Monday was a carryover holiday and we were lucky enough to go and see Ratchet and Clank, which is one of the movies on circuit at the moment. It was great fun and both my parents enjoyed the movie and said it was quite an action adventure.

Tuesday was the official start of school and I had an appointment to see Elmien, my speech therapist. Unfortunately demonstrators had the N3 closed and Mom and Dad decided it was too dangerous to go through to Pretoria.

Wednesday, Mom needed Physio for her ankle, so I got a semi Cranio session for my ear. I played up a storm with the dogs Charlotte (a beagle) and Butch (a Fox Terrier). Linda has this large garden that she lets me play in when I go there.

Michael came for a playdate after his school. We ran around like mad things, by the time Jen came to fetch Michael we were even more excited and ran around like wild mad things some more. We pretended that our little Mischka was a fire breathing dragon and we were knights fighting the dragon, squeals of delight and fun from every corner were heard.

Thursday was pretty low key, and Mom and I struggled to get any school work done, but we worked around the issues and ended up having a mildly constructive day. I couldn’t sleep on Thursday night so we all agreed to watch a movie, The Toothfairy was on. I decided it was sad not to have a superpower. I then piped up and said Mickey the cat has 1 superpower… bringing us frogs. We have had two frog and one mouse incident this week. Fortunately these beasties found their way into a catch and release house.

Friday was OT day, my best day of the week. I have decided that Lauren and Mom talk far too much during my time so I relegated Mom to the car outside to wait for me, but then ran back and forth wanting to tell her things I was doing.

On the way home from Lauren I asked Mom what she would do if aliens came down from space. Her response was sort of ok, she first asked if they were friendly or unfriendly? Unfriendly of course, because I need to banish them to where the Krang are in Dimension X (Ninja Turtles). My love for the turtles never seems to diminish and it would appear that the people who make them keep coming up with new ideas to encourage my love of them. While Mom would become a doomsday planner and get the coffers filled up and spy on the enemy I would just fight them.

We went off to Sandton City as Mommy was suffering from some cabin fever. She went to get me a pair of shoes as I left mine at Lauren’s place. No don’t worry I wasn’t completely shoe free, I had slops on that were in the car. Gran was with us and while Mom took some things back to the car, I asked Gran to take me to the Wimpy as I was starving, while walking passed a shop Granny slowed, my words to her were, Gran, please don’t get distracted I am so hungry.

Friday night we went to visit Michael and Grace, Jen and Matt. Again we raced around but this time little Grace joined us as she is on her feet and quite happy to be part of the games.

Saturday we went to the Waldorf market, I managed to get myself and Dad a lotus flower styled worry beads. It has been keeping me busy all weekend we then went to MonteCasino where we discovered YuMe Sushi – amongst other things they specialise in vegetarian sushi – perfect for Mommy’s fish allergies. Then back home to get away from the cold weather. Dad and I had a secret mission which we tried to do while Mom was busy, we ended up doing it late at night and Sunday morning (a Mother’s Day card). Dad asked me questions in an interview format and I answered them – we then put them in a Mother’s Day heart, decorated it and laminated it.

Sunday was a lazy stay in bed away from the cold kind of day. Dad and I made good of our new purchase a cupcake maker, and we made two batches. Dad and I did some good bonding over some purple and blue cupcakes.

This new week will bring with it some more tests for my hearing issue that hasn’t resolved itself yet.

Keep warm this week.

Lurvies Jay-Bee

Photo 1 Built my very own, 3D PacMan set

Photo 2 Making my own PlayDoh

Dad and I making cupcakes

Photo 3 Cupcakes while playing My Little Pony Monopoly

Photo 4 The Thinker

Photo 5 Physio dog!

Photo 6 Linda giving me some physio while Charlie keeps me company

Photo 7 The BEST physio practice in the world!

Photo 8 Mikey and I playing

Photo 9 Lying on Missy

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