Hi everyone!

We’ve just come home from a wonderful week at Umhlanga. I love my beach holidays and as I’m getting older I’m doing more and more exciting things. Michelle and the two girls, Liya and Emma also joined us, so there was always some play and fun going on.

Besides our usual of building sand castles and swimming in the sea and the pool, we also went to the Kwa-Zulu Natal Sharks Board, which was a first for me. We watched an awesome video on sharks, and then a juvenile hammer head was dissected for us. During the dissection the presenters showed us all shark’s organs and how they differ from ours, as well as a few extra ones, such as the organ in their noses that sense electrical impulses. I was fascinated.

While at Umhlanga Sands we participated in the usual family bring and braais to get to meet and chat to the other holiday makers. We also went up to the Gateway on the one overcast day to play at Mr Funtubbles – we all loved it and had a rave of a time.

Sadly all of us came down with colds so we did spend a bit of our holiday not feeling too great.

The day before going on holiday Dad took me to Lauren for OT. The super exciting news is that I wrote my whole name in full and correctly. Everyone was super thrilled. Afterward Dad took me to his offices – a visit I always enjoy.

The last bit of exciting news is that Daddy is starting a new job tomorrow. I’m super excited for him, and keep saying May the Fourth Be With You!

Lots of hugs and kisses,


Video 1 Slow-mo jump across hole in beach (click here)

Video 2 Slow-mo boat tug ride (click here)

Video 3 Rocking the tug boat (click here)

Video 4 Time lapse on carousel (click here)

Video 5 Slow-mo on carousel (click here)

Photo 1 Rhino getting a treat – a whole strawberry

Photo 2 Liah and I set up a chocolate milkshake stand

Photo 3 Dad and I love playing Junior Monopoly

Photo 4 Getting busy

Photo 5 Some colouring in

Photo 6 Spiderman onesie

Photo 7 Hi!

Photo 8 Some giggles

Photo 9 Climbing

Photo 10 Toy shopping, my favourite pastime

Photo 11 Blow-drying and combing my own hair

Photo 12 Missy keeping a close eye on my Lego building

Photo 13 I built a lab

Photo 14 Giving Dad a lecture on how to travel to California to capture klepo-kitty (see here)

Photo 15 Meeting baby Grace

Photo 16 Playing with the girls

Photo 17 Stopping for a chat

Photo 18 Being a big boy

Photo 19 Ooooooooo, new stock at Toy Zone

Photo 20 Lego Ninjago character

Photo 21 Dad super excited that he can pay for lunch with just his cellphone

Photo 22 My name!!!!

Photo 23 Working

Photo 24 Making some calls

Photo 25 Road trip!

Photo 26 Snacking

Photo 27 Staying hydrated

Photo 28 Beach time!

Photo 29 Loving it

Photo 30 Busy with Dad

Photo 31 In a hole

Photo 32 The city we built

Photo 33 Making friends on the beach – here Danny is helping to build

Photo 34 Chocolate cake at Vovo Telo

Photo 35 #NouGaanOnsBraai

Photo 36 Day 1 at the beach done

Photo 37 Jogging on the shore

Photo 38 Mom, me and the girls

Photo 39 Building with Liya

Photo 40 Michelle’s city

Photo 41 Emma and Liya hard at work

Photo 42 Making tea and coffee

Photo 43 Liya, Jamie and Emma

Photo 44 Liya building

Photo 45 Emma collecting water

Photo 46 At the reptile show

Photo 47 Sunrise

Photo 48 Poolside

Photo 49 More braai’ing

Photo 50 Liya won a bunch of tickets

Photo 51 Air hockey with Liya

Photo 52 Air hockey with Emma

Photo 53 Shark I drew

Photo 54 We spotted dolphins

Photo 55 At the Gateway

Photo 56 Bumper cars

Photo 57 Mom getting involved

Photo 58 Riding the tug boat

Photo 59 Michelle with Emma and Liya

Photo 60 Hard at work

Photo 61 Dad made a really deep hole

Photo 62 And then Dad buried me!

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  1. Di Fincham says:

    Wonderful to hear that you have had a fun seaside holiday

  2. Sandra Andrade says:

    Awesome to see you had a ball of a time. You guys are always in my prayers.

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