The first day of Semester break is a Tuesday, can you believe that. We had a public holiday on Monday.

It was a good Monday, firstly Mom took me to get a new xBox game for the holidays as a treat for an excellent report. Ha Ha, tricked her didn’t I? I got Lego instead, so Mom had to build it much to my delight, and much to Mom’s delight, I broke it down and repurposed it shortly after. We went for a great lunch at the @woolworths café in Morningside. I got a smoothie and hotdog.

I am feeling quite under the weather so fell asleep at about 6, I believe. Dad was out for the evening for a work function and entertained us when he arrived home.

Tuesday morning Mom had an appointment in Victory Park, so we decided to use the opportunity to go to the Delta Park and have some fun. Mom said she was a bit sad it was a little run down. The bridges were broken and large cracks had developed. I needed to get home as I had a headache and that was that. We had a quick ride around the car park and watered the garden and took the dogs for a short walk/play. It will soon become time for me to relinquish my well ridden bike and trike, for a larger sort. Mom is excited by this but I am not, I hate change. Also I am starting to lose control of the left leg again, which means I need BOTOX. Mom says she will schedule it. I am not happy about that either, not really.

Dad had a client function late on Tuesday so Mom and I showered early and hopped into bed to read a number of books and poems. I am really good with rhyming and rhythm but Mom says that phonics and some other big words are important for my speech development. It’s even worse with the cold I have.

Wednesday Mom and I agreed, that I would rest for the day, in an attempt to get rid of this cold that is plaguing me. I actually even had a nap which impressed Mom.

Thursday Granny and Mom and I went to Pick ‘n Pay in order to get a mop… Mom decided to do the weekly shop at the same time. I was under the impression that the new Stikeez campaign meant you could buy the 24 characters. Noooooo! This resulted in me running shrieking through the shop with Mom whistling for me every 5 minutes. It turned out I would only get one for every R150 purchase. I realised she was very stressed about me running off. Eventually I was tasked with finding specials that resulted in additional Stikeez. I was sooooo excited, that the staff were even thrilled that I had gotten these little toys.

Granny gave me her Stikeez and that was just as awesome. When we got home Dad was home, also recovering from the cold and flu plaguing Johannesburg at the moment. We opened them with great excitement. I gave Sarah’s little boy all my doubles. I had my first adventure with them, introducing them to their new home. I then had a pool party with them in the basin, ‘with the plug in Mom, so they didn’t go down the drain’. Mom and Dad helped by entertaining the twitterverse with the escapades of my little friends. We got a negative comment from someone saying they’re a waste and showed go to charity, but Mom and Dad suggest that I continue with the adventures as its fun, and it’s fun for no reason but it’s fun.

Later in the day, after I charged my iPad, I went straight to finding Stikeez on the internet. Whooo hooo. They are everywhere and made by a holding company in Oregon. I guess Mom and Dad will have to open an account with an international place, to do my latest buying. For some reason they won’t give me the passwords or the credit card details. I think this is totally short-sighted.

Friday consisted of Granny looking after me, while Mom ran some errands. We missed Lauren and Braam this week, due to illness. We then headed off to the Montrose Nursery, which has a delightful coffee shop and play area, small and functional. Mom needed an hour nap due to the dentist visit in the morning, so I kept myself busy with Busy Books for the hour. We then headed off to Colleen for a playdate with Ryan and Joseph. We were quite the team today and the Mom’s didn’t have to intervene as often as usual. Mom’s new Child Welfare diary arrived. Apparently it’s only for 2016, but I was excited about this too and ripped off the plastic cover. Everyone who is superstitious at this point, breathe!

Unfortunately I broke Joseph’s new sword by playing golf with it. Note to self… the virtues of play golf with a sword are not for the feint hearted. I need to procure him one at my own cost. Overheads are getting tough even for a 7 year old these days. We headed home really late. Dad was already home and we got right down to playing xBox.

The Maximillen Restaurant was the next stop for me and my Stikeez this week. We had a phenomenal breakfast made with such love and attention we felt really special. The staff know Dad quite well as he works from here often. I was made a personal pancake with all the trimmings and a delightful egg and salmon dish. Wonderfully satiated we went for a walk around. Exclusive Books Sandton Square is closing and they had a 75% off sale. Dad and I stayed well away as Michelle and Mom got this look about them and were like Zombies in the kids section and coffee table books which they share a love for. Scary. I didn’t come out of the ordeal badly though. I got a Thor comic book and 5 poem and joke books. Mom got three drawing books, one from Michelle and it was really cool as later in the evening we drew and listened to music. Dad chose the music and Mom taught me to count a ‘beat’ out on my drums. Who knew she had this up her sleeve. My folks have decided I am a tortured artist, but I will leave you to judge from the pictures. Post. Script. on this point, Mom was right about the guitar not being a good option for me yet.

Liya also came to play and we dressed up and watched TV and played xBox. What an awesome-sauras-rex day.

Sunday was relaxed and chilled. Dad went to work for a while. We stayed home with our various pursuits. It was a recharge day. Great day. Great week. 3.5 more weeks to go.

Luv to ya all.


Photo 1 Dad reading to me over lunch

Photo 2 Loving it

Photo 3 My old haunt – Delta Park

Photo 4 Fed-up with my running nose I plastered a Peppa Pig tissue on my face

Photo 5 Helping Dad with some work while he’s on a conference call

Photo 6 Riding in the visitor’s parking

Photo 7 Running up a shopping bill to get many Stikeez

Photo 8 Opening my Stikeez

Photo 9 My first batch

Photo 10 Stikeez pool party

Photo 11 Alien Stikeez

Photo 12 Playdate with Ryan and Joseph

Photo 13 Loving breakfast

Photo 14 Chatting

Photo 15 Stikeez and a pancake treat

Photo 16 Stikeez checking out Sandton

Photo 17 Reading at Exclusive Books

Photo 18 Lying on Dad listening to and playing music

Photo 19 Jammin’

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