Hi everyone!

As I was still in the process of recovering fully from my surgery Mom and I opted to have a slower week than usual. I wasn’t scheduled to go to Lauren, as I needed a break from OT after my surgery, and apparently I’ll need to wait six weeks before I can have cranio-sacral therapy again. My only trip on Monday was to the Post Office where a parcel was waiting for me – it turned out Aunty Gillian sent me some super cool clothes from the States, a Vikings football onsie and a Vikings football hoodie. I absolutely love them. Thank you Aunty Gillian! I also believe Mom secretly wants to limit my exposure to germs and lurgies to reduce my getting sick at this crucial juncture during my recovery.

The trauma of the surgery still haunted me; having been in hospital for the first months of my life, and much of that time being associated with pain and discomfort, any readmission to hospital leaves me severely traumatised. This trauma presents in many ways – one of which is my not sleeping well, not eating well, as well as suffering from separation anxiety. Fortunately my awesome Mommy stays home with me every day. I do find it sad when Dad has to leave in the mornings to go to work – and I sense he too is sad as he doesn’t want to leave us.

To deal with my PST (post-traumatic stress) Mommy spends a great deal of time brushing me with a specially designed natural rubber brush, which Mommy was taught by Lauren. Additionally, there is a menagerie of other de-stressing exercises and actions Mom and I pursue to treat me.

Mom and Dad have also been extremely concerned about my development and behaviours since my last surgery, as there is a marked difference in my language skills and other actions – sadly for the worse and not the better. I guess brain surgery can obliterate some prior skills, recognition abilities and behaviours. My super dedicated Mommy is however working fulltime to reverse any degeneration or mental and memory loss. I am being monitored very closely however to determine if there is any permanent degeneration and inhibition of my ability to learn and develop – please keep your fingers crossed that there isn’t, or at least, minimal damage.

Our concerns piqued on Tuesday when I started running a low grade fever, and the circumference measurements of my head were just a little disconcerting. These factors, associated with the aforementioned concerns, and my vomiting put Mom on permanent red alert and 24/7 monitoring of my condition. Needless to say this played havoc with the family, and my poor Mommy really struggled with a serious bout of sleep deprivation. Daddy needs to focus as best as possible at work, so he can’t care for me during the night – so much of it is left up to my Mommy.

Exhausted from stress and lack of sleep Mommy did opt to take me to music on Wednesday morning. It was a little disorientating for me, further piquing Mommy’s concerns about my neurological and mental well being. Messages were dispatched to Nicoletta and Prof Fourie for some expert opinion and advice. In the afternoon Mom also took me to Joe’s place for Mom’s Club. I unfortunately wasn’t too sociable and howled a great deal – especially when Mom was out of range or sight, or I began to feel overwhelmed by all my little friends. I’m really fond of them, but I’m really feeling terribly sensitive at the moment and need my space. As a result Mom and I opted to leave a little earlier.

Thursday morning Mom and I went grocery shopping and to get some kassler as Opa was coming for dinner that evening. That, together with some sauerkraut and mash, make for a nice traditional German meal. Kyle and his Mommy Helen were scheduled to visit in the afternoon but unfortunately Kyle’s ears were giving him trouble so he had to stay home.

I enjoy spending time with Kyle as he and I lay side by side in NNICU for many many weeks and we’ve created a strong bond; we both know what it feels like to lie staring up at white panelled ceiling fitted with fluorescent lights that are permanently on, wishing we were well enough to go home. We would chat to each other late into the night, after our Mommies and Daddies had gone home, and the nurses had left our sides to attend to their admin and tasks at their nurse’s station. We were so grateful to have each other as company as the NNICU is so cold, clinical and unloving.

Dad came home quite late on Thursday as he had an appointment with Lauren for some cranio. After seeing its benefits on me I guess he felt he also wanted some of the action too! Dad arrived just as Opa pulled up the driveway so they both popped through the front door simultaneously. As it was late, I was already in my high chair wolfing, and seeing them both I threw them massive grins and dinner was put out of my mind. After some hearty hellos we all settled down at the dinner table together. Dad and Opa loved their German meal and munched through it hardly saying a word. Dad gave me bits of kassler as well and I loved it – I guess my German taste buds were more prominent tonight! After dinner Opa, Dad and I played on my Geppetto jungle gym, and pretty soon it was bathies time. Opa stayed to participate in my infamous bunzy run and he too hid behind some doors and chased me around the house.

Later, once in the bath, Dad built a massive stacking castle for me which I immediately demolished. I then proceeded to show off a new talent – frog swimming on my tummy. Mom, Dad and Opa were thrilled – and the more they cheered the more I performed my new talent.

Some hectic shopping was on the cards for Friday. It was Nina’s baby shower the next day, and Mom needed to get some final goodies. Unfortunately I was still throwing up, which remains a great cause for concern for Mom and Dad, and of course me, as I really don’t enjoy it.

Despite the fact that I wasn’t in top form, a new skill that I’ve acquired is to make kissing sounds and blowing kisses. This is absolutely thrilling for Mom and Dad.

In the afternoon Tammy and Granny joined Mom and I at Yeesh! in Bryanston. It was so cool that Tammy was there, as she is small and dexterous enough to chase me through all the obstacles and slides in the huge jungle gym. I screeched in delight, and my constant giggling and screeching made me the centre of attention for everyone! The other little people wanted in on the action, but I was like, she is my cousin. We jumped on the trampoline together and chilled in the ball pit side by side. I became a live billboard for Yeesh!

Back home Dad was already waiting for us, and soon after Granny joined us. It was agreed to give Mommy a break so Granny would look after me for the night (it would be the night that I slept through – sorry Mom). Before bedtime the four of us headed to Primi Piatti for dinner where I was treated to my all time favourite – focaccia. We had a stunning dinner and we chatted and played to a standstill.

Back home a quick bunzy run ensued and I was off to bed.

Mom and Dad managed to sleep a little later than usual on Saturday, as Granny took charge of my morning cares. Mommy left just after eight o’clock for Nina’s baby shower, and Granny left a little later. It was just the boys at home then. Dad and I played up a storm – we walked around the garden, we petted Roxy, even did a bit of walking outside the garage doors on the pavement. Soon it was time for my midday snooze, and when I woke up I heard some awesome sounds coming from the study. Paul (my future father-in-law, i.e. Chloe’s Dad), had dropped off the girls at the girl’s only baby shower, and was keen to have some boy company. As it was close to us, he popped in for some beers and he and Dad got done to some racing on the PlayStation. I was thrilled to watch the action. There were thrills and spills, and sounds of motors gunning revs and turbos sucking in massive volumes of air. Sadly all too soon the fun was over and Paul had to leave again to collect Michelle, Chloe and Amy from the baby shower.

During the rest of the afternoon Dad and I bonded by playing on the lawn and Dad and I even planted some seeds which I brought to him in the front of my walker. Later on Dad and I got down to some cool DIY as we sat together in the shade and modified my walker to better run across the grass as well. It was such a stunning day being in the company of my Daddy all day. By the time Mom arrived home I was truly exhausted and pretty soon after an earlier bunzy run was arranged and I was in bed.

Sunday morning we had planned to go to the Wimpy for breakfast, but en route we popped into the Medi-Cross Clinic just up the road. My poor Mommy has been struggling with a migraine, largely owing to a lack of sleep, the enormous stress she’s under because of my condition, and to boot, a pinched nerve in her back. I had my walker with me, so while Mom waited to see the Doctor, Dad and I did some major walking. I did a full circuit of the hospital twice on the inside and once around the outside through the car park. Mom and Dad were thrilled at my performance and stamina. Unfortunately, by the time Mom was done with seeing the Doctor, I had fallen asleep in Dad’s arms – so we headed back home.

I woke up early afternoon to discover that Mom and Dad had taken advantage of the time to snooze as well. So, with all of us nicely refreshed we all got down to some serious play in the afternoon. Granny arrived to collect a poem for Tammy for school, and even stayed for a little (late) lunch.

In the evening, Mom and Dad once again felt quite stressed. Directly after bathing I had a massive throw up for what appeared to be no reasons whatsoever. This resulted in my immediately having a second bath, sans the associated bunzy run.

Ok, that’s it for tonight. Before I sign-off its worthwhile mentioning that on Friday I celebrated my twenty month birthday – wow, how time flies! Thank you to everyone who sent me such beautiful wishes.

Lots of love,


Photo 1 Chilling in my ‘gah’ pit at home

Photo 2 And giggles in the ‘gah’ pit

Photo 3 My parcel and card from Aunty Gillian – unfortunately I was asleep at the Post Office

Photo 4 Munching on a mielie, yum!

Photo 5 And more yum!

Photo 6 Climbing

Photo 7 Froggie in the water

Photo 8 Loving bathies

Photo 9 Showing Opa my toys

Photo 10 Chilling with Opa

Photo 11 Peek-a-boo

Photo 12 On the trampoline with Tammy at Yeesh!

Photo 13 Hiding . . .

Photo 14 Freedom

Photo 15 At dinner with Daddy . . .

Photo 16 . . . and Granny

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  1. Lisle says:

    *sigh*…Jarrod, you are SO CUTE!

  2. Linda Hapgood says:

    Hello sweetie pie! … hope you and your Mommy are feeling much better. Sending lots of hugs and kisses!! xoxoxoxoxoxo

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