Hi everyone,

This past Friday I finished Grade R. I feel so thrilled. What’s more, I did it in six months as opposed to the usual one year, as I started midyear given the channels I had previously with Japari and then needing to spend the time at home. The school year ended with a concert and each of us said a little speech. We still haven’t found a school that’s willing to accept me next year – the reasons are too long to list individually. But basically we’ve agreed I’m too cool for school. Dad is saving all my rejection letters to publish them alongside my Nobel Prize announcement in a few years!

It’s still incredibly hot in Jo’burg as we’re in the midst of a heat wave. I swim just about every day, and despite the thunderstorms every other night, we are rationing water.

Dad is on a major DIY type mission at the moment, tinkering and changing stuff all the time. Mom cleared out the family room and we swapped out some furniture. It wasn’t long after Dad was running cables and things to ‘make our entertainment better’. It didn’t stop there. Both Mom and Dad have been on missions to tidy and clean (a late Spring clean if you like). This weekend Dad’s study become the next victim. Every drawer and cupboard was turned upside-down and tidied. Once Dad finished that he got me (yes little me) to help change his desk from a glass table to his old black oak desk. To be perfectly honest it was Mom’s idea and it looks really great.

Another project that’s got us all excited is that Dad has provided cloud and wireless printing for us, which will be especially useful next year when I home school. I can now print stuff from anywhere in the world!!!

Other excitement involved Tharusha and Kamori coming for a playdate. We played and played, and then we swam for hours, and then played and played again. It was a blast.

Saturday morning we saw the Snoopy and Charlie Brown Movie with Jayden and his folks. It was such fun. I loved the movie. I was so excited to see the movie that I actually managed to get the whole family out the house a full 45 minutes early. Even Granny wasn’t ready when we collected her.

I’ve not had much luck with horse riding the last few sessions. A few weeks back it was cancelled because of a storm and imminent hail (although Zarro is huge he is still frightened of thunder and hail). Then we got stuck in traffic, and had to reschedule. Then Mom had a migraine and couldn’t drive, and the last attempt we got stuck in traffic again. So I’ve been somewhat disappointed by that, but I will pick up riding again in the new year.

The sad thing (and it’s affected my blog posting) is that our external hard drive failed. It seems it was dropped. Dad immediately sent it off to intensive care for the data to be recovered (especially my photos – 7 years of them). This week we’ll hear the verdict of how many of the photos have been recovered.

Other exciting outings included the Color Café with Jen, Matt, Mikey and baby Gracie. Michelle also joined the fun. It was a really festive afternoon and we all managed to get some good painting done. Even Grace had a chance by putting her handprint on a plate.

Dad, Mom, Gran and I also had a fun afternoon at Montecasino where I played at the Cartoon Factory and we also all went on the 6D drive (I’m really not too sure where all the dimensions come from, but they claim there’s 6!).

Well that’s about it as we count down to the end of the year and Christmas.

Chat soon!



Photo 1 Mom, Dad and I had dinner (on a school night) at Walnut Grove – had to do the obligatory climbing on the rides

Photo 2 Highveld storms on their way

Photo 3 Playing at Yeesh

Photo 4 My last school photos

Photo 5 Just Jay-Bee

Photo 6 Getting into trouble at Montecasino

Photo 7 Pretending to dive

Photo 8 Me and Mom joined by a heart

Photo 9 I bought Dad a bouquet of flowers, just for being my Dad!

Photo 10 Tent fort time!

Photo 11 Mickey passed out on Mom

Photo 12 With Alvin and the Chipmunks – the next movie I want to see

Photo 13 Chipmunk hugs

Photo 14 Lego Yoda

Photo 15 Me and Charlie Brown!

Photo 16 Jayden and I playing up a storm

Photo 17 Trying on Simon Seville’s glasses

Photo 18 Sushi time. I love sashimi

Horse Riding




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