Hi everyone!

Excitement is mounting around the house as preparations are being undertaken for my birthday this weekend. I’ve decided on the ‘logo’ J7 (Jarrod is Seven) for the operations leading up to my big day. Commander in Chief Mom is feverishly working on the details and arrangements for my party. Lots of party type stuff has been bought and despite my best efforts to start ‘decorating’ Mom has forbade me from going near any of that stuff. Also I’ve noticed that I’m being kept out of the basement storeroom. Mom and Dad didn’t think I noticed, but I did. I won’t spoil it for them, but I know all my presents are in there.

The theme I’ve opted for this year is sharks. No not the sports team, just sharks in general. Since my visit to the Kwa-Zulu Natal Sharks Board I’m fascinated with these creatures, spending hours learning about them and understanding them. My favourite shark is Hammy the Hammer Head, the plush toy from the Sharks Board, but the Megalodon, which is now extinct, comes a close second.

School has been going well, albeit I battle from time to time. Teacher Madi is very patient with me, and I often come home with sterling work to show off to Mom and Dad.

The weather has turned freezing cold, but I guess that’s not uncalled for given we are in the middle of winter now. We even had a little rain last week.

Granny, who has been staying with us on and off for the past four weeks owing to excruciating back pain is scheduled for surgery on Thursday morning. Please keep her in your thoughts.


Still six year old Jay-Bee!

Photo 1 Some of my school work from back in May

Photo 2 Hanging out in my hammock

Photo 3 Copywriting is looking good

Photo 4 I’m even doing some maths

Photo 5 Mazes, an old favourite

Photo 6 Sweetie picnic on the bed

Photo 7 Wearing my new glasses

Photo 8 Being cute

Photo 9 Frozen yoghurts with Dad while Mom and Tammy are at the ballet

Photo 10 This is me

Photo 11 Tammy came to visit Granny

Photo 12 Working hard

Photo 13 Painting at the Color Café

Photo 14 Taking a break

Photo 15 Creating a pizza plate

Photo 16 Playing on the huge iPad at McDonalds

Photo 17 Met these two fellow at the Mushroom Farm Park

Photo 18 Don’t tell Dad I put this pic in – I happen to know these are my birthday pressies

Photo 19 Today EVERYONE is in the Bat Cave

Photo 20 Some good work

Photo 21 Dad and I spotted this beast at Papachinos and we really want it!

Photo 22 Piazza time

Photo 23 Stunt man

Photo 24 My hairdresser has an iPad friendly apron!

Photo 25 Looking cool

Photo 26 Furball

Photo 27 Visiting our old Wimpy in Ferndale

Photo 28 Cheesy pizza at Color Café

Photo 29 The pizza plate Dad painted – can’t wait to see it glazed

Photo 30 Prof Jay-Bee

Photo 31 Bespectacled Iron Man

Photo 32 Its onsie weather

Photo 33 Pizzas with Dad

Photo 34 Working at school

Photo 35 Picnic in the park

Photo 36 Volcano

Photo 37 Riding

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  1. Sandra Andrade says:

    Hope you have a awesome birthday!!!

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