Wow, the happenings of my week pale in comparison to all the interesting things that took place all over the global over the past few days. The first thing that really piqued my interest was that the Global Language Monitor announced that the one millionth word had been allocated to the English language. The word that carries this auspicious title is Web 2.0. I wonder if this is really a word, as it also contains numbers, but I guess that’s up to the linguists to battle over. The title was achieved at 10:22am GMT on 10.06.2009, and the winning word beat other words such as ‘carbon neutral’, ‘cloud computing’, ‘slumdog’, ‘noob’, and the immediate predecessor to Web 2.0 was ‘Jai Ho!’, made popular by the film Slumdog Millionaire. As I write my blog this evening, the English Language WordClock stands at 1,000,044.

The other auspicious date that was noteworthy this week was that 16:00 on 11.06.2009 marked exactly 365 days (to the minute) to the start of the FIFA 2010 World Cup, to be hosted right here in South Africa. A third interesting thing that happened was that at 12:01am EDT (or 6:01am CAT) on 13.06.2009 Facebook launched their username URL option. What this means is that, if you were quick enough, you could snag a URL as follows:, which is exactly what my Dad did. So at 6 o’clock on Saturday morning Dad and I sat at his laptop to participate in this ‘land grab’, as it has been dubbed. Within three minutes of the Facebook servers opening up 200 000 vanity URL’s had been issued. I suggested to Dad that he also grab,,, and other similar brands and hold these hostage until the registered owner paid a ransom, but Dad wasn’t too keen. I guess the status of ‘cyber squatter’ does not appeal to him too much!

Last, but not least, users of Twitter were anticipating a Twitpocalypse, i.e. a total meltdown of the Twitter messaging system. Basically, it was anticipated, at some point over the past weekend, the number of Tweets sent via Twitter would exceed 2,147,483,647. So why the concern? Well this number represents the maximum value of a 32-bit signed integer (technically, it’s one-half of 2 to the 32nd, minus 1). Globally, each Twitter message has a unique identifier based on this counter, and once this counter is exceeded, Twitpocalypse (or Y2K of Twitter) would ensue. And the result? Well, Tweeter @nk goes into the annuals of history as the user who surpassed this counter, and Twitter just kept on rolling. I guess the equivalent of ‘the show must go on’ is apt – ‘the Tweets must flow’.

My last bit of news that picked up over the past week is that Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are planning to merge. Inside sources say the new company will be called YouTwitFace!

Ok, so back to my week!

The weather this past week was absolutely miserable. Not only was it cold, but it also rained; it felt like being in London! Dad bravely donned his biking kit on Monday morning and headed off to work. A few minutes later he was back inside to let us know the battery on the bike was flat, and the bike wouldn’t start. Secretly, I think he was glad, so he could go by car instead, but no, not Dad! He decided to roll-start his bike down the hill to Robin’s place, and then ride to work in the hopes that the battery would charge. Alas, no luck there. Apparently at work the security guard helped push-start the bike. En route to his meeting in Randburg, Dad stopped in at home and opted to collect the car, as the bike’s battery remained dead. Just as well, as shortly after Dad left for his afternoon meeting, the clouds opened up and it didn’t stop raining until Friday.

While Dad battled his bike on Monday, Mom took me to OT, wrapped up snug and warm in the car. Afterward we collected Granny and went to Makro in Woodmead to buy knickknacks for my birthday party, which is planned for next Friday. I had a whale of a time picking out sweets and little toys for my kiddies birthday party.

Tuesday was very exciting, as it was Chloe’s birthday, and she had arranged a party for us. Although the weather was still dismal it didn’t put a damper on me seeing Chloe again. We all played and played, and we had Nemo cake, which was delicious. In the afternoon, back home, Mom exercised me like it was bootcamp! I did enjoy it, but it just seemed like the exercises went on forever.

At Be Sharp Beetles on Wednesday we got our photos from the previous week’s photo day. They looked awesome, and it was really nice to have pics of all my friends and their Mommies.

Physio took up the morning on Thursday, where after Mom and I went to Sandton City to run some errands. At Sandton we also posted some last invites for my ‘big people’ birthday party on Saturday. Afterward, we collected Gene, who was going to spend the afternoon with us on a play date. It was such fun. Gene drew pictures and made beaded necklaces while I looked on and had a generally good time. Late in the afternoon, Nina came to collect Gene, but not before we all visited for a while in the study. Gene showed off her artworks from the afternoon, and some of the items were left at our place as ‘work-in-progress’ for her next visit.

Friday was an exciting day, as Mom and I met up with Granny at Sandton City to pick out a birthday present for me; and since I was already there to see the present, it was agreed that I could already have my present immediately and not have to wait for my actual birthday. After looking at lots of things, we all settled on a Smart-Trike, which is a 3 in 1 tricycle come push bike that grows with me as I get older and bigger. Once home, Mom and I watched with great excitement as Dad unpacked the box and started assembling the Smart-Trike. Not too long afterward, Dad strapped me into the Trike’s little seat and we were zooming around the house.

Saturday was a really busy day that started off with some intense shopping and errand running. We headed off to Wetherley’s in Kya-Sands and then back to CTM in Lonehill to collect the elusive replacement toilet seat. Sadly once again it was the wrong size – it became apparent that their new supplier is not making the items to the original spec, so it’s back to the drawing board and an even longer wait, by the sounds of things.

In the afternoon we headed to Weltevreden Chapel where little Joseph, from my Mommies group, was going to be dedicated. It was such a nice service and Colleen, Joseph’s Mom made a play area for us little people on a huge blanket in the middle of the hall. There I chilled out with Mathew and Joshua. I was sad that little Ryan couldn’t make it as he has tonsillitis and is confined to ‘cot rest’. While we played and hung out together the minister told Joseph’s parents that little boys were trouble! He recited stories of boys pouring petrol down a drain and trying to light it, with no success. In desperation, the little boys added more petrol and then threw matches down the drain. Little did they realise that the fumes from the petrol mingled with the naturally occurring methane in the sewers resulting in a bigger than expected ignition that lifted a number of drain hole covers in the neighbourhood sky high!

The other story that was very sweet and really hit the nail on the head as to how naughty boys can be was about two blind friends. One of the friend’s brother (who I presumed is sighted), had bought a new motorbike, and the two blind friends decided to take it out for a ride, which they did. Apparently they rode really slowly, with their feet touching the curb to navigate. When they got to an intersection they would turn the bike off to listen for traffic – when it sounded all clear, they moved on. Eventually they arrived at a small track at their school, which is where they were planning to take the bike through its paces, but before they could do so, they pushed sand onto the curves in the track so that they could feel when it was time to turn. After overcoming this minor issue, they started riding. While they were riding, some other people arrived to use the track for more legitimate purposes, however the two blind friends couldn’t here them over the noise of the bike, and nor could they see them! Eventually the police was called, and only a siren from the squad car sufficed to hail their attention. They were about to be arrested for ignoring a police officer when they proved they were blind by showing their Braille watches! They then received a police escort home – it seemed the police had no idea what to charge two blind motorbike riding boys with. The entire congregation laughed heartily at these anecdotes. Apparently, this story and many similar stories about bringing up boys can be found in Dr James Dobson’s book titled ‘Bringing Up Boys’. I think I should get it for Dad for Father’s Day next Sunday.

After Joseph’s dedication we all had tea and cake in the hall alongside the chapel. There Joseph, Mathew, Joshua and I played on the blanket again, while our parents chatted to each other. We left mid-afternoon and then headed to Barrett and Jackie’s place, as it was Jackie’s 30th birthday party. On arrival I gave her an enormous hug and we visited into the early evening.

This morning Mom, Dad and I headed off to Cresta Shopping Centre for breakfast at the Mugg & Bean. Mom and Dad ordered a really awesome breakfast and I nibbled on bits of potato wedge and toast. I made friends with all the tables around me, and I was even given biscotti by someone at the next table who had a grandson named Jarrod. We said goodbye to our new friends and then did a stint a Game. There Mom and Dad bought some DIY type stuff that I didn’t care much for, and Dad, in true DIY style, announced that the hardware at Game was not suitable, so the next stop was Builder’s Express. Back home, Dad swung into DIY action and started fixing, mounting and replacing stuff all over the house. Every now and then he would pop outside to cut some wood or drill something and then would reappear and attach the newly made item to a wall or something. I didn’t get it, but then I guess I’m not into ‘making the house look better’ – my primary driver is play play play! Dad was so busy that he even skipped dinner and Mom had to bath me.

Well, that’s it for this week. When I do my next blog posting I will be a year old – I can hardly wait. In terms of little interesting things that I’ve discovered this week I’ve noticed that Mom is able to cook for one (that is one little person). She popped two single Brussels sprouts into a pot just for me. Most of you that know Mommy well will know that when she’s in the kitchen there is no holding her back – when 10 people come for dinner there will be a multitude of courses served, and, just in case, she makes two serving of everything per person. As a result, when Mom caters, Dad and I get left-overs for at least a week after the dinner.

The other thing that I’ve found to be quite intriguing is that my little body loves to dance. I can’t seem to help it, but the moment Dad puts the TV on VH1 or MTV, my little arms and bottom bop along. I’ve noticed this also happens when I’m at Be Sharp Beetles, in the car with music playing, and even at little Joseph’s dedication, as there was some music and singing.

I’ve also decided that I’m going to start call Dad gaga, not because he’s gone gaga, but because it’s a cute name for him. The other word I’ve learnt is dog, although I still pronounce it ‘du’. To humour my Mom and Dad, when ever they say dog or cat to me, I look in the direction of the appropriate animal.

Variety in my diet is still an absolute thrill for me, as this week I discovered sour worms. Not only are they fantastically colourful, but once they’re in my mouth they explode the senses on my tongue. I’m scared to admit it, but I think I’m addicted! Before you all have heart failure and send Mommy emails about this, this is to wake up my senses, and this is on orders from ‘the people that know’.

Just to keep things interesting, I’ve also started clicking, or clucking, with my tongue. I either do a whole bunch in succession, or I simply click occasionally during a conversation. Both are fun, as Mom and Dad’s reactions are a hoot!

Ok, that’s it for this evening.

Lots of love and clicking-kiss,


Figure 1 Loving a sour worm

Figure 2 At Chloe’s birthday party (getting a pat on the head from the Chloester)

Figure 3 Mommy cuddles

Figure 4 Just Jay-Bee

Figure 5 Bottom’s up; I was so tired I fell asleep like this

Figure 6 Playing with Gene

Figure 7 My new Smart-Trike

Figure 8 Mine!

Figure 9 Inspecting the wheel

Figure 10 Giving Dad a hand with assembly

Figure 11 Momentarily confusing the wheels with drums

Figure 12 Checking out the instructions – Dad just seems to be getting it all wrong

Figure 13 Peddle runs smoothly

Figure 14 This is how I roll

Figure 15 Feeling the need for speed

Figure 16 Shatzi the strange cat, enjoys my formula too

Figure 17 At Joseph’s dedication

Figure 18 Joseph, at his dedication, with his parents Colleen and George

Figure 19 What, me?

Figure 20 Playtime, before bedtime

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  1. Claudi says:

    Hey Jarrod,

    I like how your roll, those wheels are awesome. Very, Very happy first birthday. May you have lots of giggles and prezzies.

    Love Claudi 🙂

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