Hello everyone!

I know it’s been a while since I last published my blog; it’s basically because we’ve had nothing much to report on. We feel like we’re in a holding pattern while we await answers. Mom and Dad are going to see Dr Winter tomorrow, who took over the practice from Prof Fourie. It’s been three years since Prof Fourie retired, and in this time Dr Winter may have encountered some new info or techniques that could help me. I’ll keep you posted.

The weather has started to turn a little, and with yesterday being the solstice, we think autumn and winter are not far behind. We’ve had an absolutely glorious summer so I’m not complaining. Dad’s been a little scarce over the past few weeks as he’s had a bunch of functions to attend and he was involved with facilitating the grad bootcamp for all the new recruits at his company, so he spent two weeks out of home. Mom and I really missed him and it’s nice that things are ‘normal’ again! Right now we’re super excited about our beach holiday coming up soon.

For the remainder of tonight’s blog I’m going to photo-blog with some descriptions.

Photo 1 Colouring remains a favourite pastime – I’ll just stop what I’m doing to colour in something, even if it means working on the floor!

Photo 2 I spotted this at the Gadget Shop and being the mad scientist that I am, I need one!

Photo 3 Dad treated me to the Prestige cinema to see Shaun the Sheep

Photo 4 Going down to our seats

Photo 5 Now this is how to watch a movie!!!! All this space, waiters serving you at your seat, and the seat itself reclines electronically, has a built in cooler for your drink and is super comfy!

Photo 6 Trike repairs

Photo 7 I had a stuffy nose and sore throat, so it was time to see Dr Davidge-Pitts, my ENT. I’m getting much braver.

Photo 8 Playing

Photo 9 A smart dude!

Photo 10 Morgan and I playing

Photo 11 Mixing characters

Photo 12 Dad and Mickey doing FaceTime

Photo 13 Being boys! Up to no good! Playdate with Ryan and Joseph

Photo 14 ‘Camping’

Photo 15 Team Trampoline

Photo 16 In the treehouse

Photo 17 Smurf time

Photo 18 Smurf village

Photo 19 Helping Mom with the chocolate fondue

Photo 20 Michael tucking into the chocolate fondue

Photo 21 Building a 3D puzzle of the Eifel Tower

Photo 22 Tada! (A few hours later)

Photo 23 Mickey and Missy visiting Jay-Bee Academy

Photo 24 Having a play at Yeesh

Photo 25 Stopping for a bite

Photo 26 And then some soccer

Photo 27 Building a fort

Photo 28 Ryan and me being spies

Photo 29 Spy work is hungry work

Photo 30 Using the American date of 3/14/2015 it yields Pi

Photo 31 Fury baby (as per Baymax)

Photo 32 Gran and I at the Montecasino Bird Park

Photo 33 The map says that way

Photo 34 This parakeet liked Apple. iPhones

Photo 35 Exploring

Photo 36 This way….

Photo 37 Cute little fellow

Photo 38 Stopping to wonder while I wander

Photo 39 Trying to get closer to the wildlife

Photo 40 Fountain time!

Photo 41 I know karate

Click here to see a video of me chasing the water fountain.

Photo 42 Nailed it

Photo 43 Mom and Dad went to meet two day old Grace Kaplan.

Photo 44 Keeping abreast of world affairs

Photo 45 Looking through the spy hole

Photo 46 Grab-a-cat

Photo 47 Joseph being artistic

Photo 48 Christian and I at Yeesh

Photo 49 Construction

Photo 50 Quiet play

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