Hi everyone!

Well, despite all odds and all my challenges, I made it to 8 years old. Last Sunday I celebrated my birthday with a big party at home, combined with a welcome home for Daddy – he arrived back from Jersey on Saturday morning.

So it been a wonderful week – Dad being home again, and celebrating my birthday. Because Dad bought a number of gifts for me overseas, I was spoiled a day early. As Dad unpacked his luggage gifts spewed forth! I was thrilled. Most of all, the Lego set that I’ve been wanting for a year, the Jurassic World Indominus Rex Breakout, was amongst the gifts he got for me overseas. It was huge – the size of Dad’s suitcase. Even though Dad had been travelling for close to 14 hours, he and I spent the day building Legos.

Sunday was my party and I had loads and loads of friends over. The party was an Angry Birds theme – I made an Angry Birds cake myself! All the drinks and party packs were Angry Bird’ed in some way. It was a ball. For the adults Mom laid out the most amazing cheese and wine platters. Everyone had an amazing time.

Before I dive straight into the photos this week, a couple of mentions. My last blog had a couple of errors in it as the photos either didn’t upload or were the wrong orientation. Dad has fixed those now, so you can see more of his Jersey photos here.

Another mention is that Dad wanted the Cold Case Confession book by Alex Eliseev which Mom and I got for him. He read most of it on the plane to London, and then finished it off during quiet dinners in Jersey. In the interests of reducing the weight of his luggage coming home, Dad donated the book to the Hotel de France’s library, with an inscription, which he shared with the author. As a result Dad and Alex Eliseev started chatting and I got a mention on his blog here.

Needless to say the big news this week was that Britain voted to leave the EU. The FTSE shed £125bn as a result of the ensuing economic panic!

Last but not least, we had the most beautiful Full Moon over the winter solstice this week. It looked amazing.

Well, that’s it for now!

Love Jarrod

Photo 1 Mikey and I shopping

Photo 2 An epic battle

Photo 3 Angry Birds party prep

Photo 4 Getting my hair cut

Photo 5 Looking suave

Photo 6 Granny and I making dinner

Photo 7 Some Lego play

Photo 8 The Lego Dad got me compared to his suitcase

Photo 9 And this is how Dad packed me

Photo 10 At Lifestyle Centre – first time in ages

Photo 11 Angry Birds goodies for my party

Photo 12 Meeting Dad at the airport

Photo 13 Running to Dad!

Photo 14 Goodies from Dad

Photo 15 Happiness

Photo 16 The face says it all!

Photo 17 Present time

Photo 18 Early morning celebrations

Photo 19 Angry Birds cake I made

Photo 20 Wishes made and songs sung

Photo 21 Tree tossing

Photo 22 Strange going ons

Photo 23 A week of Lego’ing

Photo 24 Aunty Birgitt and Uncle Wayne really spoiled me with some shopping money

Photo 25 Ready for some school work

Photo 26 Going to Ri’Stretto for pizzas

Photo 27 Dad and Matt doing some app scheming!

Photo 28 Bath time with Gracie and Mikey

Photo 29 Bubbles in the park

Photo 30 Gonna catch that one

Photo 31 Got it!

Photo 32 Book and inscription Dad left at Hotel de France

Strawberry Moon Andrew Cleland 22 June 2016

Photo 33 Strawberry Moon over Johannesburg on 21 June – Credit to Andrew Cleland (@goodthingsguySA & South Afri-CAN) 

2 Comments on 438. I Made It to Eight!!!

  1. Harold says:

    Happy Birthday and many more wonderful years ahead love life and happiness You’re One Awesome Kid H Chad & Orion ????????????????

  2. Jenni-Lynne says:

    If ever there was a miracle in the modern world you are the epitome of it you are a blessing in so many ways. I am in awe of your parents and your journey to date, you are a true warrior and I just know that you are meant for greatness. Happy Happy 8th Birthday Jarrod may you have many more. Love Jenni-Lynne

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