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The cold weather persists in Jo’burg as we hit the middle of the year on Wednesday, but this does not put a damper on my hectic schedule. So wrapped up warmly, Mom and I headed off to see Lauren on Monday morning for some OT. Lauren has been lending me special CD’s of modulated music to engage the planning and vestibular parts of my brain, and today I brought back the previous CD and received a new one. It is quite funny watching Mom and Dad’s faces when I play these CD’s as to them it sounds like the sound system is breaking, or the speakers are blown, but for me the resonation tingles my whole body wonderfully. Although I’m not crawling as yet, my movements are very determined, and much to the excitement of Mom and Lauren, I actually plan my actions really carefully before tackling a movement. The modulated music will continue to develop this skill, and in addition, swinging has been put on my schedule of activities.

After OT we visited with Granny for a while until our next appointment. Tammy was home as she is currently at home so I managed to visit with her for a while. Granny had bought me a gingerbread which I immediately got stuck into. After our visit Mom and I rushed off to the Wound Clinic at the Morningside Medi-Clinic. Mom was extremely chuffed that she managed to get an appointment so soon, after calling that morning. The issue is that the wound where my MIC-Key and stoma were is not healing, and occasional milk from my tummy still leaks out. The Wound Clinic is one of our last hopes before we have to consider surgery to close up the wound. The trouble with surgery is that it will affect my abdominal muscles, already compromise by the hole through them, even more, further compromising my ability to crawl.

On the way to the Wound Clinic I merrily munched on the ear of my gingerbread man, but before long I dozed off in the car, gingerbread man firmly clutched in my hand. Arriving at Morningside Medi-Clinic Mom expertly took me out of my car seat without waking me. She carried me to the Wound Clinic where I was placed on a bed. It was only then that I woke up, and immediately started disbursing the gingerbread man crumbs that were all over me onto the bed!

Once all the crumbs were cleared away, Tilly, at the Wound Clinic, immediately swung into action when she saw the wound and starting treating it. After applying a ‘smart topical cream’ she dressed the wound expertly. The smart cream has the ability to distinguish between new tissue and old tissue or infection. Being smart it only attacks the bad things in the wound, leaving the good tissue unharmed allowing it to heal. As Tilly set us on our way, she mentioned the importance of keeping the wound site dry. I sensed I was going to be disappointed at the next decision, which was to stop my bunzy runs (bathing) until the wound was fully healed. I realised that evening that bunzy runs were being substituted with an activity called “top and tail” which was nowhere as much fun.

Back home, Dad arrived late afternoon and started to feed me while Mom met with someone in the kitchen to discuss the installation of a water filter. Although I have heard that the Highveld’s tap water is amongst the best drinking water in the world, it still contains many heavy metals, which are harmful to us. I was most intrigued to see that the demonstration even confirmed that there were heavy metals in bought filtered water, albeit less than tap water.

Tuesday morning Mom and I headed off to Mommies group. On the way there I rediscovered my gingerbread man from the day before, hiding in my car seat. Immediately I got to the task of nibbling on the delightful ginger, but more so on the gingerbread man’s buttons which were Jelly Tots. Arriving at Mommies group, my Mom was fascinated at how something so small such as a Jelly Tot could cover my entire face! I explained to Mom that it was a special talent that I possessed.

Mommies group was held at Papachino’s in Fourways, where, believe it or not, they serve Baby-chinos! Needless to say my friends and I immediately got into these beverages. After a wonderful visit with my friends, Mom and I raced back home for lunch. With my tummy full Mom headed off to another appointment where I chilled on her lap during the meeting.

During the afternoon I heard that Dad had an appointment with my ENT, Dr Keith Davidige-Pitts. During the time I had my grommets put in, Dad started taking a keen interest in the functions of the ear, and self diagnosed one or two issues that he was experiencing with his hearing. Personally, Mom and I believe there is no issue with his hearing, but the issue is rather with Dad’s listening, but I guess we’ll leave that to Dr Keith to determine.

So Tuesday afternoon Dad was subjected to an intense examination of his ears. First some impacted wax was removed, which is not uncommon in most people. Next he was put into a sound proof chamber where he had to hit a trigger each time he heard a sound. He passed this, relatively well, apart from the low decibel range. Thereafter he underwent a test that checks ear functioning and so on. This he passed extremely well, and it was noted that, for his age, he’s ear function has not deteriorated much. This then spawned a mystery for Dr Keith, who now was very keen on solving this challenge. It seems that there is a very high pressure in Dad’s ears, which is preventing the functioning at the low decibel range. To alleviate this, Dad was given a couple of meds, one which is a nose spray to be taken before sport, as it turns out Dad’s post sport sinus headaches are as a result of the membranes in the nose swelling during sport thereby constricting his breathing.

I know most of you are not thinking that the words Dad and sport don’t really fit in the same sentence. Well, the fact the Dad does not follow or watch sport doesn’t mean that he doesn’t like to participate! In fact, Dad draws this analogy to many aspects of life – for example, many people earn and spend money, and wilfully participate in the economy but have no clue about core banking processes, fiscal or monetary policies, treasury management or economics! Another example is that just about 100% of the people we know possess a body, and use it daily, feeding it, exercising it, tending to it and nurturing it, yet they are not all doctors so they don’t know how the body functions, and to boot, they didn’t receive an owner’s manual with it!!! So I guess I’ll let Dad off the hook that he plays sport but does not necessarily follow, support or understand sport!

Back to Dad’s ears then! It turns out that the pressure reducing tablets for his ears is also a diuretic. So it was with great amusement that Mom and I bid Dad farewell on Wednesday morning as he left for work, only to see him rushing back 10 minutes later to go to the loo. Apparently a number of garage pit-stops ensued en route to work that day. It seems he’s body had now adjusted to this medication and he is able to drive to work in one sitting without having to stop at every garage en route! I still giggle about this when I have to think about it!!!! In fact, the next morning I offered Dad one of my nappies, but he couldn’t fit into it.

Also on Wednesday morning Mom and I headed off to physio, but this time for Mom to be treated and not me for a change. It seems Mom’s back was hurt earlier in the week when she tripped over some building rubble while carrying me to the car. By the sounds of things, I thought Mom was actually being tortured and not treated, but apparently physio for adults can be like that, and not fun like my physio. While at physio I met Nikki, Gay and Linda, and Linda’s son Murray. I truly approved of this physio practice which Mom and Dad had been going to for more than a decade, as Linda’s animals Emma the Lab, Butch the Jack Russel, and Yogi the Cat sit in reception with the patients, and, with the patients’ permission, even go with for treatment. A congenial practice indeed.

Music at Be-Sharp Beetles was next on my agenda. It was end of term, so I would be getting my report card today. I was a little nervous at getting my report card, as I recall once falling asleep during class, and another time I needed a nappy change – I hope this doesn’t reflect poorly on my performance, and that teacher Liesel keeps in mind that I’m really little! Well, I worried for nothing, as my report card was more than satisfactory, and I’d made it to the next term. Yippee! In the afternoon we headed off to Matthew’s house for tea (and of course Michelle, his Mommy). We visited and chatted and had a really fun time.

Thursday was my turn for physio with Di. She confirmed that she can definitely see an improvement in my movement and dexterity; looks like I’m starting to see the back end of missing out on months and months of development while I lay in ICU. When we headed back to the car after physio we hardly recognised the car, as Mom had parked under a berry tree, and rest, as one would say, was up to the birds! We then spent some time at home relaxing. In the late afternoon Mom and I headed to OR Tambo airport to fetch Shazza. She would be in the country for just a few days, as her friend Claire was getting married, and Shazza didn’t want to miss the wedding. While we were waiting for Sharon at arrivals, I spent the next couple of minutes waving and smiling at people as they walked through into the arrival hall. I’m guessing long flights are not that much fun and make people pretty grumpy, as no one waved back to me, apart offcourse, of Sharon. She rushed up to us and there were big rounds of hugs and kisses.

Pretty soon we were on the road home. We all chatted and caught up on what we’d been up to; and then it happened, we got into horrendous traffic. Needless to say Mom hadn’t planned for this, and after a 45 minute delay I could no longer bear it, and I started howling for food. Mom and Shazza tried their best to sooth me and give me titbits, but nothing helped – I wanted food and I wanted it now! As we neared home we phoned Dad to be at the ready to grab me and start feeding me immediately. Dad duly did this and rushed me inside. Sadly I was still very upset, and after crying so much I couldn’t help but throw up, leaving Dad with a real nightmare to deal with. I eventually settled down, and Mom arrived back home after dropping Sharon off. We all had planned to get together for dinner, but the evening was way to upsetting for me so the plans were postponed.

Friday we went back to the Wound Clinic to do stage two of my dressing. It seemed there was some improvement, but it would still take some time to heal shut completely. The rest of Friday was dedicated to a play date with Tammy to take advantage of her school holidays. We all went to Sandton City to meet Spongebob Squarepants and Dora the Explorer. It was really exciting seeing them, and I also played in the ball pit and on the slides. The really hard playing led to our getting hungry, so we headed off to Annica’s Russian Tea Room for some lunch. Friday afternoon on our way back from Sandton City, Mom and I dropped off food for Annene who had just had a little baby. The Mommies group is excellent in that way, as any family bringing home a newborn gets food delivered for two weeks later. That evening Opa came to visit and we all visited together. Later in the evening Opa observed as Dad topped and tailed me, did my cares, and put me to bed.

Errands was the order of the day on Saturday, and we headed off to Fourways. One of the errands was to get a swing for me. After all our errands were done we headed back home for a leisurely afternoon. Mom dropped off food for another Mom, Urma and then we all spent the evening at home keeping warm.

Sunday was a really lazy day. We didn’t do too much, although Dad did do some DIY in my room to replace the hinges on my cupboard. I sat with him while he did this, and as a result the task took Dad longer than usual, as many of the activities were interspersed with some playtime with me.

Ok, that’s it for tonight. To my Uncle, Aunt, Cousins and other fans in the US, Happy Fourth of July!!!!

Keep warm and lots of love,


Figure 1 Chilling in the lounge with Dad after work!

Figure 2 Smiles for you

Figure 3 Sharing a Baby-chino with Michelle

Figure 4 Guess which is the Baby-chino

Figure 5 Me naughty?

Figure 6 Wolfing a cheese-topped bread roll

Figure 7 Dad and I show off our hoodies

Figure 8 Hundredz of ballz

Figure 9 With Tammy in the ball pit at Sandton City

Figure 10 A hive of activity for Spongebob Squarepants and Dora The Explorer

Figure 11 My fine motor skills are getting great

Figure 12 Dad dumped all the balls in my cot

Figure 13 I play, I drink, I pass out!

Figure 14 ‘Til next week

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