Hi everyone!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. I’ve been really busy so I’ve not had time to send an update.

Our heatwave has persisted for most of the month, but fortunately there have also been quite a few thunderstorms to keep the plants and birds happy. I’ve been swimming just about every day, sometimes even twice a day. I’ve mastered swimming underwater and jumping in from elevated areas. When I’m not swimming I’m gaming or drawing.

I had my last horse-riding lessons in mid-December – it was a bit tricky getting my last few lessons in because of the threat of thunderstorms and even hail on a few occasions. Zorro and Little Wonder, although they’re really big, don’t like that sort of thing.

Leading up to Christmas there was lots of shopping and preparing to do. Dad and I put up the Christmas Tree in record time this year.

I’ve had lots of playdates and outings – too many to mention, and because of the holidays, there have been a number of movies that we’ve gone to see. So far I’ve managed to see Snoopy and Charlie Brown The Peanuts Movie, The Good Dinosaur, and Alvin and the Chipmunks Road Chip. Mikey and Matt came with to see The Good Dinosaur, and we treated them to their first viewing in the Prestige cinema. Next we’re planning to see The Little Prince. I also want to see the new Star Wars movie, but will have to wait until its available online as I’m a little too young to see it at the movie theatres.

Sandton City had their regular holiday festivals on. This year it was Paw Patrol. I really enjoyed the show and danced along to the tunes. Afterward I had a nice long play in the Lego pit.

After Christmas one of Mom’s childhood friends, Jean-Marie came to visit with Katherine (my age) and little Matthew. It was such fun playing with them, and listening to Mom and Jean-Marie share stories of their growing up together.

With Dad being on leave, and at home, he’s been pottering around the house quite a bit, as he always does at this time of year. This year we got a new irrigation system installed in the garden, the pool motor replaced and the sand in the filter changed, and all sorts of other little jobs. The painting touch-ups didn’t go too well, as he really wasn’t able to match the colours properly, so we have a few odd (but freshly painted) spots around the house. I know he is hatching a plan to get the match perfect.

Mom and Dad have had a bunch of laughs with some of the comments I’ve been making. Here are some of the gems Mom and Dad recalled:

Mom: “Jarrod which glasses do you want to drink out of?”

Me: “The see-through ones!”

In a similar vein….

Dad: “Jay-Bee, I’m going to get some glass shelves that are see-through for all your Skylander characters.”

Jarrod: “Dad, glass is already see-though!”

So Dad shaved one evening after many days of not shaving: “Dad! There’s no more fur on your face!”

Dad is really big into Apple Music at the moment, and has hooked up sound all over the place so we can stream music throughout the house. One day he plays the Cuban Classic Bar Grooves playlist, to which I announce: “I actually really really like this music!” and I immediately broke into dance.

Sticking with music, Dad found me in the family room signing “Who you gonna call? Jay-Bee!” to the Ghostbusters tune. He couldn’t stop giggling.

Early one morning I decided to do the dishes, so I whipped out the kitchen steps, and stood at the basin doing dishes singing “It’s a hard knock life!” from Annie! Again Mom and Dad couldn’t stop chuckling. And if anyone is wondering, I did the dishes of my own volition.

Two of Dad’s favourites, that I piped up out of nowhere where “Hey Dad, let’s have a bros night out!”, and when we were poolside at Morningside Village Estate, where I was still perfecting my jumping, I announced from the side of the pool, “Hey Dad, I need a good wingman! You’d be a good wingman!”

Well, that’s it for now. Enjoy the videos and photos!

Lots of love,


Video 1 Horse Riding 1 (click here)

Video 2 More Horse Riding (click here)

Video 3 Perfecting Jumping (click here)

Video 4 High Jump (click here)

Video 5 Paw Patrol dance at Sandton City (click here)

Video 6 Talking to the camera about Squidward and Botox – a slightly older video (click here)

Photo 1 December heat wave

Photo 2 Keeping cool

Photo 3 Part of Dad’s DIY – a frog shower head for my bath

Photo 4 Just Jay-Bee

Photo 5 Mickey enjoying the rays

Photo 6 I found a photo of Mom!

Photo 7 More swimming

Photo 8 Jumping

Photo 9 Thunderstorms

Photo 10 Craft work

Photo 11 Packing away valuables

Photo 12 Discovered Mom’s car plays videos!

Photo 13 Riding

Photo 14 Colouring in a Christmas Tree

Photo 15 Selfies while Dad’s driving

Photo 16 Braai at Mikey’s place

Photo 17 Early Christmas present from the Kaplan’s – a scooter!

Photo 18 More colouring

Photo 19 Bros out for dinner, with a new Thomas!

Photo 20 Getting VERY frustrated with someone on a daily basis trying to hack into my blog

Photo 21 Starting the tree…..

Photo 22 Voila…

Photo 23 Dad’s Weihnachtspyramide

Photo 24 Some décor

Photo 25 Lego time

Photo 26 Mickey loving the tree

Photo 27 Mikey, Matt, me and Dad at Paw Patrol

Photo 28 Loving the show

Photo 29 Lego pit!

Photo 30 Chilling at the Da Vinci for a bros’ lunch

Photo 31 Visiting Michelle and the girls

Photo 32 Waiting with Emma

Photo 33 Dad’s sock

Photo 34 Making desert

Photo 35 With Lego Yoda

Photo 36 Clutch Powers

Photo 37 A Lego brick made of….Lego!

Photo 38 Heroes

Photo 39 Loving the décor

Photo 40 Chilling

Photo 41 Dad and Jay-Bee selfie in The Atrium on 5th

Photo 42 Love this vertical garden

Photo 43 Me and the Chipmunks

Photo 44 On my ‘to see list’

Photo 45 Also on my ‘to see list’

Photo 46 Prestige time

Photo 47 Rare Full Moon on Christmas Day (last one was in 1977, next one will be in 2034

Photo 48 This is how I roll, literally….

Photo 49 Playing with Matthew

Photo 50 Some Christmas décor is still out

Photo 51 Love this tree at Morningside Shopping Centre

Photo 52 A favourite photo of mine from NASA

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