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Before I get into the business of tonight’s blog, I must use the opportunity to wish my Opa a very Happy Birthday. On Thursday this week he had his 70th birthday. Although I stayed home for the evening, Mom and Dad, together with Opa and Barbara, had a brilliant evening. Just after Dad took me on my bunzy run on Thursday, and I was put into Granny’s care, both Mom and Dad emerged from the bedroom looking extremely elegant. They had made a dinner reservation at The Saxon, one of Jo’burg’s most exclusive Boutique Hotels. The Saxon is situated in Sandhurst, near to Sandton CBD. Its guests have included statesmen, celebrities and royals, ranging from Bill and Hilary Clinton, to the Grimaldi Princesses (Caroline and Stephanie) and, after his release from Victor Vester Prison in 1990, Nelson Rolihlahla Mandela spent a great deal of time at The Saxon.

At The Saxon, after parking, a luxury German sedan takes you to the main building where everything is exquisite. Apparently drinks were served in one of the many the lounges before dinner, while the party of four were serenaded by a pianist. Mom and Dad reported that the dinning room was incredible, with a full silver service. A sommelier advised Dad on wines, and pretty soon white and red wines were ordered. Starters and main meals were ordered and pretty soon were expertly served. By Mom and Dad’s accounts not only did everything taste perfect, but the meals were also skilfully decorated and presented. For dessert a ‘Sacher Torte’ that looked like it was made by angels was presented to Opa. After everyone’s coats were brought back to our four guests and adeptly slipped onto the waiting shoulders, Mom, Dad, Opa and Barbara went out onto the deck to see the infinity pool, which has a surface area of 962m2 (half the size of our entire garden)! When it was time to leave, Mom and Dad’s car, and Opa’s car, were brought to them at the main entrance of the hotel (they didn’t even ask which were their cars, they just ‘knew’). The foursome were most impressed. Back home, I decided to wait up for Mom and Dad and play with Granny. I could hardly wait for them to recount their wonderful evening to me.

Now, after all that exclusivity on Opa’s birthday, it’s back to my week. Monday was incredible, as it was a Public Holiday so Dad didn’t have to go to work. Dad and I spent some quality time together in the early morning while Mom slept in a little. Mid-morning Opa and Barbara came to visit – it was awesome to see them again. Opa brought me a light-house to play with during my bath-time; I could hardly wait until later that evening when Dad would take me on my infamous bunzy run! The five of us visited in the lounge and chatted over tea and cup cakes. Eventually I decided to excuse myself for a nap, and by the time I was awake again, plans had been made to go out for lunch. We headed up the road to the Brightwater Common; there are loads of restaurants there to choose from. We settled on one where we could sit outdoors, and it was right next to the ‘common’ so I spent a good deal of time crawling around on the grass. Some fish-fingers and chips arrived for me and I briefly aborted my adventures in grass to wolf some of these delights. All too soon the afternoon was drawing to a close and we headed back home, wishing Opa and Barbara adieu.

That evening, bathing with my new light-house, I convinced Dad to take a photo of me with his Blackberry and MMS it to Opa. Dad protested, saying Opa won’t be able to access the picture; I persisted so Dad yielded and we sent Opa the picture. And guess what, Opa retrieved the picture and was absolutely thrilled!

On Tuesday Dad had to head off back to work – major sadness for both of us. Mom and I headed off to Norscot Manor for Mom’s group. It was great seeing all my friends again, and we met a new Mommy-to-be, Tamlyn, who will be joining our group in future. Sadly I wasn’t feeling too well, so I ended up throwing up on Annene. I was so embarrassed, but unfortunately at my age these things just happen without too much warning. I apologised profusely, and Annene took it really well. I started feeling a little better so I decided to play in the sandpit. It was awesome, and on the way home I asked Mom if I could have a sandpit too. She said it was a really awesome idea and it was something her and Dad had actually been planning for a while. As soon as Mom and Dad got a chance, they promised to get me one, so watch this space. Since I wasn’t feeling too well, once we were back home I crawled into bed and stayed there for the rest of the afternoon, fighting my cold/flu.

By Wednesday I wasn’t feeling much better, so I opted to stay home the entire day. This meant that tea at our house was cancelled, but I needed the rest. Fortunately everyone understood, as everyone, at one time or other, had felt this way.

I began feeling better by Thursday, so I was time to venture out the house again. After we phoned Opa to wish him a Happy Birthday, Granny arrived and the three of us headed off to Wimpy the hairstylist. I’d heard a great deal about Wimpy, as both Mom and Dad go to him, so I was quite excited to meet him. On being introduced hugs were dished out all round and then Wimpy started on Mom and Granny’s hair. I too desperately need my hair trimmed, but Mom wanted Dad to be there for me first hair cut, so it will have to wait a while. As Mom and Granny were having their hair done, I played with Wimpy’s cat and two dogs. They are incredibly friendly and we all got on really well. After some frenzied playtime I opted for a marathon snooze (I still wasn’t feeling 100% myself), and when I awoke I noticed Mom and Granny’s hair looking stunning.

Afterward we went shopping for birthday presents for Opa – I had a field day picking out things for him. Needless to say, presents for Opa had to include something German, so a trip to the Lohmiller K&P in Cresta was in order. The German lady that runs the shop treats me like I’m her most favourite customer so I felt like a king while I was there. The rest of Thursday, as the cliché goes, is history . . .

Friday morning after Dad left for work I spent some time bonding with Granny – she stayed over after babysitting me the night before. After Granny left Mom took me to see Di for some physiotherapy. There I showed off how my crawling skills had improved, and after Di made some steps for me I stormed up them without even batting an eyelid. She was so impressed at my progress that I was given a two week ‘holiday’ from physio. I was looking forward to this, although I felt I would miss her in that time. As with all my caregivers and medical team, I’ve really built up a wonderful relationship with Di.

Back home Dad arrived home early from work. Apparently the ‘network had fallen over’ at the bank and no one could access their email or files on the server. So Dad sent his team home, but not before he stormed out the building at the speed of white light (lead from the front, is his mantra!).

Saturday morning I awoke really excited because Dad would be taking charge of my morning cares and it would give us a wonderful opportunity to play together. With the weather improving we even went for an early morning walk in the garden. After my morning snooze, we all headed off to Bear Country for Ryan’s 3rd birthday. Traffic was quite heavy through Honeydew so we arrived a little late for the party, but it was great fun nevertheless. Ryan had his Spiderman kit on, complete with face paint. Maryke even made a Spiderman cake that was worthy of being on a magazine cover. At Bear Country I met some horses – really impressive beasts. There were also bunnies, ducks, swans, hens and roosters and even a guinea pig (Dad didn’t recognise it so I had to tell him what it was). We sat on the lawn and munched on cake and sweets, and later I even had half a hotdog. Happy Birthday Ryan!!!

The afternoon was spent lazing about the house, although Dad did have to go out for a short while to attend to some business. We had planned to go out for dinner, but because I still wasn’t feeling well we passed on the opportunity. Instead Dad went to Karma and got us some yummy Indian take-aways.

Di’s 50th birthday was the order of the day on Sunday morning (wow – lots of birthdays this past week). We headed out to Buitengeluk near Broadacres Lifestyle Centre where we discovered a stunning venue, with awesome service and a great breakfast. We chatted and laughed with Di’s friends and I met a whole bunch of new people. The venue has a wonderful pond at its centre and there, once again, much to my delight, were ducks. The weather was perfect and the sun warm in the gardens where we sat. Happy Birthday Di!!!

Pretty soon though the sun’s healing rays put me to sleep in Dad’s arms, where I had another marathon snooze. In fact, I woke up to discover that I was in Mom and Dad’s bed back home! Much to my relief, the pressure on my ear started to lift as a whole lot of gunk started oozing out my right ear. The rest of the day I started feeling much better, as I think I’d gotten over the worst of my cold/flu or whatever it was.

Well, that’s it for this week; have a great week, ’til next time.

Lots of love,


Figure 1 Munching on Liquorice Allsorts

Figure 2 Playing in the sandpit at Norscot Manor

Figure 3 Getting down to business

Figure 4 Loving some corn on the cob and chicken

Figure 5 Enjoying the rays

Figure 6 Sonic in the shower!

Figure 7 Checking out the horses

Figure 8 Sebastian the Horse

Figure 9 Spiderman (aka Ryan) with his birthday cake

Figure 10 Savouring some Spiderman Cake

Figure 11 Yum!

Figure 12 Bunnies!

Figure 13 Loving the outdoors

Figure 14 Mom and I

Figure 15 More outdoor adventures

Figure 16 Getting sticky with honey

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