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Today was another auspicious day for me, as my MIC-Key was removed. At about 10:30 this morning Mom bundled me into the car and we headed off to Professor Beale’s session rooms at the Park Lane Clinic. Once there it was not a long wait for our 11:00 appointment. In Prof Beale’s rooms Mom and the Prof chatted a little, and he also examined the cut on my neck where the catheter was removed on 12.05.2009. Although both Mom and I were really excited about our visit to Prof Beale and the removal of the MIC-Key, our high spirits were dampened when he ascertained that the cut the other surgeon did on my neck was not all that expert, as the incision was against the grain. As a result it is expected that I will have a rather nasty scar on my neck which in all likelihood could have been avoided had the surgery been done differently.

After these discussions were concluded, I was placed on the examination bed and Prof Beale expertly got to work removing the MIC-Key. The first task was to remove the water from the balloon which is in the tummy which prevents the MIC-Key from sliding out. Once the balloon was deflated, the Prof simply drew the MIC-Key out gently. From all the research and feedback Mom and I had accumulated about a MIC-Key we expected it to be completely black, as per others’ MIC-Keys. Mine however, was just slightly milky in colour! Needless to say this resulted in Mom, Prof and I being quite impressed. I don’t really know what it means, but on the up side I guess there is less chance of infection and all those nasty things as a result of the MIC-Key being ‘cleaner’ than expected. Once in the Prof’s hands, he did offer the MIC-Key to Mom and me as a souvenir – we gracefully declined!

Next the Prof packed the site of the stoma (fancy name for a hole) with gauze and a plaster. Incidentally, Mom had brought these all with, since as you all know, Mom is practically prepared for anything, from a splinter to nuclear fallout! After the stoma was dressed the Prof confirmed that the stoma may leak a little when I consume food, or especially liquids. He also mentioned that it would only take a few hours to close and as a result prevent the contents of my tummy leaking out. This made me very glad, as I was picturing myself sitting on the sofa, watching TV, and as I drank my tea it was squirting out the hole in my tummy onto the Persian rug!!!! In fact, even with the hole in my abdomen, I still had a bath this evening, and after the bath Mom redressed the stoma with Dad looking on and taking photos.

So, that closes another chapter on the spare parts that have been incorporated into my body. Speaking of closing chapters, my MIC-Key must not be confused with the Mickey that Walt Disney created in 1928 and made so popular over the subsequent decades. That Mickey Mouse also made the news this week in that the third person to ever be the voice-actor of the miniature character, Wayne Allwine, sadly passed away. He was bestowed the honour of being the voice of Mickey Mouse since 1983. Anyone interested in being the fourth person to lend their voice to the lovable little rodent can contact 0800 MICKEY!

Lots of Love,

MIC-Key’less Jarrod

Figure 1 As a reminder, this is what the MIC-Key looks like when packaged

Figure 2 The MIC-Key with inflated balloon to prevent it from slipping out my tummy

Figure 3 The MIC-Key as it looked on 05.11.2008 when it was inserted

Figure 4 The same MIC-Key 203 days later (note that my tummy has definitely gotten bigger)

Figure 5 The hole left in my tummy after the MIC-Key was removed (after about 7 hours)

Figure 6 Shown in perspective

Figure 7 And then redressed – it will take about 10 days to heal completely

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