Hi everyone!

Thank you so much for all the wonderful messages. From Thursday evening, when my out-of-cycle blog went out until this evening I’ve been getting messages from near and far, and via any channel imaginable! I hope Mom and Dad managed to thank / Like / Reply / etc. to all of you.

So Friday morning we left really early and headed off to Unitas to do an MRI. I was super brave and although I’m older and more aware, I was able to deal with the process well. Doing an MRI is tedious and although I’m a really BIG boy now, it’s still too long for me to lie still, so I was given sedation. By about 9 o’clock I was fully asleep. I remember being lifted into the MRI machine and after a few minutes I was moved to the other machine. Interestingly enough, the newer technology, which the first machine I went into, was too sensitive to deal with the artefacts already in my head, so the MRI’s were done in the older machine, which is less sensitive. I recall waking up while being moved, but I was super brave and let the sedation take-over again.

Ordinarily my will power is so strong that I am actually able to fight the sedation. This time around I allowed the process to take its course.

Some of the funny comments I made as I was falling asleep were “I’m powering down now!” and when I was waking up later in the afternoon I asked “Will I ever be normal again?”

By the time I was fully lucid again it was late afternoon and I was at home.

Mom and Dad think the MRI report looks ok, but we will have to wait for the specialists to give us proper insight. Mom’s mission now is to get the MRI CD copied and the report to my team of doctors for their insights. I’ll let you know once I know!

Saturday I felt it necessary to say ”Hello, my name is Jarrod” to anyone who would listen. I’m much better now, but admittedly the sedation will stay in my body and have an effect on me for a couple of weeks.

My schooling week wasn’t too successful this week. I’m not sure if it’s due to the stress of knowing I was going for an MRI later in the week, or that my meds are not working effectively. This coming week Mom and I are going to take a more electronic approach to learning. In anticipation of this, Mom and Dad allowed me to use my own laptop which now has Windows 8 on it. I enjoyed it but still prefer the iPad.

The week will also involve more games for my learning to work on the parts of my brain that are functioning. Mom calls it starting the neural pathways again. I also can feel that physically my body has leaped forward this week to catch up to my brain. I know it sounds weird, but it’s what’s happening and what I’m feeling.

I spent most of the weekend watching the TMNT movie which Mom and Dad got me on DVD. Dad was providing some commentary during the movie when eventually I turned to him and said “Ah Dad, there’s no real Shredder in the universe!”

The really major event of the week was my getting a Baymax from Big Hero 6. Dad’s colleague Rabia, whom he is working with on a project, managed to get me a life-size Baymax from one of their clients. Mom and Dad have been keeping it secret for weeks, and finally Rabia had taken delivery of it and we collected it from her on Wednesday evening. I was beside myself with joy! I hugged and hugged her and ran around screaming in delight as it sank in what it was. Back home Dad got to the business of inflating Baymax, and before long he was towering over me!

Thank you to those involved, you know who you are – unfortunately Dad has a client confidentiality thing going on, so I can’t name anyone!



Photo 1 A big thank you hug for Rabia for getting me Baymax

Photo 2 Baymax posters were also part of the gift

Photo 3 Lying on Baymax while Dad inflates him

Photo 4 Holding hands with Baymax

Photo 5 Baymax needs hugs too

Photo 6 Swimming at Granny’s

Photo 7 Arm bands are now leg bands!

Photo 8 Playing

Photo 9 Working

Photo 10 In the MRI

Photo 11 Sliding into the machine

Photo 12 Recovery

Photo 13 Next weekend’s movie

Photo 14 Drawing at the Bird Life exhibit

Photo 15 Checking out some microbes

Photo 16 Earmuffs from Granny to cancel out the noise of the MRI

Photo 17 Shopping with Dad


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  1. Sandra Andrade says:

    Glad your done with your MRI, my thoughts and prayers continue to be with you my boy!

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