused myself as I retired to bed. Dad put me to sleep and promptly fell asleep as well, leaving Mommy and Jenni-Lynne to chat late into the night.

Being the last Thursday of the month it was family breakfast day. I was thrilled! We all headed off to Doppio-Zero, Dad on his bike, and Mom and I in the Merc. I got pretty engrossed in my book en route so I was surprised to see Dad standing alongside us at the traffic light a short distance from home. We waved and blew each other kisses in the traffic. Next moment the light turned green, and Dad gunned his bike’s motor and disappeared down the road. It was way cool!

After breakfast we bid Dad adieu and Mom and I went to visit Nina and little Kate, who was now a week old. It was so awesome to meet little Kate and to see Nina again. Mom was most impressed at how gentle I was with little Kate and that I gave her loves. In the afternoon I was put in Dad’s care as Mom went to Lisa for a facial and massage.

Friday I had OT and cranio with Lauren. I’ve not been able to have cranio since my surgery, as I had to wait for six weeks. The cranio felt awesome, and I felt a great release. Afterward Mom and I headed into Sandton where we visited with Granny. In the afternoon we headed home for my snooze. Upon arriving home I was thrilled to discover that my cousins in Cape Town had sent me an Easter package. We agreed that we’d wait for Dad to come home and we all be there for my opening the parcel. Dad arrived home a little earlier, and we got down to the business of the parcel. It was awesome! It contained new Lily ‘n Jack bunnies and a blankie. I was overjoyed, as my original bunny was starting to look threadbare. In addition, the girls packed heaps of little toys for me and some chocolate goodies. Later in the afternoon Dad opted to lie down and promptly fell asleep. Subsequently Mom had to bunzy run me.

Although we’d planned to do a lot of things on Saturday, including hunting down my favourite brand of nappies, we ended up doing nothing other than lounge around the house. While we were in the garden, we did spot three red-billed wood-hoopoes in out oak tree. Unfortunately I had a branch bounce onto my head, which Dad pulled out a tree in another part of the garden. My wailing scared the wood-hoopoes away; I really hope they come back. Sunday was much the same in terms of lounging around the house.

Well, that’s it for this week. I asked Dad to list all the words I’m saying as a record for my future reference, so here goes:



Oh dear

















Tom (Thomas)

Tam (Tammy)





My sounds include:










Mmmmmm for food

‘Uh oh’ when something is about to go wrong!

Ka-tink (Jenni-Lynne taught me this on Wednesday)


Ok, that’s it for this week. Have a great Easter everyone!



Photo 1 Creating my own pizza

Photo 2 I love to crawl through and under things

Photo 3 Curled up on Dad’s lap sleeping

Photo 4 Early morning art

Photo 5 I’m under there, somewhere

Photo 6 See, its me!

Photo 7 I discovered Mom’s stash of Easter goodies – hope no-one is looking

Photo 8 No fillings means not worrying about biting into foil!

Photo 9 Sandpit time

Photo 10 Meeting baby Kate

Photo 11 Unpacking my parcel

Photo 12 Mmmmm, chocolate

Photo 13 Yippee, a new bunny!

Photo 14 Reading in my room

Photo 15 Bathing in candlelight during Earth Hour 2010

Photo 16 Taking my new bunny for a test drive

Photo 17 I love Steers ice cream cones

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  1. Lisle says:

    Jarrod, honestly, I cant start my week without your blog…sigh, I feel so happy when I read it

  2. Yolandi says:

    I look forward to read your updates when I walk in on a Monday. You are so cute and do such fun things – I have forgotten what little ones get up to while experiencing life.

    Love and hugs to you, mom and dad.

    Yolandi xx

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