Hello Everyone,

We’re back from a wonderful holiday in Umhlanga with the Kaplan’s. Sadly it’s now back to reality, with Dad being back at work full steam, and Mom and I driving Jay-Bee Academy extra hard. Mom couldn’t believe it this morning that I actually woke up and started pushing her to start school!

The days leading up to the holiday Mom and I spent shopping and packing. Finally the big day was here and we headed out. Mom sat with me at the back of the car, where we watched Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Dad couldn’t watch, but listened! Mom and I also snoozed for most of the drive, so it felt like a really short journey for us.

At the coast we spent hours on the beach, digging and playing in the sand. I’ve got pretty brave with the waves, and loved going in a little deeper and being dumped and washed up the shore. Mom, Dad and I giggled and giggled. It was such fun! Our weather ranged from heatwave to rain. On the rainy days we went to Mr Funtumbles at the Gateway, or the Sharks Board, which was hugely informative. We swam and swam, and my underwater swimming is going incredibly well. I swam for four hours on one day!

We arrived back on Saturday afternoon, had a quick little rest and then headed to Ryan’s 21st birthday party. It was such a rave. I danced with the girls, ran around with balloons, stole some birthday cake, had a feast, and I even got up on stage and sang Happy Birthday to Ryan as a solo through the mic. Everyone was absolutely thrilled.

Well, that’s it for now. Enjoy the photos.

Chat soon.



Video 1 In the surf with Dad (click here)

Video 2 Swimming underwater (click here)

Video 3 Having a ball at Ryan’s 21st (click here)

Video 4 Dancing 2 (click here)

Photo 1 Dismantling a hard drive

Photo 2 Serious concentration

Photo 3 Getting into the heart of it

Photo 4 Major fun

Photo 5 Every day I’m shuffling

Photo 6 Just me

Photo 7 Ready for the drive to the coast

Photo 8 Our Uber driver

Photo 9 Six hours later

Photo 10 Giggles with Dad

Photo 11 Dashing off

Photo 12 Loving the sea

Photo 13 Chatting to Dad

Photo 14 Getting dumped

Photo 15 Making a run for it

Photo 16 Fighting the backwash

Photo 17 Regaining my composure

Photo 18 I collected the whole beach in my shorts!

Photo 19 Pic I took of Mom

Photo 20 Matt and Grace joining us for breakfast

Photo 21 Mom and Jen

Photo 22 Mikey

Photo 23 Me!

Photo 24 Grace

Photo 25 Loving the water

Photo 26 Mikey and Matt swimming

Photo 27 Hanging on to Matt

Photo 28 Matt, Grace and I in the pool

Photo 29 Poolside

Photo 30 Mr Funtumbles!

Photo 31 Bus ride!

Photo 32 Perfecting underwater swimming

Photo 33 Loving the water

Photo 34 Up close underwater

Photo 35 Underwater smiles

Photo 36 Diving

Photo 37 Jen took this for Grace’s 5am feed

Photo 38 Grace with my straw hat

Photo 39 Feeding Grace

Photo 40 Shark Board time

Photo 41 Getting ready for dissection

Photo 42 Ugh

Photo 43 Jen REALLY didn’t like the smell….

Photo 44 Mikey checking out the shark

Photo 45 Close examination

Photo 46 Have to touch!

Photo 47 Checking out the teeth

Photo 48 Holding up the tail

Photo 49 Mmmmm, that’s a pretty big jaw

Photo 50 Trying it on for size

Photo 51 Some cage diving

Photo 52 Just Jay-Bee

Photo 53 Mikey and I (and yes, I was about to pull his hair)

Photo 54 The result…..

Photo 55 Umhlanga isn’t Umhlanga without Dinky Donuts

Photo 56 Dad cooling off

Photo 57 Poolside selfie

Photo 58 Dad buried me….

Photo 59 Drying off

Photo 60 Elevated selfie

Photo 61 All three of us in the bath

Photo 62 Family selfie at Ryan’s 21st

Photo 63 With cousin Tammy and Shanny

Photo 64 Joining in the fun

Photo 65 Singing Happy Birthday solo to Ryan!

Photo 66 Having a ball

Photo 67 Shannon making a speech for the birthday boy

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