Well not so much in this house but hey! Anything for a good party? Right?

These last two weeks saw me have general anaesthetic for Botox to my left leg for the spasticity, a 24 hour EEG and a holiday at the beach and a good deal of love and play.

Mom, Dr Tiziana and I agreed at my last check up to do two out of a number of things I am doing. Mom is also trying really hard to find the correct remedial match for me as far as schools go. I am doing average for grade 1 but I need some skills and tools for my left handed ness and a number of other things which have become apparent from my stroke and loss of blood vessels and brain matter.

The first part of the week was cool and I got a chance to have a playmate with Jaden after school. His Daddy was away and the school arranged for Mom to collect him so he could have photo day with the rest of his class. It was really cool.

Then the rest of the week was pretty busy with admin for school and homework and work. Suddenly it was time to go to the hospital. Unfortunately all my friends were unable to visit me in the sleep clinic for the 24 hour EEG, however my cousins arrived and I asked all my doctors. Amazingly, despite their hectic schedules every one of the docs came. I feel really happy about that. I even got treats from them.

We headed off to the hospital after I did some OT assessments and ran an errand or two. We checked in and proceeded to the sleep lab. It was great fun until they tried to stick the connectors on. I gave in realizing it was not sore and eventually I looked like a mummy. See picture attached!

The next day I was booked for general anaesthetic so no food. Boy I tried everything I could to eat even stealing food from a trolley but Mom made me understand that it was going to make me very ill. When they arrived with a pre-med the nurses got a good shrieking from me, I woke all in the sleep lab, yup! These people just don’t seem to realise how deep seated my trauma with nurses are. One more accolade I have for instigating something. Dad was first off the foot shoving the nurses out the room, Mom right behind him and the door was closed to all staff and Mom delivered the gross stuff I threw up all over her. Eventually I cooperated and we went off to theatre.

Fortunately, with my neurologist there Mom was allowed immediately in to the recovery rooms and I woke up to her talking to me and rubbing my hair. BEST ANAESTHETIC EVER!!!! I wasn’t I’ll or unhappy. I didn’t cry. I do however remember my Mom asking if she could stay. She has no qualms and was refused despite her cool demeanour (or not).

The sleep lab was great Mom and I snuggled when Mom wasn’t roaming around the hospital at night as she does. I have a feeling she thinks her name is Florence. Anyway she, Mom was telling me that even when I sleep my brain is super active. We will only get reports back in a couple of weeks but will let you all know.

We headed home post-surgery and headed straight to packing and getting things sorted for our trip. We had an uneventful trip to the coast and such great fun. Mom and Dad had to push me out of my comfort zone and I was having very little of it although, I built great roads with Granny and searched the rocks with Mom and played in the sea with Dad. I swam for great lengths of time. We braaied with the Kaplans and played on the beach. Played scrabble. Eat, drank. A good time.

It was back to reality this week with my going back to school, learning Google was 17 years old, and we had the first blood moon since 1982.

Love to you all.



Photo 1 Getting ready for 24 hr EEG

Photo 2 Being probed

Photo 3 Visit from Cousin Tammy

Photo 4 Mummy look

Photo 5 Goofing around

Photo 6 Hectic activity in my brain……oh, and the video tapped me the whole night too

Photo 7 Sleeping bunny

Photo 8 Lauren came to visit before theatre

Photo 9 Monster in scrubs

Photo 10 Best.thing.ever! Beds with remote controls

Photo 11 Post-theatre drowsiness

Photo 12 Packed for the beach

Photo 13 Bit of a play in Bergview

Photo 14 Some jumping…..

Photo 15 On the road again

Photo 16 And beach!

Photo 17 Testing out the water

Photo 18 Loving it!

Photo 19 Swim time

Photo 20 Game of splash with Mikey

Photo 21 We spotted whales!

Photo 22 Ice cream time

Photo 23 Hard at work

Photo 24 Excavating

Photo 25 Chilling out with Grace

Photo 26 Love this little kid

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