Mom is decidedly exhausted by my ability to play and want to be played with. Continuously. Non-stop.

We have spent a lot of time trying to coordinate and categorise my room.

I have taken to playing Lego Jurassic World on Xbox and as a result have rediscovered my dinosaurs thanks to Mom having labelled the box with all my dinos. What fun I have had. All my dinos have come out to play and some more were added during the week.

I spent all of Monday, in my room playing it was great. I have new inflated flower chairs at the bottom of my bed for my chill out zone. Mom believes in different spaces for different things.

I have moved one chair to Dads study in order to keep tabs on him and make sure he works hard. And do documents and read books and just generally be in his space.

Tuesday Jadon and I and our Moms played adventure golf. Whooo hoo what fun. Initially I had my own version of fun golf, but got into the swing of things if you’ll excuse the pun. I did have two moments when I in a pique threw down the club and refused to play. The group played through and as a result I had to follow so there it was, I conformed. (Not my favourite enterprise).

We then headed off for a visit to the Crazy Store and a tea and cake with a jungle gym.

Many hours later we headed home, we were tired, but we stopped off at Gran after filling up with petrol and getting her a chai latte. I had a little gift for her. I gave her a box set of Downtown Abbey. I got a few little dino’s in a cage and went straight to setting them up. Mom found some plastic trees from a previous party decorations so I was in heaven making a scene with volcanos, trees, shrubs and Dino’s. Awesome stuff. I also managed to launch into a soliloquy of my story.

Wednesday I went for scholastic and psychometric testing. I was a superstar. I managed to work for six hours with only small breaks. Mom was so impressed she let me buy a Jurassic World Matchbox cars to add to my dino world.

Ironically Mom was exhausted and I just kept going. I helped make dinner with Dad, and showed him around the kitchen. I washed up and helped set the table. Dad and I played a game of Party Monopoly and I beat Dad hands down. I was lights out after that.

Thursday I was lucky. Mom spent the day with Michelle and the girls in Johannesburg and I had Granny around to do my bidding. Back operation or not, dedicated Gran was building train tracks with me. Once Mom was home we had dinner and far too soon the day was over.

Friday I went to OT in the morning. Mom developed a really bad tooth infection so Dad took me to the office. I helped with a whole bunch of graphics and documents.

On the way home Dad and I popped into Toy Zone, and magically Star Wars Disney Infinity 3.0 (yes, 3.0 is now available) and the starter pack for Inside Out 3.0 magically appeared in our shopping baskets. We spent the evening playing up a storm on Xbox.

Saturday we took Mom to the doctor for the soft tissue swelling in her face which has become quite a concern. It was followed by a serendipitous highlight – when we stopped to fill Dad’s car with petrol, there was a fire engine also fulling up. I immediately got chatting to the firemen and firewomen and they let me climb inside the cab. After 1000 litres of diesel the fire truck was ready to go. And lo and behold a water rescue vehicle pulled up for fuel too. A double jackpot. I got to check out the back of that vehicle with its rubber dingy, and other water rescue equipment. The team were patrolling the rivers as the rain over the past two days has caused the water levels to rise.

The afternoon was spent chilling at home.

Sunday was a little cooler, but it didn’t deter me from jumping on my trampoline and spending time outdoors.

Until next week!



Photo 1 Montecasino Bird Park

Photo 2 A photo I took

Photo 3 Friends!

Photo 4 Watching the show

Photo 5 Feeding birdies

Photo 6 Toe nibbling

Photo 7 Hello

Photo 8 Peek-a-boo

Photo 9 Flamies

Photo 10 Steep walkways make good slides

Photo 11 Some non-feathered guys at the bird park

Photo 12 Ah, shade

Photo 13 Thirsty!

Photo 14 I took this photo using Dad’s SLR

Photo 15 He wanted my lunch!

Photo 16 Bad golfing experience

Photo 17 Who needs clubs?

Photo 18 Playing through

Photo 19 Mmmmm, in the rough

Photo 20 Jadon getting ready to sink it

Photo 21 My one over par look

Photo 22 Helping Konan with some mind mapping

Photo 23 Business lunch

Photo 24 Heading home after a long day’s work

Photo 25 Firetruck!

Photo 26 Let’s go!

Photo 27 Where’s the fire?

Photo 28 And go!

Photo 29 Creating a cordon

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