Hi everyone!

It’s been an interesting week for me with two developments.

Early in the week I went to an optometrist which Lauren had recommended, who specialises in children with difficulties. I received a sterling report from her regards my confidence, intelligence and focus. However she did notice a few issues, one being that I move my whole head rather than just my eyes. I’m also a master at avoiding tasks! But she did note that I held good eye contact when I spoke, and that I was really talkative (no surprises there). I achieved above average on most of the tests, so Mom and Dad were super thrilled and proud of me.

The issues that were noted though are that I have a stigmatism in my right eye. I can’t do near 3D focusing very well (stereopsis) which is what I need for reading – as a result of this condition any text that I look at in a book appears to constantly change. I tire easily when I do near field tasks, something that we’ve known for a while, but at least we know now what is causing it. I’m also going to be getting prescription glasses for reading and near field work, which will start to help with letters juggling around. I chose a cool set of Lighting McQueen frames.

What was really awesome was how complimentary the optometrist was about how well Mom had done with helping me learn and work with me. I was so thrilled and proud of Mom.

Another major development for me this week was that I started school at FasTracKids again, but only on a trial basis. I was thrilled! Thursday morning Mom and Dad both came to school with me to see me off and ensure I settle in. It was super easy for me and when I was collected in the afternoon my new teacher was full of praise for me.

Friday morning I had to go to Lauren before going to school, so I would arrive late. I was so distraught and complained bitterly that I’d be late for school. Needless to say this was a big change for me as ordinarily in the past the slightest excuse to miss or arrive late at school I would utilise to the maximum. Although the teacher did say I was a little less cooperative on Friday. Perhaps the novelty wore off for me really quickly. Let’s see what tomorrow holds. Incidentally I was quite sad that I didn’t have school yesterday and today, being the weekend. But I’m sure that feeling will leave me tomorrow morning!

Happy Mother’s Day to my awesome Mommy!



Photo 1 Playing with autumn leaves at the Mushroom Farm Park

Photo 2 I think I’m messing up someone’s work

Photo 3 Triking with Mischka

Photo 4 Having fun

Photo 5 Studying my new Minecraft book to build better

Photo 6 My Minecraft characters (IRL)

Photo 7 Some of my Minecraft creations

Photo 8 Thursday evening Granny made me a ‘great first day at school’ picnic

Photo 9 Yum!

Photo 10 End of week frozen yoghurt with Mom

Photo 11 Life is good

Photo 12 Swinging at Mushroom Farm Park


Photo 13 My sneaking up to an ibis didn’t work

Photo 14 I made a whip out of a willow branch

Photo 15 Which I then used to fish with!

Photo 16 Practicing with my 3D Movie glasses

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