Dear all,

As you all well know by now an out of cycle blog means something is up.
Tomorrow I go for an MRI. The newly named “monster rescue institute”.

In addition I have asked my parents to invite you all… All be it metaphorically as I know some of you have been there at Unitas for me in the past. (We know who you are Jenny, Kim, Shannon).

The reason for the invite is as I appealed to my parents tonight with many tears, “but they will find out I have superpowers”. I don’t want the MRI, actually none of us do but my head has taken on a mishapen look and feel to it, my headaches have increased and my short term memory are none to zero on a good day.

I have agreed to take the meds and not spit them all over Mom, I have agreed I can be terrified, I have tried to cancel myself several times. I am taking all 4 Ninja Turtles with for safety sake.

Here goes
Love Jarrod




5 Comments on 411. MRI Time. Again.

  1. Dear Jarrod, I have MRI’s too and they are noisy and scary but last time they gave me a sleep mask and played my favourite music from my iPhone and to top it off I was a little sleepy. This made it a bit better. FYI my super power is living with central pain and shrinking ????… Be brave and hopefully they will find and be able to fix the bad guy messing with your head! Lots of love from NZ, Tracy

  2. Lesley Dewar says:

    Dear Jarrod
    I know a MRI is scary. I had one a couple of weeks ago, myself. As you can see, I escaped having my super-Nana-powers discovered.
    With your Ninja Turtles with you, you will be fine.
    Meantime, I am sending hugs (on the wings of butterflies) across the ocean to you.
    My super-Nana-powers will keep them safe until they arrive.
    Hugs from Australia
    Nana Lesley

  3. Tom & Di Fincham says:

    Dear Lederers – thoughts, prayers and positive energies are sent your way. Jarrod, make sure they let you listen to some decent music. All the best

  4. Linda Hapgood says:

    Darling Jarrod
    I was also scared when I had my MRI. It doesn’t hurt at all, but does make a noise, so I think Tracy’s idea of a sleep mask and your favourite music is really cool. And its ok if they find out you have super powers, because they cant take them away from you because God gave them specially to you and no one can take them away!
    You are such a brave boy and we are all sending you so much love and cheering you on!
    Lots of love,hugs and prayers from your Cape Town family.

  5. Yolandi says:

    All the very best for today – even though it will be challenging, you will have an outcome to work with! You are very special people and so good with and to each other, keep the positive energy flowing. You are in my prayers. Lots of love and angel kisses, Yolandi H

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