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From the title of this blog you can gather that I’m still no nearer to knowing what is afflicting me at this time. My blog of 19.07.2008 spoke about three aliments that I might possibly have namely galactosemia, tyrosinaemia, and hepatoblastoma. Early test results show that I’m not suffering from galactosemia, which relatively speaking, is a pity, as this one could be managed by means of diet (you’ll recall that there isn’t a cure for these any of these three types of afflictions). This does not rule out the possibility of my suffering from one of the other two afflictions. My paediatrician is also of the view that I am now approaching liver failure. In an attempt to manage my current situation I will be put on a special diet of XPHEN TYR analogue, which is so new and advanced that its not been used in NNICU at Morningside Clinic. Needless to say Dad was really hoping I’d go digital, but I guess for now I’m stuck in the analogue age!

Although this news all sounds pretty bleak, and casts a grim shadow over my condition, I refuse to give up and I firmly believe that I will be getting better soon. My eyes are so clear at the moment, and I’m so lucid during my feeds and nappy changes. Mom and Dad talk to me, read me nursery rhymes, and sing to me, to which I listen to fiercely, and respond with head nods, legs thrashings, arm wriggling and finger signalling.

Moreover, so many of you are rooting for me 24/7 that I simply cannot let any one of you down – I will continue the struggle, and I will beat this early speed bump in my life, a life which will be filled with many more happy moments and years.

Keep those prayers and healing thoughts coming my way, carry on sending the archangels to look over me, preserve with posting the guardians to watch over my little crib, and those of you calling on me, in what way or form, please keep that up too, as it is enormously comforting, and your energy permeates my fatigued little body to strengthen me and propel me toward recovery.



Figure 1 Listening to Mom’s nursery rhymes

Figure 2 Me and my Daddy

Figure 3 Safe and protected in Dad’s arms

Figure 4 Smile at the camera!

Figure 5 My Mommy!!

Figure 6 Mommy checking out my stats on the overhead monitor

Figure 7 Thank you for all you are doing for me!

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3 Comments on Destination Unknown

  1. Gillian says:

    Hey Jarrod

    You are looking so strong and it is hard to believe that there are so many “issues” going on about your health. We wish you strength and patience to get through these days and yes in years to come it will be a case of “do you remember when…..” all fading into a distant memory.

    Lynn and Norwin – Keep the faith, stay strong and give your beautiful little boy a huge hug and a kiss from his Aunt and Uncle and cousins in the US.

    Gillian, Oliver, Ryan and Kirsten

    PS – By the way Jarrod you are even mentioned on Ryan’s facebook page 🙂

  2. Lynne says:

    Hey Beautiful Boy

    I had this really magical dream last night about you and your mommy, you were both giggling and playing with each other – she was throwing you in the air and you were giving off the most hearty laughs. I really wish this for you soon.

    You are in mine and my family’s prayers and thoughts all the time, just keep up with all the progress you are making and I look so forward to meeting you and seeing you as you were in my dream!


  3. Jenni says:

    Hello Baby Boy

    Wow you are such a beautiful little angel. I have been awake since about 4h45 today and all I have been thinking about all the time is you! I had a few long chats with the angels and guardians and I have instructed them to keep on the healing because you still have a way to go. I found myself asking my Daddy to hold you tighter in his arms and not let you fall. he knows Morningside very well as he spent quite sometime there. Actually in the ward right across from where you are now.

    Here is a Lullaby for your Mommy to sing to you..

    “All night, all day, angels watching over me, my Lord.
    All night, all day, angels watching over me.
    Sun is a-setting in the West; angels watching over me, my Lord.
    Sleep my child, take your rest; angels watching over me.

    All night, all day, angels watching over me, my Lord.
    All night, all day, angels watching over me.”

    You are always in my thoughts.. Lots of Love to You Sweet Baby and to your Mommy and Daddy

    All my love

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