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After being weaned off the ventilator over the past few days I can happily report that at 12:19 yesterday I was extubated! Although my Mom and Dad had the neonatal ICU on speed dial throughout the night, their stress and concern was unfounded as I really had a good evening and although my arrhythmia did occasionally go well above the reference rate, it did not stay there for long and normalised rapidly. I guess its just my way of getting comfortable with breathing on my own.

I am however still on a feeding tube, as it is a bit hectic for me to be weaned off the ventilator and have to start eating on my own at the same time – I am, after all, just a little person. Additionally, I’m also on oxygen, but this is just as a precaution.

On the downside a few of my stats are still a little topsy-turvy, and I’m sporting a yellowish hue at the moment. The doctors are running a bunch of tests to understand the cause of my stats, and only time will tell if the meds are successful.

We’re not too sure what the immediate next steps are for me, but I guess my Mom and Dad will keep you all informed of my progress. I anticipate, once I’m coping off the ventilator and don’t need to be bagged, that I’ll be making a trip down to radiology for another CT Scan. Everybody is really keen to see these results as this will be an indication of the degree of success of my first procedure at Unitas. Once these scans have been reviewed by my medical team, decisions can be made about my next steps, i.e. when to do the next procedure and do I go home in the interim.

That’s about all for now.




Figure 1 Here’s me off the ventilator, with only a feeding & oxygen tubes remaining

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2 Comments on Look Ma, Fewer Tubes!

  1. Bronwyn says:

    FANTASTIC!!!!! This is just excellent news! You are such a strong little boy, and your mommy and daddy must be so proud of you!!

    Sending you all our love and best wishes. Continue getting stronger little one, so that you can go home with your mommy and daddy to your lovely new room at your house which is waiting for you.

    Bronwyn, Gary, Brannon and Rhianne

  2. Gillian says:

    Absolutely wonderful news Jarrod. We have been anxiously waiting for news about your condition and we are thrilled that you are continuing to make progress at your own pace.

    Don’t worry about the yellow hue too much. Your older cousin Ryan had a yellow hue too (Jaundice) and the worst thing was that I brought him home from the hospital wearing yellow – so he resembled a giant blob of butter so as long as your parents keep you away from that colour you’ll be fine.

    So we are sending you lots of love and hope to hear the news “going home” soon.

    Gillian and Kirsten – Minneapolis USA
    Oliver – Omaha Nebraska USA – business trip 🙂
    Ryan – Ames Iowa USA

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