Hi all!

Well, the probability is pretty high that I’m going to Unitas on Wednesday, to have a 2nd embolisation done by means of interventional-radiology on Thursday morning at 7:30. The reason for the probability as opposed to certainty is that I’m still somewhat jaundiced at the moment, and the procedure cannot be done on me while I’m not 100% at full health. My really awesome paediatrician is trying everything possible to prep me to be strong and healthy enough to undergo Thursday’s procedure.

If my jaundice does not clear, it would be an indication that something is not well with my liver. To date the sonar scans and blood tests have not revealed anything untoward, so the only other option would be to do a liver biopsy. Everyone is hoping that I don’t have to go this route, as a liver biopsy would mean my going under general anaesthetic, during which a small amount of tissue is removed from my liver for examination by a pathologist. Being rather small in physical stature, it will take me some time to recover from a general anaesthetic, so although this approach will determine what’s wrong with my liver, it will delay my going for the next embolisation. So, please all hold thumbs for me that my yellow hue does a Houdini!

The last few days have been wonderful, not having to be on a ventilator and oxygen. I’ve only had an intravenous line attached to administer antibiotics in an attempt to clear the jaundice. All the other lines are only for monitoring purposes, and can be temporarily removed while Mom and Dad hold me. In addition to Mom and Dad holding me, I’ve also been held by my Granny and my Opa and Oma. What a wonderful experience.

But, there’s more! Not only have my closest family had a chance to hold me over the past few days, but I’ve also managed, after many attempts, to latch onto my Mom’s breast. After doing this a few times I eventually mustered up enough stamina to suck as well. The celebrations at my achieving this little feat resounded throughout the neonatal ICU as everyone cheered for me. What they don’t realise is that, for me, this is like running an ultra marathon, for I need to decide between breathing, sucking or swallowing. Now you’re expecting me to do all three simultaneously. Although only managing to suck for a minute and a half at a time, the applause encouraged me to keep trying, and so I did! And lo and behold, before long, for each feed, I managed to suck for a few minutes.

That’s about all for tonight. Please keep up your thoughts, wishes and prayers for me, and keep sending me all those beautiful angels, spirit guides and guardians! They’re a wonderful source of comfort to me and keep me company and strong during my quiet and troublesome times.

Lots of love,

Little Jarrod

Figure 1 Hey Mom, I’m thinking of latching!

Figure 2 Hey Gorgeous!

Figure 3 My Opa & Oma

Figure 4 Me & Mom with Oma and Opa

Figure 5 Opa getting an early start to teach me German

Figure 6 Three generations of Lederer’s

Figure 7 Here’s me latched and sucking

Figure 8 Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers . . .

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2 Comments on Road Trip!

  1. Gillian says:

    Good Luck for Wednesday Jarrod. Wow they are really throwing a lot of hurdles at you aren’t they. But at least you are in the best place and they know what they are doing.

    Love, prayers and good wishes are coming your way 🙂

    Gillian, Oliver, Ryan and Kirsten

  2. Bronwyn says:

    Hey precious little boy, we are sending you all our love, best wishes and prayers. We are holding thumbs that your jaundice clears quickly so that all will be well for your next trip to Unitas.

    Thinking of you all and sending you all our love.
    Bronwyn, Gary, Brannon and Rhianne

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