Hello world!!!! I’m Jarrod Alexander Lederer and I entered the world earlier today. I was born at 15:21, and I weighed 3.92kgs. My length was 52cm, my head circumference 38.5cm (yeah, I got a big head already) and my three APGAR scores, in order of readings, were 8/9/10. This is what I look like.

Figure 1 Here’s me with my Dad in the theatre

Figure 2 Here’s me with Mom and Dad. You’ll notice that it didn’t take Mom long to get stoned after my birth

Figure 3 My little fingers

Figure 4 Hanging around in the theatre

Figure 5 My Team!

Figure 6 Chillin’ in the Post Natal Ward

Figure 7 Having a snooze, waiting for the next big thing

5 Comments on I’m Here!!!

  1. Gillian Lederer says:

    Hi Jarrod welcome to the world. I am glad that I am the first to comment from your USA family and seeing that we won’t be the first to see you due to geographical difficulties, thank goodness your Dad set this blog thing up – makes us feel like we are there. You and your Mom look like you survived the whole birth thing and of course your Dad – could his grin be any bigger – I am sure that you will wipe the grin off his face as soon as you come home and he gets a taste of his first sleepless night – try go easy on them. We hope to come and see you someday in the not too distant future. Congrats Norwin and Lynn

  2. Oliver Lederer says:

    I said it when I first heard that you were on the way and I’m going to say it again now …. WOW !! Welcome to the world. It’s great being an uncle again. To echo Gill’s comments we can’t wait to see you although distance keeps us apart. Perhaps you can convince your parents to take you to Disney World one day, and on the way make a detour to Minneapolis. Although we live in the USA your cousins Kirsten and Ryan only got to visit Disney World when they were 15 and 21 respectively, so don’t feel bad if it takes your parents some years to make their next major trip. They’ll be too busy doting on you anyway.
    Congratulations Lynn and Norwin

  3. Ryan Lederer says:

    Welcome to the world Jarrod! I think my parents have said it all with their comments. I’d love to be in South Africa to personally welcome you to the world and our family, however, distance is an issue. Hopefully I will end up seeing you in the coming future. Best wishes to you and your parents. Congrats Norwin and Lynn!

    P.S. Jarrod, look for something heading your way in the mail. It is a little something from where I go to school!

  4. Hedy says:

    Congrats The Leds! And welcome to the precious Jarrod, so big and healthy.
    Hope to see you all sometime very soon!
    Lots of love,

  5. Kirsten Lederer says:

    Hey cousin! Finally I am not the youngest of the Lederer Clan 🙂 Welcome to the world Jarrod! Can’t wait to see you! I am trying to convince my parents to let me go on a senior class trip to South Africa in 2010 so hopefully I will get to meet you then!

    P.S. Congrats Norwin and Lynn on your beautiful baby!

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