Hi all,

Yes I know, this is the second out-of-cycle blog for this week. Please don’t be stressed, as nothing has happened. All I wanted to let my fans know is that I’m going for an MRI scan tomorrow (yes, at very short notice), to determine the state of my AVM. From following my blog you will recall that on a regular basis I will need to have an MRI scan done, and that time has crept up on us and it time to have the scan done. Mom called Unitas yesterday (Tuesday) to set up an appointment, and they are able to see us this Thursday already. I reckon by the time most of you start reading this I will already start to drift off to sleep as the sedative starts to take effect. The reason for the sedation is that I just cannot be trusted to lie still long enough during the scan while the MRI is conducted.

So, please keep your fingers crossed as I undergo the scan. We are hoping that the scan reveals that the large suppliers to the Vein of Galen, that were a concern previously, have either diminished in size or are sufficiently occluded to not require further surgery in my brain in the immediate future. As discussed in my blog of 19.04.2009, my brain has not been ‘insulted’ by the AVM, subsequently there is no evidence of neurological damage. However, as was noted back then, there are still 3 suppliers to the AVM that are abnormally large, one or two of which may cause problems in future, such as increasing the size of the AVM or insulting the brain. This is the reason for tomorrow’s scan – to determine if the suppliers are still there and if they need to be occluded, and, if so, by when.

After I wake up from the sedation tomorrow, I have an appointment with my neurologist, Dr Lippert, to determine that there hasn’t been any neurological damage to my brain since my last scan. Again, please keep your fingers crossed that all remains in order, and that my prognosis for the future remains as positive.

Once I have news of my results (be it tomorrow or some other day in the future) you can rest assured of the fact that I will share the information with you. In the meantime, please send me lots of love, prayers, positive thoughts and angels and guardians to ensure that my results are positive.

Lots of love,


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  1. Gillian Lederer says:

    You are in our thoughts and prayers Jarrod. Love Gillian, Oliver, Ryan and Kirsten

  2. Linda Hapgood says:

    Darling Jarrod you are our little miracle and we are praying that this continues… that you sail through the procedure tomorrow and that the news afterwards will be all good. God bless you and keep you. Love you so much, Linda and Wayne xoxox

  3. Claudi says:

    Hi Jarrod, mom and dad

    I will be thining of all of you today and hope that all will be well.

    Love Claudi

  4. Tom & Di Fincham says:

    Jarrod as we anxiously wait for the update, prayers are being said. You, your dad and your mom are in our thoughts – may positive energy engulf all. With love, Tom & Di

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