Hi everyone,

Good grief, I cannot believe its December already – the Latin phrase tempus fugit springs to mind! Monday did not include any OT for me, as Lauren is on a course at the moment. Mom and I took advantage of the free time, and together with Granny we went to Campus Square shopping centre in Auckland Park, as Granny was looking for some ‘hip and cool’ clothes. What better place to find hip and cool than in a student community! Afterwards, back home, I played really hard. I even started some naughtiness – I let Mommy’s Blackberry slide down the back of the sofa. I really had to contain my giggles as Dad called Mom’s phone to try and locate it, and once located, trying to retrieve it. I can see this becoming one of my fun activities!

Tuesday, being the first day of December, Dad took me to my Advent Calendar after breakfast and popped the chocolate out hidden behind door number one! What a great chaser for my cereal. As I looked at the Advent Calendar I could see that I would be enjoying my chocolate treats after breakfast during the days leading up to Christmas. Afterwards, lying with Mommy in bed, I touched her eye and said ‘eye’! Mom and Dad were thrilled! Once we were up and about a quick trip was made to Lifestyle Garden Centre where Mommy bought some plants for Aaron to plant during the morning. With all the rain and the summer heat the garden is really looking pretty, and with the additional plants the front wall renovations are looking more complete. We headed to Morningside to run an errand for Dad after dropping off the plants for Aaron. We were back home by midday, and after lunch I took advantage of the lovely weather to play on my slip and slide on the lawn in the front garden.

My penultimate music class of the year was on the cards for Wednesday morning. Directly after breakfast, with Dad’s help, I practiced on some of my instruments. Later in the morning, during music class, I immersed myself in the instruments and movements and thoroughly enjoyed the lesson. The afternoon was spent at Briony’s place for Mommies’ club. There were only four of us there, and we took full advantage of the wonderful summer rays and played in the pool filled with water and balls.

In the evening, during my bath time a horrendous storm erupted; Mom and Dad said it was the worst they’d experienced in a decade. Outside I could hear rain and hail pelting down on the roof, paving, trees and garden. As I bathed, I noticed water dripping into my bath, and lo and behold, the roof started leaking! That was an absolute first, Dad said. Hurriedly my bath was terminated, and I was made ready for bed. Fortunately the leak wasn’t too bad and the next day we established it was just a fluke, as one single roof tile was slightly displaced, and as a result of the gale force winds, the rain actually got blown up the roof and past the misplaced tile!

On Thursday both Mommy and I had chiro, so we met up with Dr Sonja at her practice. Afterward we popped in to Lifestyle for some lunch and I played on the ride on toys. I had such fun and asked for more and more. Daddy arrived home in the afternoon complaining of toothache, so Mommy made an appointment for him to see the dentist on Monday morning. Just after dinner Mommy went out to get Dad some pain killers, and while she was out my Geppetto obstacle course was delivered. I was thrilled, and once Mommy was home we got down to the business of unwrapping the individual consoles and I started to climb, crawl and play amongst them.

Dad had an early appointment in Morningside on Friday morning, so Mom took care of my morning cares and breakfast. Once I had my morning snooze under my belt we headed off to Sandton City to meet Granny for some intense shopping. Although the day went well it ended in misfortune as Mommy’s wallet had been pick-pocketed from her bag. She was incredibly upset by this. Fortunately she did not loose much cash, but all her cards and driver’s licence will now need to be replaced. By the time Mommy and I had arrived home, Dad was already there and had phoned the banks to cancel her cards.

On the upside, Granny got me a most awesome little ride on bike, which I really enjoy, albeit that I can only travel backwards on it at the moment. The other excitement for Friday was that the 2010 World Cup teams line-ups were drawn. SA will be playing Mexico in the opening game, and Dad and my team (Germany) are lined up against Australia for their first match.

Mommy left early on Saturday morning to be with Amy at Morningside Medi Clinic who was having her teeth done (by the same dentist that did mine). Mommy met up with Michelle and Paul and the two of them comforted little Amy as she was prepped for surgery. Chloe stayed home with her Aunty Lauren during that time. While Mommy was at Morningside Medi Clinic Dad and I headed off to our local GP, Dr Anthony, as Daddy was suffering immensely from his toothache and wanted some hectic painkillers to get him through the weekend to his appointment on Monday morning. Dad left brandishing a script for antibiotics and painkillers which Mom filled for him once she was back from Morningside Medi Clinic. Mom was home for only a short while when she had to leave again – Claudi had asked her to be her official photographer at her baby shower. So off she went to the baby shower. As a result I missed Slades’ birthday as Dad wasn’t able to drive, given the heavy pain killers he was on. Once Mom was back from the baby shower, however, we all went up the road to Claire’s birthday party. Needless to say Dad was pretty quiet and reserved, given that he now had had a beer with his pain killers!!!

On Sunday morning we all slept late, as all of us had had a rough night. Dad with his toothache, and I was very niggly, so Mom put me in bed with her. Dad couldn’t sleep so he went and watched TV in the study. By the time he wanted to get back into bed I had commandeered his side of the bed, so he was relegated to the study!

The weather during the day was awesome once again, so much of the afternoon was spent lazing around on the lawn and on the patio. I played quite contentedly on my new OT equipment which mom had set up in a new way for me for the afternoon. My sleep was out of whack again, so I fell asleep at 6 after having to cancel with Morgan for the evening, as Daddy progressively got worse. Mom wanted him to go to the hospital for some help, but he refused.

Things that have changed for me this week is that I can now say ‘eye’ and ‘light’ and I’m getting better at saying Iggle as in Piggle and Akka as in Makka Pakka my favourite characters from In the night garden. I will however say that Mommy has seriously cut down my viewing time, I’m not sure why but I feel like I’m being punished. I have also take to Pesto and feta as well as garlicy scrambled eggs. Delicious! I can’t wait for Christmas. 18 more sleeps.

Figure 1. Should I wear the sunglasses or not

Figure 2. I love summer

Figure 3. Just like Daddy’s bike

Figure 4. I think I can just reach the steering wheel

Figure 5. Mom he’s not a real Santa

Figure 6. Amy Leigh in high spirits

Figure 7. Matthew and I in the sand pit

Figure 8. Claire the birthday girl

Figure 9. Having fun with my friends

Figure 10. I love Mom’s hat, but not my own

Figure 11. Exercises on Sunday

Figure 12. I can get them all in… just watch

Figure 13. I’ll just put this over here

Figure 14. In Jarrod heaven

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