Hi all,

It’s been a pretty quiet week all round. Dad was pretty bleak as he was on training for two days again, at a far-far away place (Pretoria), which meant he had to leave really early in the morning to avoid the traffic, and as a result he also got home pretty late in the evenings. Tuesday was pretty exciting though, as Mom had an appointment with Dr Melodie de Jager to discuss my developmental milestones. It turns out I’m doing pretty great, so it was cause for celebration. She lent us her trampoline, which I’ve found an absolute pleasure. During Tuesday I continued pursuing my artistic side as I drew on the kitchen walls.

In the evening, at dinner, I acquired a taste for red wine. Mom and Dad regularly drink a glass of red wine with dinner, and I felt it was time to be included in this. I delicately sipped the crimson nectar and immediately loved the taste. Mom had chosen tonight’s wine, and it turned out to be a superb vintage.

On Thursday afternoon Sharon came for a visit, but had to rush off before Dad arrived home – she had to collect Marc from the airport who was flying back from Cape Town. She did promise to visit again before flying back to Oz. Just after she left, Sakkie arrived to do some paper work with Dad, and to my delight, little 11 month old Jarno also visited. We ended up having a good playtime on the study patio.

Sure enough, Friday afternoon Marc and Sharon arrived for a final visit before heading back to Australia the next day. It was really great visiting with them but I was also sad that I couldn’t see more of them more frequently.

Saturday’s swimming was an absolute rave – I thoroughly enjoyed the lesson and even spent much time during the lesson giggling. In the afternoon we headed off to Joseph’s place to celebrate his first birthday. It was a pool party so in a flash we were all in swimming nappies playing in the water.

Another highlight during the week was that Mom and Dad, coming back from an appointment one evening, stopped in at McDonalds for ice cream – needless to say I too managed to savour some of this yummy cold stuff. I also tried to escape through the burglar bars during the week, as my climbing dexterity is improving daily. Tonight’s title also comes from the fact that during the week I started to cruise 2 metre in distance – cruising is the art of travelling sideways while holding onto something, like a table, sofa or wall. Mom and Dad were thrilled.

Well, that’s all for tonight – short and sweet!

Lots of Love,


Figure 1 Strawberry munches

Figure 2 Surfing the web

Figure 3 Playtime in the kitchen

Figure 4 My art

Figure 5 Some art on my face

Figure 6 With Dad on the trampoline

Figure 7 Trying wine for the first time

Figure 8 Sipping . . .

Figure 9 And loving it

Figure 10 Doing some serious stair climbing

Figure 11 Planning my escape

Figure 12 I can taste my freedom

Figure 13 Scratch that plan – Cbeebies in on!

Figure 14 Playing in the pebbles

Figure 15 Jarno and I chatting

Figure 16 Early morning crawls outside

Figure 17 The outdoors

Figure 18 Quiet time

Figure 19 Some more escape tactics

Figure 20 Let me out!

Figure 21 Pool party!

Figure 22 Giggles

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