Hi all,

Well, over the past few days it’s been confirmed that I’m back onto the surgery schedule for this Thursday (11.02.2010). I’m no longer spotty, and upon letting Unitas know this an appropriate slot was found for me on the theatre schedule. So, once again, please keep me in your thoughts and prayers on Thursday. Please send me lots of angels and guardians as well as plenty positive thoughts to get me safely through this ordeal. At the same time, please also send lots of prayers and positive thoughts to my surgeons and guide their hands and actions through this delicate procedure.

I remain positive that everything will go well, and I’ll sail through my surgery with ease as I’ve done so many times before, and that Thursday afternoon I’ll be posting a blog to all of you stating the successful outcome of the intervention.

Back to my past week. Monday I started off with a really good OT session with Lauren. Afterward, as is custom, I had a nice snooze. I had lunch at home, and as it was raining I spent the rest of the day indoors. Mom built a jungle gym in the lounge out of my Geppetto blocks. As part of the playing I filled up my dump truck with stuff and let it roll down the ramp. During my hard playing I downed an entire bottle of Rooibos tea – yum.

As it continued to rain on Tuesday Mom and I opted to stay indoors for the day. I continued to do some hectic playing on the home made jungle gym.

At music on Wednesday I made some new friends. After music Mom took me to the store to get some formula for me; en route to the appropriate shelf I spotted a Barney sippy cup with I grabbed, ripped open and started to use. Mom couldn’t resist, and I am now the proud owner of a really super duper Barney sippy cup. I’ve now also progressed to saying ‘ederer’ every time someone asks for our surname.

Early on Thursday morning Mom took me to see Dr Anthony, as I had a blister on the back of my leg. It turns out to be an insect bite. We met Granny at Sandton afterward. I walked from the car park to the Wimpy pushing my walker. I was so proud of myself and everyone stopped and stared and cheered me on. It was wonderful. Mom was looking for button front onesies, so we went to just about every store in Sandton (well, those that sell baby stuff). Granny chased after me and I ran her ragged. When it was time to say goodbye to Granny I howled my eyes out. In the afternoon I went with Mom to weigh-in; once outside I discovered a bunch of puddles and pretty soon Mom and I were jumping in every puddle I could see. Mom is such a good sport.

Back home Opa came for a visit and we all had a really awesome dinner together.

On Friday I felt quite clingy and didn’t want to let Mom out of my sight. I had a really awful headache (a persistent side-effect of an AVM). Despite not feeling great, I did spend a good deal of time playing on the study patio and swinging in my swing. The hard playing tired me out and pretty soon I was having a snooze. Unfortunately some workmen who arrived to patch a leak in the roof woke me up. As they had their ladders set up in the study patio I opted to play on the indoor jungle gym which was still set up in the lounge. While playing there I did some music and dancing. Afterward I played in the bath (without water) with tins of flour accompanied my 100’s and 1000’s. Baking stars and a sieve proved invaluable in spreading the mixture far and wide.

With Dad home on Saturday we had lunch at Primi-Piatti. After a scrumptious wolf, we headed to Hyde Park Corner where Exclusive Books was having a huge book sale. I walked between Mom and Dad as they held each of my hands. The Exclusive Books tables covered with sale books stretched right up to the parking garage. Mom and Dad found a really awesome pop-up book for me (my favourite type). While Mom looked for some books Dad and I wandered around the store, with me unpacking shelves as I crawled along and Dad frantically trying to repack them again, correctly.

Sunday morning Dad took me for a walk in my jogger. We walked a few blocks and then stopped to admire the bunnies at the police station. We then decided it was time to head back home, but I fell asleep, so Dad opted to keep walking while I snoozed. And I snoozed, and Dad walked, and I snoozed and Dad walked. Eventually, a twenty minute walk turned out to be an hour and twenty minute walk, while I snoozed. Eventually Dad was exhausted and headed home – as we arrived at the front door, where Mom greeted us, I woke up! The rest of the day was spent indoors playing.

Well, that’s it for tonight. Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers for Thursday. I’ll blog as soon as I’m awake and out of theatre.



Figure 1 My indoor jungle gym

Figure 2 Playing with my dump truck

Figure 3 Loading up

Figure 4 Decorated Drinkies Veteran    

Figure 5 Hiding

Figure 6 Pop-up

Figure 7 Walkies in Sandton City

Figure 8 Having fun

Figure 9 Trying out a new bed at Toys-R-Us

Figure 10 Sleep time

Figure 11 Playing fishing with Shatzi

Figure 12 Gah!

Figure 13 Playing in the bath with flour and 100’s and 1000’s

Figure 14 Loving the sunshine

4 Comments on Back to Theatre

  1. Leigh Benson says:

    Thinking of you all this week! Sending lots of love and best wishes!

  2. Lynne Irvine says:

    I love the walkies in Sandton City – so at home there!

    Wishing you all the best for Thursday. You are in my prayers constantly as are your wonderful folks and doctors.

    Lots of love and teddy bear hugs,

  3. Linda Hapgood says:

    Sweetiepie, we are sending all our love and prayers for your operation tomorrow. Tell Mom amd Dad to be brave and strong and give them special hugs and kisses from us.
    Love you all very much. Linda and Wayne.xxxx

  4. Tom & Di Fincham says:

    Our prayers are with you, your family and the medical team at this time as we anxiously wait for the update. With love, Tom & Di

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