Hi all!

So much has happened this past week I can hardly contain my excitement at sharing everything with you. My biggest challenge is to decide what to tell you about first!

Mom had a dentist appointment on Monday, so Granny came to baby-sit me while Mom headed off to have her fangs treated. I must say that I’m glad that I don’t have to go to the dentist yet, as Mommy didn’t seem too excited about going, and upon her return later she seemed somewhat subdued. Afterward the three of us headed off to Woolies to do some shopping. Back home I opted to snooze with Mom, and for the first time in a really long time I slept on my tummy! Now I know for most people this is not that extraordinary, but for me it is somewhat of a feat, as I still have the MIC-Key in my tummy, thus causing me discomfort when I lie on it. Lunch consisted of me getting cream cheese just about everywhere, after which I showed off my leg strength to Granny while bouncing in my Jolly Jumper. The afternoon was filled with a great deal of activity, as not only did a little mouse wonder into the house, but no sooner had Mom managed to separate the cats from the mouse and release the mouse back into the garden when an unsuspecting lizard arrived! Once again, Mom had to herd the cats into one of the rooms and lock them in much to their dismay (and they howled), when Mom found the helpless little creation ‘wheel spinning’ on the tiles as it couldn’t get any traction. For a second time that day Mom caught and released some of our local fauna! That was not the end of our animal antics for the day – during the late afternoon Mom and I heard sounds coming from my wardrobe. Upon inspecting the source of the sounds we discovered that Shatzi had accidentally been locked in my cupboard while her curiosity forced her to exam the back dark deepest recess of the cupboard. She seemed somewhat disgruntled!

My physio on Tuesday morning was cancelled, as Tracy was suffering a migraine. This gave Mom and I some extra time during the morning to chill around the house. Mid-morning we had an appointment with Elmien, my speech therapist. The rest of the day was spent doing exercises and snoozing. Dad arrived home to do the usual bathing and massaging before my bedtime.

Wednesday morning’s are always cause for much excitement for me, as this is the day on which I go for my music lessons. We started off beating on African drums, with real skins. What an awesome feeling. I’ve also started protesting quite vocally when the music stops, as I enjoy it so very much. Next came the maracas, which I held my myself and rattled to the rhythm of the music (well tried to in any event). After the lesson all the Mommies and babies had tea and biscuits. En route home, we popped into Baby City for some things that I needed, and I got a few new toys. Back home Mom got into some housework and I entertained myself. Dad came home later than usual on Wednesday as he had a late meeting. It was a hectic rush once he was home to attend to my bathing and massage, as the three of us were heading off to Tina Otte’s Babies and Child Care Centre for a lecture. Dressed warmly, I was ready to go. It was so awesome to see Tina again who gave me hugs and cuddles. After chatting the lecture started, and it was all about discipline and setting boundaries. I must say that I started getting very worried when I heard the title of the lecture, as I was expecting Mom and Dad to start imposing intense draconian rules from the next day. But the lecture was nothing like that; instead it focused on what are the five most important rules of any household, and how these work. The speaker, Derek Jackson, was superb, and through lots of humour and ‘slice of life’ examples drove home some really good messages. I sadly fell asleep before the talk was over, but I know Dad was taking copious notes, so I guess I’ll be on the receiving end of what I missed sometime in the future.

On Thursday it felt like life was a blur. Mom and I found ourselves rushing from pillar to post. We started the day with an early morning chiro session with Dr Sonja. While I was being treated Mom and Sonja chatted about her upcoming wedding. She is so excited. After the session we raced across town to get to Lauren for my OT session. Unfortunately traffic was so bad on this day that we arrived at OT as our session was supposed to end. Lauren fortunately made a plan and still managed to find the time to treat me. She did some craniosacral draining of my sinuses and ears, and I felt tonnes better. Because I’m still struggling with my ears Mom and Dad are considering having grommets put in, but I’ll only know more about this on Monday afternoon when we see a specialist – I’ll update you on this in my next blog. Granny isn’t far from Lauren, so we popped in to see her and for the convenience of somewhere to change me and feed me. As we arrived, Granny remembered that she was supposed to fetch Tammy from school, so we all bundled off together to collect her. Tammy was overjoyed at seeing me and sat in the back of the car with me, chatting to me all the way home. Later she was put to the task of feeding me. Too soon we were heading back home, and I tried to snooze in the afternoon but to no avail. Again Dad came home later than usual, as he was on a conference hosted by IBM. Owing to this Mom bathed and feed me. Dinner was really awesome as we tried some finger foods such as broccoli flowers and cauliflower which I ploughed through. Once Dad was home I still managed to squeeze in some quality time with him before I drifted off to sleep.

Dad was scheduled to attend the second day of his conference on Friday. As it was pretty near to home, and Dad would be going there by bike, he managed to leave a bit later than usual and spent some quality time with Mom and I early in the morning. Mom and I then spent a leisurely morning before heading off to Killarney Mall to meet Lynne and Adele at the Mugg and Bean for lunch. It was so awesome to see Lynne again, and to also finally meet Adele. While she was travelling overseas last year she lit candles for me in chapels and churches, even in Lourdes! This was my opportunity to thank her in person. After we had settled in Dad phoned to say his conference was finished and that he would come to join us. Soon afterward he arrived and joined us for a late lunch. We chatted and laughed and all too soon it was time to head home as Opa had planned to see us. I hadn’t seen Opa in a while so it was great that he was visiting again; so the late afternoon was spent visiting with him.

After Opa left Dad noticed that an email had arrived from Leigh at Avo Studios to inform us our mounted montages and photos were ready for collection. We were so excited that we couldn’t wait until Saturday to collect them, so we phoned her to ask if we could collect them that afternoon still. So off we raced to the studio, and when we saw the finished products we were overjoyed at how they looked. Dad even got a photo of me and Leigh, my official professional photographer! We shared our excitement with Bev via SMS and immediately plans were made for them to have dinner the following weekend at our place to see the object d’art.

Saturday was hectic, and it started off with Dad going for a chiro session with Dr Sonja. No sooner had he arrived home and we were on the road again, this time heading to Parkhurst to Moemas Patisserie where Roelof, Sonel and Mone would be joining us. After being seated we gawked in awe at the range of pastries, cupcakes and confectionary. Much deliberation ensued and eventually we all settled on some orders. Soon the most amazing delights arrived and we all tucked in, sharing and chatting. The pastries were chased by coffees and teas, and then we headed to the Jozi Food Market. I couldn’t believe it – it seemed the day would comprise completely of gastronomic pleasures. At the market we bought some condiments and Dad got a chunk of carpaccio. A petting pen had also been set up in the market, and I got my first exposure to touching a little Billy goat; Dad even ran my hands over its tiny little horns. One of the stalls at the market sold knives, and Dad (having a bit of a culinary talent) has been wanting a ceramic bladed knife forever, but couldn’t find anyone who stocked them. So he asked, expecting the usual ‘a what?’ but instead was told that the store across the road stocked them. So after we finished in the market and bid farewell to Roelof, Sonel and Mone, we headed to the knife shop, where lo and behold, they stocked ceramic knifes. I think for Dad it felt like it was Christmas all over again. After carefully selecting a knife we bought it and headed off home in the heat of the day (temperatures had reach 27°C again).

Granny arrived in the late afternoon, which could only mean one thing – baby-sitting! Yep, Mom and Dad were taking Dr Nicoletta and Dr Enrico and their spouses out for dinner. It was Mom and Dad’s small way of thanking them for the major things that they had done for me, ranging from quickly and accurately diagnosing my condition, to finding the best and most appropriate treatments available and even saving my life on more than one occasion when my vitals crashed while I was in neo-natal ICU. Mom had made a reservation at Sides at Ten Bompas. I wasn’t there myself, but apparently they had a really awesome evening chatting and eating and drinking. In fact Mom and Dad arrived home just in time to administer my midnight feed!

On Sunday morning, after we saw Granny off, we all headed to the Silverbirch at Lifestyle Garden Centre to celebrate Nina’s birthday. It was an awesome morning, seeing all our friends. Also, I met Chloe, Craig and Nicolene’s little 3½ week old, and Megan, Nadene and Dave’s little 3 ½ week old, as well as a whole lot of other kids. While at breakfast I opted to show off a new skill I had developed, and that is my ability to stand. Everyone was thrilled! All too soon the breakfast was over and it was time to leave. We opted to shop a little, as Dad needed to replace the nesting logs in the garden for the barbets, as the ones that are still mounted in the trees have worn through.

The afternoon was spent lazing around the house, and we reminisced what a great weekend it had been. After feeding the animals and tending to the pool Dad came indoors to bath and feed me, and get me ready for bed. I had a really long and leisurely bath, during which Dad decided to make up new nursery rhymes that are better suited to the 21st century. Apparently he believes the old nursery rhymes are really outdated and no longer relevant. The truth, I believe, is that he doesn’t know the ‘old’ nursery rhymes or can’t remember them! Ok, so here goes, some of my Dad’s very own 21st century nursery rhymes:

Dot Com

Everybody’s started a dot com, a dot com

Everybody’s start a dot com, a dot com, a dot com

Everybody’s start a dot com, a dot com,

Now they’re all dot gones, now they’re all dot gones!

And now they’re all dot gones.



Credit crunch is not a cereal, not a cereal,

Credit crunch is not a cereal, not a cereal.

Credit crunch is not a cereal, not a cereal,

And now the banks have gone bang,

And now the banks have gone bang!


So don’t be shy, sing along and feel free to share my Dad’s 21st century approved rhymes far and wide! Yes I know what you are all thinking, it is embarrassing for me, but he is my old man so I humour him!

Well that’s about all for this week. I’m still ‘cross-cutting’ my teeth, in other words they’re coming out in a bit of a random order, and I’m still only at 7 teeth at the moment, with no signs of the remaining 13 making an appearance just yet. So I’m 35% through this most aggravating pain imaginable; I heard during the week that if adults had to cut teeth they would need to permanently be on morphine to deal with the pain. I guess that’s why I’m programmed not to remember anything from baby-hood – the pain of cutting teeth and just growing would be a really painful memory!

Until next week.

Love, hugs and kisses,


Figure 1 Snoozing

Figure 2 Dad changing me

Figure 3 Toothy giggles

Figure 4 Heading off to the bath

Figure 5 Foam party!

Figure 6 Hey dudes!

Figure 7 Smiling for my dinner

Figure 8 Getting ready to sleep

Figure 9 Sitting in Mom and Dad’s bedroom, looking out the window

Figure 10 Sitting is getting much easier

Figure 11 Finger foods

Figure 12 The cauliflower is deserving of close scrutiny before being consumed

Figure 13 Dad tried to capture the silver lining from the pool deck

Figure 14 Hanging out with Opa

Figure 15 Leigh is my official professional photographer

Figure 16 One of the photos that Leigh took (Avo Studios)

Figure 17 Dad and my favourite pic (Avo Studios)

Figure 18 My Mommy! (Avo Studios)

Figure 19 My family (Avo Studios)

Figure 20 My lashes!

Figure 21 Giggles with Mom

Figure 22 In Nina’s arms on her birthday

Figure 23 Snoozing in Joleen’s arms

Figure 24 With Bree, foot in mouth

Figure 25 My fangz

Figure 26 Until next week!

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    Jarrod, you remain my inspiration and hero! Loving your Fanz

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    Hello Angel Child

    Just wanted to ‘pop-in’ and say hello and also congrats on standing…

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