Blogging out of cycle can only mean one thing – I’m off to theatre again for some surgery. As I hinted in last night’s blog, Mom and Dad have opted to have the stoma in my tummy closed off surgically. After trying allsorts of approaches it is evident that it will not heal naturally and needs to be closed by means of a procedure.

It was agreed that first thing this morning, Dad would call Prof Beale to make the arrangements. Mom and I waited in anticipation of Dad’s feedback, and pretty soon we had the news that I was scheduled for theatre tomorrow, Tuesday. Being an old hat at this, I immediately mobilised Mom and Dad into action, with Dad taking care of all the administrative and medical insurance items while Mom packed goodies and clothes for me.

The rest of Monday I went through my usual routine, and when Dad arrived home after I had an early dinner, I had an extra long bath and Dad went to great lengths to do some extra massage before my bedtime. We all knew that after tomorrow’s procedure I would be a little sensitive and uncomfortable, so we maxed out on the fun part of my cares during the evening.

Please keep me in your thoughts, prayers and positive wishes tomorrow at midday as I undergo my 11th procedure. Send lots of angels and guardians my way to watch over me and guide my medical team’s hands. As soon as I’ve shaken off my anaesthetic tomorrow afternoon I will post an update.

Love, hugs and kisses,


Figure 1 Munching on a banana

Figure 2 I won’t be doing much launching into the air for the next week or two, so I’m taking full advantage of it this evening

Figure 3 And more flight

Figure 4 Dribbly giggles

Figure 5 Enjoying a long, hot bath

Figure 6 Making sure Dad also gets a little wet while I bath

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  1. Lisle says:

    All the Best J Man, you are in our thoughts and Prayers!

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