Hi everyone!

It’s been a horrid week. I was grounded, for life a week. Well it felt like a lifetime. In all honesty, it wasn’t a grounding, as per I wasn’t allowed to go out, it was just a complete digital blackout. No iPad. No iPhone. No Nintendo. No Wii. No gaming. No YouTube. No DVDs. No TV. It felt like I had lost all my limbs. The reason for the grounding? Well let’s just say Mom and I didn’t see eye to eye on some of my schooling work.

In all honesty, I enjoyed it (a little), and even admitted that to my parents. But once the weekend was upon us the embargo had been lifted, and I splurged on catching up!

Despite the digital black out I had a good week. I had my usual therapy with Lauren this week, and there was an unusual twist with seeing Braam this week – Mom had to go! Other than that, I did my school work while it continued to rain just about the whole week. Dad took to riding his bike again, and he misjudged the thunderclouds on Thursday evening so he arrived home sopping wet!

The weekend was busy, with it starting with a birthday party for Emma at the Spur. Mom made a cake to look like a stable with horses peeking out the stable doors, as Emma loves horse. Saturday I spent the whole day with Granny at the cousins. And Sunday started off with a picnic. I then ended up sleeping the rest of the day!



Photo 1 Hectic building in the guest room

Photo 2 At work in Jay-Bee Academy

Photo 3 A road I built

Photo 4 Focused

Photo 5 Emma blowing out her candles

Photo 6 Extreme cake eating!

Photo 7 Yum!

Photo 8 Dressing in old school clothes

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