Hi everyone

I know it’s been a while since I last published – almost four months to the day – but whilst I’ve been extremely busy and having heaps of fun, not much has changed or needed updating on.

This weekend however, I solicited Dad’s inputs, as he is in Windhoek on a business trip.  So while he’s sitting around the hotel doing nothing over the weekend, I decided he should publish my blog again and make use of his free time.  Admittedly I know he is working really hard during the week, but during the weekend he can take a break from ‘establishing a new bank’ as he calls his project.  Sadly, he’ll be travelling back and forth for many more months.  Mom and I really miss him.

On my front Granny and Mommy are taking turns schooling me at home, and I’ve come some way.  Mom, Dad and Granny are frustrated by my stubbornness which makes schooling hard.  But Mom and Granny have been wonderful and persist in my education.

I’m continuing speech, OT and trauma therapy on a weekly basis, and I have also started working with a brilliant reading tutor called Bo.  Some weeks are tougher than others, but I mostly do love going to my various therapists.

Mom and Dad are entering some exciting times as they have a Sherpa Kids franchise in Houghton, serving six schools.  I’m looking forward to “helping” Mom and Dad during their site visits to the various aftercare centres.

Well, that’s about it.  The 200 plus photos below will give you a glimpse of my other antics over the past while!

Happy scrolling and all the best for 2017!



OT with Lauren

Sombrero Missy

Lego time


Googly eyes

Love summer, visiting with Mikey


Pirate party

Contemplating life in the bath

Meeting with Dad at the Hyatt


This was my French toast phase

Me and Dad in one of Dad’s old class rooms

Me and Dad in one of Dad’s old class rooms

Special well for me!

Lesson time….

This was Dad’s Std 5 class room back in the ’80s

Driving to Dad’s school’s Jubilee Reunion at Marist Brothers

Where my Opa and Oma used to live

Ice-creams and cool-drinks at birthday parties are the bomb!

Swapped sides

Mom’s Just Joey in our garden


Chilled travels

Heading to the park with Mischka

Ooooooooo, delivery

Missy (on Dad’s prized furniture; don’t tell him)

Having fun

Spent a few hours with Simo – I was well behaved….

Just Jay-Bee

Braai at Riccardo’s place

Giggles in the morning


Missy playing with Mom’s tennis bracelet (perhaps don’t tell her!)


Built this with Elmein using Lego therapy

Strawberries for breakfast

Preparing a salad

Same colours as Missy

Checking out the new Jackson’s in Bryanston

At a party with Mom

My Dad isn’t actually that bad a driver. Just felt like wearing a helmet for fun.

Fishing at OT

At the park to kill time between OT and reading

At the Play Play House

Sorry, Simo. I had a minor mishap with the soap-foam

Lego building

Enough with the photos Dad!


Puzzle time

Going places with Dad

Looking cool

Strange kitty

Playing at Bounce for Aaron’s birthday

Bouncing is hard work

Climbing wall time

Mask and teeth!

The boys going to a meeting

Working hard at OT

Getting a treat from Aunty Birgitt and Uncle Wayne

Mischka getting a raw hide bone!

Snoozing cat

Hard at work on my balcony

The story board for Tintin

Kitty hugs

Haircut time

Super excited for the Trolls movie


Three “Trolls”

Ready for the Trolls movie

Onsie boyz!

Me (and Baymax) playing at Mushroom Park

Stikeez #2!!!!


Chocolate dipped strawberries

Playing the very risk pie in face game

Pie in my face!

Small design I worked on!

I call this “Cat in box”

Hugs with Missy


Escaping furball

Snoozy cat

Storm brewing, bring much needed rain

Dad trying on Slapsee’s

Stretching while waiting to go into trauma therapy with Elsa

Taking a break during OT

Dad and I having light saber fights

Hello kitty! Missy making an appearance from the pillows

Preparing a salad for dinner


Bo (my reading tutor’s) kitty Bangal

Very very sick bunny

Being examined

The view from our chalet at Vacation Club

Selfie with Mommy

Selfie with Mikey

Poolside early morning at the Vacation Club

Off to check out the crocs at Sun City

The croc version of a drive-thru

Smile! You’re on camera

Crocs launching up to their food


Croc herding

Open wide

More croc feeding

Cool kid

Playing at Sun City

Selfie with Mom

Being Jay-Bee

Jelly time!

Hello Christmas decorations! I missed you

Decorating the windows

Rudolph time!

Decorating the house

Even Mischka is getting into the spirit


Time to dust off the old Christmas characters

With a Lego dude

The tree before….

Hard at work

Dad offering some help

Decorating our tree

Our Christmas Tree

Some Christmas Tree details

Paw Patrol time

Marshall doing some moves

Me and Dad at Paw Patrol

Making dinner

Swinging in my hammock

Yeesh time with Aaron

Lego Dimensions portal – I’ve ALWAYS wanted this

My Star Wars Lego Advent Calendar from Aunty Birgitt and Uncle Wayne

Dad’s co-pilot – a Stikeez

Cuddles with Mickey

Swimming at the Club House

Gaming on the Xbox. With Mickey!

BEST Movie of 2016 – Sing!

Eve before Christmas Eve present opening with Aunty Kim, Shannon, Ryan and Sam


Ryan holding me up to put a star on Shannon’s tree

Cutie pie Missy

Christmas Eve dinner setting

Nom nom! Turkey drumstick for Christmas Eve dinner

Our 2016 Christmas Tree

Present time Christmas Eve

Catching some much needed zzzzz’s on Christmas Day after a hectic Christmas Eve

Christmas meal number 3 (or maybe even 4 – lost count!)

Hugs with Mickey

Just Jay-Bee

Star Wars Lego from Mikey and Gracie

I want these as my next glasses

Here’s looking at you!


My Lego Dimensions, so far

Missy snoozing, looking like a Wish Dragon

A tried and tested way to descend the stairs

Yes, sometimes this is my lunch!

Swimming at Riccardo’s place on New Year’s day

Experimenting with a plasma globe


Had to try is with my tongue!

I built this replica of Notre Dame of Paris, with “a tiny bit of help from my Dad!”

“Fixing” Mom’s car

Dad’s evening view from his hotel room in Windhoek

Super excited about the Batman Lego Movie of 2017

My final artwork for OT for 2016

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