This week brought unannounced storms galore, and on more than one occasion Dad arrived home somewhat wet after leaving in the morning on his bike, clear blue skies above, only to be replaced late in the afternoon with storm clouds. The rains also brought down the temperatures somewhat, so Mom and I tried to stay indoors as much as possible. Both of us are still battling with our colds, and Mom has been diagnosed with bronchitis, so the two of us make a jolly sight barking in unison! As a result of being under the weather and carrying contagions around I’ve not been to the Baby Club to be weighed and measured, as I don’t want to be responsible for affecting the other babies there. It’s been a while since my vital statistics were last checked, so I’ll be interested to see how I am progressing.

Monday morning we headed off to Dr Sonja for some chiro treatment. She was full of enthusiasm, as she’s now moved into her new house, and her wedding is looming on the horizon, calling for more excitement. After a good session for both Mom and I we headed off home to chill around the house. Dad was home later in the day in time for my bath and evening cares. I had a fitful night on Monday, not the first of the week, owing to my waking myself up coughing. Tuesday was a pretty slow day, as Mom and I cancelled all our appointments, as we figured being ill it would be better for us to stay indoors. I did razzle somewhat during the day, so Mommy tried everything to get me to snooze, to no avail.

On Wednesday Mom and I were at loggerheads over my sleep again. I put it down to my still not feeling well. Nevertheless we headed off to my music lessons, and upon arrival I realised that it would be a pretty hectic session so I promptly fell asleep just before the lesson for a quick power nap! The lesson was really awesome and I thoroughly enjoyed all sounds we made. All the Mommies took a break to have some tea, while some of my friends and I had a milk snack. After my music lesson we headed off home for lunch and I opted for my second power nap of the day. Soon afterward we proceeded to Joseph’s house for tea (actually our Mommies had tea). Matthew was also visiting there but sadly Ryan was still suffering from a head cold, so he couldn’t make it. Later in the day, back home, Mom and I were relaxing in the study when Mom’s mobile phone beeped notifying her of an SMS arriving. Mom reached across the sofa and started reading the message – the next minute she let out a shriek! I got such a fright, but looking at Mom I could see it was out of joy; Helen and Izy were coming to Jo’burg to visit!!!! At hearing the news I too let out a yelp! Later that night I heard Dad in the kitchen scratching around for something to nibble on. He couldn’t find anything sweet to sink his teeth into so Mom, in a matter of 30 minutes, as only my Mommy can, had made a batch of cupcakes for Dad.

Mom took me to see Lauren on Thursday morning where I had a superb OT session. I felt very loose and mobile afterward, and excited, as heading home I remember that Opa was scheduled to visit later in the day. An hour after noon Opa arrived and we visited in the lounge. We had a wonderful time together and all too soon Opa had to leave again. Mom took a video of Opa and I, which Dad is still struggling to convert into a format that all of you can view on my blog. I regularly nag him to get it right, but the old man seems to be technological challenged in some spheres. Thursday was also one of the evenings that Dad arrived home looking like a drowned rat! Mom and I worry a great deal about Dad when he rides in the wet on his bike, but the weather is so unpredictable at the moment.

Friday’s physio session with Tracy was cancelled as she is on leave at the moment, so Mom and I took advantage of the ‘free time’ to chat to each other while we lazily got ready to face the day. Mid morning tea was planned with Michelle, which really excited me, as I’d be seeing my girlfriends Chloe and Amy. I had a good time visiting them, even though Chloe clouted me on the head with her toy hammer; I guess she didn’t like my eyeing out her older sister, Amy! Nonetheless I’m really proud of Chloe; she’s nine days older than me and already crawling, albeit only backwards. I feel for her as she tries to head toward something, but inevitably she moves further away from it – she gets intensely frustrated at this fact.

In the afternoon we walked to the shops to buy some cheese and biscuits, as Nina, Jaco and Gene were coming to visit in the evening. With Dad home Mom put him to task to prepare the cheese platters, as for some unknown reason this is a rarely special skill he has. Nina, Jaco and Gene arrived exactly on time, and on foot, which will sadly be a thing of the past in the months to come, as they’re moving to another suburb. I will miss them driving past the house hooting and waving. It was a great evening, although I did slip off to my bedroom for a quick snooze during the evening’s proceedings. Upon waking up I joined the adults in the lounge in time for dessert, of which I partook as well. I had ice cream, Magnums to be precise!!! It was really divine, but pictures paint a thousand words, so see below how much I enjoyed it. After chomping on ice cream for a while I decided it was time to hit the sack. In the very early hours of the morning I could hear goodbyes at the front door as our guests left.

Saturday morning I had physio with Dianne; she’s still on course during the week, so we only get to see her on weekends. I had an excellent session; my legs and back were stretched and mobilised, and pretty soon I was showing off how well I was progressing. Shopping was the order of the day afterward. Mom and Dad had been contemplating getting a high chair for me, so we checked them out at Baby City in Benmore Gardens. We settled on one that becomes a desk and chair for me once I am older. I could hardly wait to get home and try it out, but Mom and Dad had other plans – they needed lunch first! I realised us babies have a huge advantage over adults in that our feed is always in a bottle and can be drunk anywhere. While Mom and Dad wolfed down sandwiches at Fournos, I opted to snooze in my traveller, to pass the time. Another advantage of being a baby – I can sleep anywhere!

Eventually we arrived home and Dad got to the task of assembling my new acquisition. Pretty soon it was ready, and I liked what I saw. The high chair was neatly positioned in the dinning room so that I could eat with Mom and Dad. During the afternoon Granny arrived (apparently we had to ‘baby sit’ her, as Aunty Kim and co. were going away for the weekend and Granny didn’t want to be home alone). So Granny stayed the night.

Sunday morning was really awesome, as not only were Mom and Dad vying for my attention, but so was Granny! Apparently I’m a ‘morning person’ so everyone wants to be around me to catch one of my morning smiles. I decided to share them liberally around, making everyone quite happy. After we’d all gotten ready we bid Granny farewell as we headed off in opposite directions – we were going to Kyleigh’s baptism. I was so excited, as this was another first for me. The service ended with snacks in the hall where I was surrounded by loads of other kids and babies. All too soon the festivities were over so we bid Ruan, Maryke, Ryan and little Kyleigh farewell.

Back home I opted for a short snooze, where after Dad and I spent some time in the garden. We sat under the parasol at the pool and watched the water ripple with the motion of the automatic pool cleaner. All around there were birds signing in the trees, and nearby the water feature created a melodious sound. From the pool we moved off to the lawn under the oak tree; Dad and I lay on our backs staring into the leaves and branches of the enormous tree that adorns our back yard. Although at this time of year it is a little risky being under an oak tree as it propels its acorns far and wide at tremendous speed. A number of times we spotted one land dangerous close to Shatzi, who thought this was a wonderful game as she bounded after the bouncing acorn.

The evening turned out to be very short, as I fell asleep really early; I guess I’m still a little under the weather and sometimes there is no better cure than lots of sleep. Considering that I’m still coughing a lot, cutting teeth (have almost seven in total now), have a bit of a runny tummy and still have ear ache it’s actually been a nice week.

Hugs to all of you.



Figure 1 Giggles in my cot

Figure 2 Hello!

Figure 3 Smilsies

Figure 4 Fangz

Figure 5 Happiness

Figure 6 Music Lesson at Be Sharp Beetles

Figure 7 Me and my fellow muso’s

Figure 8 I noticed on Thursday morning that Dad and I were wearing the same colours

Figure 9 Playing a tune for Opa

Figure 10 Peek-a-boo

Figure 11 Chloe and I

Figure 12 And this is Amy

Figure 13 Cheese and wine with Nina, Jaco and Gene

Figure 14 Yum! Magnum Ice Cream

Figure 15 The cool of the ice cream is great when one is teething

Figure 16 Shopping at Baby City

Figure 17 Snoozing in Mom’s arms

Figure 18 Where you at?

Figure 19 Yug, Mommy kisses!

Figure 20 Hi Mom!

Figure 21 Passed out in transit

Figure 22 Yum, cream cheese on rice cake

Figure 23 My high chair (note how I’m still clutching onto my biltong in case the rice cake doesn’t work out)

Figure 24 Meat is meat and men must eat!

Figure 25 Bath time

Figure 26 Until next week

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  1. Claudi says:

    Hi Jarrod,

    It is nice to hear of all your escapades, you look like such a happy baby in all your photos. Tell mommy I am still waiting for you guys to visit me…

    Love Claudi 🙂

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