Hello all!

Dad’s kindly agreed to publish this blog for me again while he is in Windhoek. Apparently the weather there has been really nice, whilst here in Jo’burg we’ve had a bit of a wet and wintery week.

So you may be wondering about today’s title? Last weekend when Dad was home from his business trip he arrived with The Batman Movie Lego Dimensions game for me! I was thrilled. Apparently it was literally he only one available in Windhoek – and he managed to get it for me. That afternoon Dad and I played Lego Dimensions until our eyes were square. And in the evening we went to see The Lego Batman Movie – it had already been out a week but I decided I need us to go see it as a family, so I waited until Dad was back from his business trip.

The rest of the weekend we practically dedicated to playing The Batman Movie on Lego Dimensions! Sadly very very early Monday morning Dad had to head back to Windhoek where he is ‘building a bank’ as he calls it. I thought of putting a few Lego bricks in his suitcase to help with the build, but apparently it’s not that kind of ‘building’!

Some more exciting news is that the week before last, Mom, Granny and I headed off to Umhlanga for a little mini-holiday. Daddy, being out of town, couldn’t join us. We flew down and Uber’ed everywhere we needed to go. It was truly an awesome week.

The other super exciting news is that this past week I started at a school on a trial basis. It’s called LUCCA Special Kids with small classes and nice people. Mom was very stressed about my going, but I took it in my stride. Unfortunately I took ill with a bug in the latter part of the week, so I’ve already missed a few days of school!

Well that’s it for now – enjoy the photos!



Photo 1 Me and Mommy

Photo 2 Being a little crazy

Photo 3 Swimming….

Photo 4 …..with a doggie….

Photo 5 Playing volleyball with staff at Bounce

Photo 6 Mmmmmm rainbow cake

Photo 7 FaceTime with Dad

Photo 8 Giving Mickey a (surprise) hug!

Photo 9 VR Time

Photo 10 Some more Mickey harassment

Photo 11 Chilling out with Dad at Wimpy

Photo 12 Swimming with Mickey

Photo 13 With Mickey and Grace

Photo 14 Mom and I getting ready to leave on our mini-holiday to Umhlanga

Photo 15 On the plane

Photo 16 Luggage time

Photo 17 Giggles on the luggage!

Photo 18 Uber’ing to The Sands

Photo 19 Yay! At the beach

Photo 20 Not wasting any time

Photo 21 Swimming

Photo 22 Solicited some players for a game!

Photo 23 The new kiddies’ entertainment centre

Photo 24 Testing the new zip line…..

Photo 25 ….ball pit….

Photo 26 ….and climbing wall

Photo 27 Selfie with Granny and Mom

Photo 28 Special beach ball

Photo 29 Testing the tube

Photo 30 Building with Granny

Photo 31 Loving the sea

Photo 32 Swimming

Photo 33 Yes, I scored a coconut

Photo 34 Being ejected

Photo 35 Happiness

Photo 36 Some playtime at Mr Funtumbles

Photo 37 Mommy and Jay-Bee selfie

Photo 38 Saying goodbye to the sea

Photo 39 A last ice-cream….for now

Photo 40 Beautiful sunrise….

Photo 41 Getting ready to fly

Photo 42 Miserable! Kulula stole my ball

Photo 43 Its Batman calling!

Photo 44 Dad FaceTiming Missy!

Photo 45Waiting for Dad at the airport

Photo 46 Where’s Dad?

Photo 47Having my hair cut with Dad at the Turkish Groomers

Photo 48 Ah….that feels good

Photo 49 Looking good!

Photo 50 Ice-creams at the Clubhouse

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