Hi all,

This is a SPECIAL EDITION blog to all my valued fans that regularly follow my blog, as well as a few additional people that I’ve selected to be on this distribution list. Those of you new to my blog, please read on, as I don’t consider this to be spam!

My regular readers will know that in June 2008 I was born with an AVM in my head, which stands for arteriovenous malformation. It’s an extremely rare condition, and the enormous size of my AVM meant that my prognosis was close to zero. During my convalescence, I had four severe heart failures, my lungs collapsed, my liver starting giving trouble because of all the meds I was on, and a whole bunch of other complications. During this time I underwent 8 procedures, 5 of which were in my head, including a craniotomy. However, now ten months later, I’m in good health and at home with my loving parents and I’m ready to live a long, industrious and meaningful life.

Figure 1 In September 2008 I was very close to the edge

The journey to my current good health was not an easy one, and fortunately thanks to private health care and the major advances in medical technology I pulled through, albeit sometimes by the skin of my chinny-chin-chin! There were a number of times I felt my self heading down a long tunnel with a bright white light at the end, only to be dragged back at the last minute.

Another factor that led to my miraculous recovery was the love and support that I obtained from near and far, from family, friends and many many strangers. My Daddy spent hours and hours creating my own personal blog keeping the world updated on my progress, through the saddest hours and through the happiest moments.

It was through this blog that I started receiving as many as 10 000 hits a months at the height of my health difficulties, and I, as well as those close to me, believe that through the awesome power of thousands of people thinking of me, wishing me good fortunate, praying for me, and holding me dear in their thoughts, that I actually survived. The medical practitioners, without a doubt, had much to do with the success of my numerous brain procedures, but I think they had the help of my thousands of followers who kept me alive and going.

I now appeal to you to keep up this good work for other kids who find themselves in a similar predicament. I feel that I have been advantageously blessed by having a Daddy that knew how to put together a blog, load it on the internet, create a mailing list, and write so wonderfully about my trials and tribulations. I would now like to share that blessing with other kids.

My intention therefore is that I’ve asked my Daddy very nicely to create a second blog, not for me, but for other kids in difficult medical circumstances. He has obliged, and bought the domain www.kidzhelp.com. On this site he has created a blog, and a mailing list.

The contents of the kidzhelp blog will be dedicated to kids all over the world, of all walks of life, of any colour or creed, for their stories to be published, and hopefully to benefit, as I did, from all the wonderful thoughts, prayers, wishes and good fortunate that all of you bestowed on me.

The kidzhelp blog is not based on any particular faith or denomination, but only on the belief that if enough people are willing on a little person to survive, then that little person’s chance of survival is increased in multitudes.

To achieve this I need to call on your support. If you know or hear of any kids in neo-natal ICU, regardless of whether they are premature or seriously ill, or in a paediatric ward, ask their parents to send me an email with the following information:

  • The child’s name
  • The names of the child’s parents (surnames are not needed)
  • A brief description of the ailment afflicting the child
  • Which hospital and city the child is in
  • A photograph of the child – very important


Send the info to norwin@kidzhelp.com.

One of the reasons why a photograph of the child is so important is that from my experience people can better relate to praying and sending good wishes to a child if they have an image of that child in their minds. I discovered this when I got feedback from all over the world, from Russia, New Zealand, the UK, USA, etc. that it was so nice that Daddy posted pictures of me on my blog, sometimes in my worst condition, as this helped people pray for me and send me positive thoughts as they had an image of me in their minds.

You might all be wondering why is my Daddy doing this? What’s in it for him? Well, in all honesty, he’s just doing it for me, because he loves me so very much, and because I asked him to.

With your permission I’m going to add you to my kidzhelp mailing list; if you do not want to be part of the experience, please unsubscribe after the first kidzhelp newsletter has been sent out, which will be done shortly.

I also need you to send this email to as many people as you can think of that may want to participate in helping a child somewhere in the world survive.

Anyone can subscribe by clicking here.

Once again thank you for your help and support, and keep a look out for future kidzhelp updates. You may be wondering what will happen to my blog? Well, it will continue in tandem with the kidzhelp blog, so remember to visit both regularly.

Love Jarrod

Figure 2 Now, 9 months old I’m on the road to recovery

Figure 3 Happiness

1 Comment on Special Edition – kidzhelp.com is launched

  1. Yolandi says:

    Dear Jarrod

    You have made such progress, it’s almost impossible to believe that it’s the same little baby boy on the first photo. It’s always so sad to see a little one suffer, but you showed them – you are a little fighter!

    It’s great that mommy can spend so much quality time with you and take you to all the special session that assists with your delveopment (OT, Chiro, Music classes, etc.) – you must appreciate every moment, many other kids don’t have that benefit. You are one lucky boy and I can see that you’re giving them lots of joy, love and laughter. The three of you are really a happy little family.

    Take care and good luck with all your visits to the doctors – I hope it will not be necessary for anymore procedures.

    Lots of bear hugs and kisses


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